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Hunter Steakhouse was built on the site of the Buena Vista Cemetery, and rumor has it some spirits remained when their graves were moved. A female spirit is said to haunt the stairs to the bar area, and several others like the storage room above the lower dining area/entrance. On the second floor, an apparition has been seen floating across the room from the fireplace. Some patrons have heard their names called in male or female voices. Many more phenomena have been reported as well.

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1221 Vista Way
Oceanside, CA 92054
United States

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33.1755923, -117.3526832
San Diego County, California
Nearest Towns:
Carlsbad, CA (1.2 mi.)
Oceanside, CA (2.1 mi.)
Camp Pendleton South, CA (4.0 mi.)
Vista, CA (6.6 mi.)
Lake San Marcos, CA (9.0 mi.)
Camp Pendleton North, CA (9.8 mi.)
Encinitas, CA (10.2 mi.)
Bonsall, CA (10.7 mi.)
San Marcos, CA (11.0 mi.)
Solana Beach, CA (13.6 mi.)

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  1. I’ve been here, nothing paranormal happened, but the food was amazing. Now the price on the other had was rather haunting. They are very proud of their food.

  2. Shieyann barrow  |  

    When I was little and went there me and my mom went to the bathroom and and the doors started swing back and forth crazy we ran out. Another time is when my brother was little he would play with things in the ceiling

  3. Kimberly Dominique  |  

    Most definitely Haunted!!! Been there several times and never was disappointed!!! Bring your K2 meters the thermo camera, digital recorder, your spirit box and you will see right from the parking lot to the inside of this fabolous restaurant. I would suggest that to understand and research the history and why it is haunted first!!! I give it a five star for hauntings!!!

  4. I live here at the end of Jefferson street next to the freeway off ramp. I have been visited frequently by something. I hear things fall on the floor in the next room, but when I look, I don’t see anything wrong. My birds in the living room start screaming at about 2 in the morning. I go in and turn on the lights and calm them down. Something likes to sit on my leg when I am resting on the bed. When I look down, I can see that my jeans are flat but I don’t see anything sitting there. It sits there for about five minutes and then gets up. I hear someone walking up the steps and inside the walls. I am a magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I have contacted my magician friend, Tom Ogden, who follows paranormal sightings and gives lectures. He may come down for a visit.

  5. I just made it past the doors as they were closing one night, had to use the bathroom, and anyways as I was standing there someone caressed my hair. I thought it was my friend that was with me that did it, before I realized she didn’t,t. , and then I heard a whistle, and I thought some one that works here has no class whistling at me like that, but I quickly realized there was no one there. I mentioned it to the hostess that let us in and her eyes got as big as saucers and she had no idea what to say. Freaky!!!

  6. I worked at this restaurant from 93-95 as a hostess in high school. The power would go out hair and neck would be stroked and I would whip around thinking someone was there and there would be nothing. Other employees reported seeing someone on the steps down to the bar and a woman looking out the window on the 2nd/midlevel room with the booths. It was a very fun, yet crazy experience.

  7. It’s INCREDIBLY DISRESPECTFUL to build over cemeteries! What’s wrong with people! Geez almighty, do your research before building on land! I suggest doing any research before even buying property or buying a house! The living are so disrespectful.

  8. So Hunter Steakhouse has good food, service and reasonable pricing. Very old restaurant bordering on run down. Built on top of the old Buena Vista Cemetery overlooking the lagoon below. It’s near my home and i have been there countless times because it’s one of my favorite restaurants. It IS very actively haunted and according to staff occurances are daily. If asked they will share in an abnormally casual way since they apparently deal with it constantly. There are Graves directly beneath the building along with bike store next door. The parking lot of both buildings is also very haunted and active.

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