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It began as Conrad Hilton’s fourth hotel in 1939, and in 2008, the Andaluz was completely restored to its original grandeur. The historic place is said to be haunted; the apparition of a woman in 1940s clothing has been seen in the hallways, and another of an older woman in a pink dress seems to reside on the fourth floor. Apparitions also appear in the second-floor ballroom. Late afternoon or evening is the most common time for them to appear.

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125 2nd St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
United States

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35.085015, -106.64941499999998
Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Nearest Towns:
Albuquerque, NM (0.1 mi.)
Lee Acres, NM (4.4 mi.)
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM (5.3 mi.)
South Valley, NM (5.4 mi.)
North Valley, NM (6.3 mi.)
Paradise Hills, NM (8.5 mi.)
Rio Rancho, NM (10.3 mi.)
Corrales, NM (10.8 mi.)
Sandia Heights, NM (11.0 mi.)
Carnuel, NM (11.0 mi.)

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  1. I went to a corporate meeting in this hotel about 8 years age. During a break I went to the restroom. I heard the door open and assumed someone else came in. I exited the stall and was washing my hands when I looked in the mirror there was a lady dressed in forties attire looking back at me. I said “nice clothes where did you get them” she replied ” i don’t remember and then she said is the hotel closed already” I started to turn to look at her it was really cold and she was gone. I went back to conference and never left the room unless others we with me. I go to this hotel every Christmas and keep expecting to see her again. I always wonder what she was asking for.

  2. Stayed last year, on Super Bowl night. Room was on 10th floor. A deep, abandoned loneliness when I stepped out of the elevator. The bell man did not get out of the elevator to walk me to the room, he just pointed to the door. The floor felt like I was the only one staying on it, that can be checked if anyone wants I say it’s ok. I did not sleep at all, just felt a heaviness and sadness I could not explain. Today I saw the postings and said, no wonder, and I am not a real believer kinda person either. I worked in the Whaley House in San Diego as a docent, nothing. But Hotel Andaluz, yes there’s something there that is unhappy, bereft, so alone.

  3. I worked on the remodel of Andaluz hotel for two years. In my time on site there were many stories floating around the job. I myself experienced a few creepy encounters with the spirits in this place. One was when i was working on the 6th floor. I was installing the A/C units in the corners of the rooms. They came wrapped in plastic and i would strip the unit of the plastic and pile it in the middle of the room while i installed it. It was mid winter the windows were closed, the air conditioning systems were off and actually disconnected because we were running new duct threw the building. As i was installing the unit i heard a rustle in the plastic. I looked over at the pile of plastic and it moved, leterally slid across the floor to the corner. I left the room freaked out! Another time i was working in the bathrooms and heard someone talking. I thought i was the only one on the floor and due to the bums from central coming in and out of the hotel all the time i went to see who was around. I walked out into the hallway and a man in plain clothes walked from the left side (looking down the hallway toward the elevators.) By the stairs across the the elevators into a room where it dead ends. I hollered “hey. Your not supposed to be in here” i walked down the hallway into the room and there was nobody there… my foreman also had a door slam in his face. And when we installed the big air handler on the west side of the roof we had to do it at around 3 or 4 in the morning. We had to install in so early because we had to block the street for the crane. Me and a coworker went to the basement in.the mechanical room to grab some ladders and both he and i had a very eerie feeling something was watching us. We grabbed.our ladders and bolted out of there as fast as we could! Its also said that there is a little girl who roams the second story. There was a picture taken before the remodel from east side of the mezzanine looking at the elevator doors. In this picture a young girl in a white dress. She is completely transparent. Now the picture couldve been photo shopped but the experiences that i had working that job were unexplainable to me. This building is defenitely haunted day or night. Everyone that worked that remodel has a story to tell. Believe what you want but i know what i saw. And i know the feelings i had while working there. If you stay looking for an experience you might just have one!!

  4. I stayed at the hotel about 9-10 years ago. I was on business travel so I traveled by myself. When traveling alone, I often spent time at the bar for company and talked to the bar tenders. That night (maybe it’s most nights) but I had gotten a really chilling vibe from the hotel, so I asked the bar tender jokingly, ‘Is this place haunted?’, he dismissed me in a hurry. Because of his reaction, I decided to continue probing him about the hotel. Around mid-night and way past my bed time, he offered me a whiskey on the house and told me a story about a cleaning lady who was working on the spa (located at the top level) fell down in the elevator and died… he said he often saw shaped floating around in the main lobby the open area by the reception/entrance. That obviously didn’t put me at ease. I said good night and walked away. In the elevator there were mirrors all around me. They were very old school and perhaps now with the renovations they no longer exist but you could see to the eternity (one mirror facing another), me being a little tipsy started waving my hands to see them through ‘eternity’ that’s when little hands appeared in the mirror waving and doing the same thing I was! In panic I quickly looked down at my shoes and stared at my toes until I heard the ‘ding’ of the elevator door opening. A long hallway awaited me to my room. Once in my room, I relaxed, turned on the tv and heard a banging noise of the water pipes as if someone was banging on them with a metal spoon. I thought that was an awkward sound until the water of my sink started to run on it’s on in the bathroom. I went in there to turn it off, but no matter which way I turned the handles, it wouldn’t stopped. It was not until I screamed STOP that it did. Obviously not feeling at ease, i started listening to music. I knew the songs on my ipod quite well, so when I heard kids screaming and running around I thought, “this is not part of the song!” I took off my headphone to hear what was happening and sure enough, i heard children running down the hall way and then silence! I got up to look through the door what was happening when I heard the nobs turning from the beginning of the hall way all through my door nob. These were round shaped and old school. When I stayed you still needed a key your room. I saw my door nob move as if someone was trying to get in… That’s when I decided I had to go to bed as soon as possible so I didn’t encounter anything else. When I laid down on my bed, I was reassured by the man next door, who seemed by the sound of his snore to be a little overweight and sound asleep. I could hear him clearly because my room was sharing a common door. In some ways his snoring sound was reassuring. Being alone in a place I didn’t know at age 25, it was reassuring to know that should something happened to me, hopefully my screams would be loud enough for the man to jump in and ‘save’ me. I laid there trying to sleep, it was by then about 3 or 4 in the morning and that’s when I heard a vacuum cleaner turn on in this room in lieu of his sleep!!! I freaked out so much that I grabbed my purse and ran for my life! I ended up staying outside the hotel in downtown Albuquerque in the middle of the night waiting for the sun to come up. Once it came up, I went back up, picked up my belongings, left and never came back. That night was one frightening night… If anyone is looking for a haunted thrill, this hotel would be it!!!

  5. I was the security guard during the remodel around the summer of 2009.

    I had experienced several surreal situations.

    I thought it would be the homeless, but rarely could I identify these events with a human.

    The fire alarm going off, and having to call the engineer.
    The 10th room of ever floor having their light on.
    The cable went out on the day of opening around the whole hotel.
    And there was one instance on the opening where a lady said she was brushed by a presence in her room. She felt like it struck her face and then did not want to stay there.

    An apparent suicide had taken place long agi is what I heard, not confirmed.

  6. Hi I just stayed here last weekend from 9/9/21 to 9/12/21. My husband and I kept hearing things falling in the middle of the night on the stone table in the sitting aree. We had both windows a little open for fresh air on Saturday night 9/11
    We were staying on the 7th floor facing Copper st. At 4:15 in the morning both wooden shades slammed into the window and then we started hearing gunshots outside and man moaning loudly. We both were freaked out and were waiting to hear sirens or any kind of upset. It was completely quiet and no police or anything. About 8 shots with a pause after a couple and loud moaning. It sounded like it was in the street right by the vallet area. Not a sound like no one heard it. Very loud. When I checked out on Sunday and mentioned it to the reservation clerk she looked at me like I was crazy. Very weird idk if we heard an old crime or what. Have looked all over for any incident report and nothing.

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