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Area 41, they say, is haunted by a Marine who shot himself in distress when his fiancee left him. You may see him move objects around, or hear him hum the thinking tune from the TV show “Jeopardy.”

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Geographic Information

33°17'21"N 117°26'17"W
United States

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33.2900251, -117.43773240000002
San Diego County, California
Nearest Towns:
Camp Pendleton South, CA (5.4 mi.)
Camp Pendleton North, CA (7.2 mi.)
Oceanside, CA (7.3 mi.)
Carlsbad, CA (10.4 mi.)
Bonsall, CA (12.3 mi.)
Fallbrook, CA (12.3 mi.)
Vista, CA (12.9 mi.)
San Clemente, CA (13.8 mi.)
Lake San Marcos, CA (17.4 mi.)
Rainbow, CA (18.7 mi.)


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  1. Hello. One of my friends was having strange things happening in his room. Humming. Voices. As well as having a bolt locked door open and slam shut in the middle of the night. He decided to bring in a Ouija board and sure enough it spelled a name. He had no knowlage of the marine who killed himself. And when he asked people around him he was told the story and found out that he was staying in that marines old room.

  2. My Husband and I lived in the San Onofre housing before it was renovated on Pepper Street. We experience such horrifying incidents of paranormal existance (as well as friends and family that came to visit us) that we called out the Base Chaplain. He came out and did a blessing on the home as well as a report that was filed with Base Housing explaining that he felt there was a significant enough of a ‘disturbance’ to actually RELOCATE us. This is almost unheard of for Housing to relocate you to another dwelling on base just because of a complaint. The Photography and Visual Dept., came out on the day we moved out with the Chaplain again to take photo/video and they caught eyes (with retina visuals) looking out from our mirrors and reflective surfaces… there were photos caught of mist and strange ‘dog’ looking apparitions in the hallways and up the stairs where most of the paranormal activity had taken place. The Chaplain wrote a closing report to the Base Commander stating that ‘he would never be returning to the residence and would also not recommend any other families move in to the home.” In closing – we found that the previous resident was actually the fatally ill (Lou Gherigs Disease) Wife of Marine overseas that died in the residence a year before we moved in… however, I don’t feel the entity(s) in the home were of Female origin… This was undoubtedly the scariest year of my life. It would take a book to actually detail the experience and what we saw there. It effects us to this day.

  3. I live in 1st ANGLICO barracks and I’ve had sleep paralysis about 4 times but the 1st 2 times it was a female talking to me after that I don’t know but I’ve never had sleep paralysis until i moved in these barracks

  4. Currently stationed there. But when I was in training during MCT we were doing a field op somewhere in the mountains not far off to the right of the Alpha Shelf we heard some weird noises at night. Like all the brush right next to some of our campsites all moving at once and the sound of some massive two legged creature full on sprinting to our location and then it being completely silent as soon as it was just behind the bushes not 2 meters away from us. In the morning a few of us wandered up the hill just to explore before stepping out and we found a few crosses in some of the sleeping holes away from the trail and a small journal with pentagrams and other symbols written in it. We threw the journal away but it appeared back in my buddy’s sleeping hole later that night.

  5. The entire base is haunted. I worked at one of the child development centers on Mainside years ago. The center is named after a war hero and we used to joke that he would show up there at night because so many people had incidents that could be called paranormal. One night I walked into one of my classrooms and it was about 10-15 degrees colder than the rest of the building. I had never felt the colder temperature in there before, as I was in that room daily at the end of the day. I have the ability to feel “things” when I walk into rooms and I never wanted to go in there again after that. As I was walking out of the room, some CDs sitting on top of the CD player went flying off and landed on the ground. I ran out. I also worked in another building on base and one night at closing, my coworkers and I were closing up for the night, it was about 10 pm. I heard one of coworkers whistling so I called out to tell him he could go home. Then two of my other coworkers came running into the room I was in and told me the “whistling coworker” had left well before we heard the whistle. Our back door handle was rattling when they came running in yet the camera pointed at the door showed no one there. If you ever wanna feel the true creepiness of the base, go up Basilone towards Horno at night. It’s so eerie and it gets foggy frequently.

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