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At Capt. John Blakeney Cemetery, rumor has it that the ghosts of the Blakeney family will sometimes appear to visitors. The family emigrated here from Ireland, and some of its members fought in the Civil War.

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Geographic Information

John Blakeney Ln
Pageland, SC
United States

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34.7620615, -80.48089600000003
Chesterfield County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Pageland, SC (5.1 mi.)
Jefferson, SC (9.3 mi.)
Mount Croghan, SC (14.4 mi.)
Elgin, SC (14.9 mi.)
Wingate, NC (15.5 mi.)
Kershaw, SC (15.7 mi.)
Monroe, NC (15.9 mi.)
Heath Springs, SC (16.1 mi.)
Mineral Springs, NC (16.2 mi.)
Jaars, NC (16.6 mi.)


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  1. Back in the early to mid 80’s friends and u would frequent Capt. John Blakeney cemetery at night. It was not uncommon to see shadows moving in the woods surrounding the cemetery. The strangest encounter was when a date and I decided to go parking there one night, it was in the dead of winter, we had made it to the end of the dirt road where the Graves are located, and all of a sudden thousands of lights started flickering around us, the closest relation would be a concert with everyone flicking lighters. Needless to say we got out a heck of a lot faster than we entered.

  2. Capt. John Blakeney is my 7th Great Grandfather, and this has got me curious ! I live in NJ but I might have to make a trip down to SC pretty soon and visit his grave and see what happens !

    • Hi Lisa. How are you? My name is Kandis. I’ve been doing research on my Blakeney Family here in Pageland, SC and learned that Captain John Blakeney is our ancestor and the start of our Blakeney Family. I don’t know how but finding out how is a mystery, but I’m trying. I would love to keep in contact with you. My email is

    • My Cousin and I are Blakeneys in Pageland. We tried to walk to the cemetery, but we stopped because we were feeling alittle creepy. It also has a no trespassing sign. Would love to know who owns the cemetery

    • Captain Blakeney is my 6th great grandfather and I am in Mississippi. Please let me know how to contact my relatives that live in the Pageland area or other family members interested in our common relatives. AWTA

  3. Ok let me tell you how my day went…. Kelly and i were looking for something to do today within an hour from our house. Kelly found a paranormal tour at a plantation, it was 85 bucks so i said we will go on our own adventure to a haunted place for free. Kelly thought it would be cool to stop and get a Ouija board to take with us. I found a haunted place on the internet 45 minutes away so we were off on our adventure looking for ghosts. My GPS took me to the burial place of Captain Blankenship. We ended up sitting on a road in the middle of nowhere in BFE South Carolina (it was a banjo playing kind of area) there was a headstone documenting where the Captains headstone was. It was right at sunset when we proceeded down the narrow two trac road. Part of the road was washed out but it was dry so we proceeded with caution. The woods were very thick and kinda creepy. Ahead the road had a 25 foot mud puddle on it so being the manly man that i am i threw my ford f150 into 4×4 and punched it. Holy shit the hole was atlease 2-3 foot deep….with a lot of luck and a few oh shits i made it through the mud bog…lol. scared the hell out of me because we were out in the middle of BFE and we had no signal of our cell phones. As soon as i came up out of the hole Captain Blankenships giant headstone was 5 feet away. I stopped the truck and got out to see if i caused any damage, but my truck was ok. I looked back at the mud bog hole as it was getting increasingly dark and told Kelly we needed to go back through the mud hole before it is completely dark…i turned my truck around and was not looking forward to going back through the mud hole that scarred the hell out of me 5 minutes earlier…but it had to be done. While i was backing up to get a running start i noticed the back of my truck was right over where Captain Blankenship was resting. I punched it and leaving was worse than getting in, all of my tires were completely submerged in the mud but somehow we got through the mud bog again. By this time it was getting pretty dark, Kelly said we can walk back to the Captains tombstone now that were in the clear. I took a bteak to go to the bathroom and prepare for our adventure. Earlier we bought flashlights and a machete for protection. I heard someone walking through the mud and water towards us, i said Kelly do you hear that? She said yes. I sounded like someone with big boots on because you could hear the suction of the boots going through the mud. We both looked back as saw nothing…. i developed a serve case of mangina and said im getting the hell outta here. I punched the gas and we were at the entrance to the cemetary in no time. As soon as we were at the entrance our cell phones started working. It was dissapointing but, i wont go back to that place unless there are 4-6 friends to go with us. All that preparation for nothing… i know the old man was coming for me as he walked through tbe mud and water towards us… im still scared from the experience…

  4. William Bullock  |  

    Captain John Blakeney is a grandfather of mine. He was a Captain during the revolutionary war. He fought with Francis Marion The Swamp Fox. He is considered a revolutionary war hero along with others that kept The British from heading north.

  5. Please use caution as you search for ghosts here. This man and his sons played a huge role in America gaining its dependence from England. Most men buried there fought in the Revolutionary War and during some of America’s youngest and toughest times. These people are my family. All burial grounds are someone’s family. Ghost hunting is fun but destroying property and headstones is a total disgrace. This is a very dangerous area as I have visited it often since my childhood. It has gotten that much worse in the last 30 years. A plaque was stolen from the road frontage. Please beware, ghosts are real and fun to seek out, but unfortunately we must be more afraid of the living in places like this.. I’d stay away

    • I completely understand your fear and how disrespectful some people can be to grave sites however I’m new to the area and also a paranormal investigator with your permission since they are your family i’d like to do an investigation i won’t destroy anything i promise i’m not that type of person also if you could give me some history on them to help out it would be awesome! you can reach me at my email address which is

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