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The 1903 Blakeney House has been a private home, several restaurants and now is used for bible and mission training for the company Youth With a Mission. Although the company maintains that the house is not haunted, it is in fact said to be haunted by three ghosts: William Blakeney himself, a lady in red, and a young girl. Witnesses have described cold gusts, footsteps, candles that light themselves, locked doors that suddenly open.

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Geographic Information

418 East Franklin Street
Monroe, NC
United States

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34.9803039, -80.54165899999998
Union County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Monroe, NC (0.6 mi.)
Wingate, NC (5.2 mi.)
Unionville, NC (7.6 mi.)
Wesley Chapel, NC (7.7 mi.)
Mineral Springs, NC (7.8 mi.)
Lake Park, NC (9.0 mi.)
Indian Trail, NC (9.8 mi.)
Marshville, NC (9.9 mi.)
Hemby Bridge, NC (10.8 mi.)
Fairview, NC (10.9 mi.)


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  1. I grew up down the street from the Blakeney house…the story goes mr Blakeney jn the beginning of the recession withdrew his money from the bank and as a wealthy man took his money home to hide it..unaware that he had been fallowed and was murdered there in the home

  2. has the place ever been looked into yet and if not is it open to the public i would really like to visit this location seeing as how my wife if from Monroe and i would like to explore the location if possible

  3. I have seen the little girl she stands at the top window staring out over the road. I often drive by just trying to get another glimpse of her.

    • I grew up in Monroe & remember always seeing a girl in the window. Even now driving by it, I just feel like something is off there.

  4. My dad owned this as a restaurant for a few years. I have opened a closet door and ice cubes fell out of the ceiling, kids drawings on the newly painted office & a whole banquet table set for 16 upstairs become a complete mess. Broken plates silverware all over the floor. My dad saw the “person in red” he said it loomed more like a jogger suit. It was a creepy experience for sure!

  5. My father who is now passed always told me stories growing up of silverware flying off of tables when it was a restaurant. This was before 2007. I believe that it was a children’s foster home at some point after 2007 also.

  6. My husband grew up in Monroe but I moved here around 2003. Had never heard of this house and did not know anything about it but as we drove by I saw a little girl with blonde hair and a dress standing in the front yard staring at me. Creeped me out. I mentioned seeing her, he did not see her but told me there were stories of it being haunted. Next time we went by there I saw her in the upper window. I get chills going by there.

  7. My dad works at the hospital in Monroe and he would always tell me stories that his coworkers told him! The little girl in the window, the marking and even Childrens foot prints through spilt flour. He told me that Mr. Blakney was actually hit by a car right in front of the house while crossing it, and that he tends to hangout in the parlor of the house.

  8. It is, or was, haunted. I knew the families who had a restaurant there, and story after story,about 3 ghosts, abound. These were regular occurences- from hearing to seeing the ghosts.

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