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The 1953 Buckner Building was named after General Simon Buckner, who died in World War II. Inside it were a movie theater, a bowling alley, a jail, and many tunnels that led to other buildings in town. It is rumored to be haunted by some of the spirits of its past.

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    Geographic Information

    Blackstone Road
    Whittier, Alaska
    United States

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    60.77468479113316, -148.6749887464248
    Valdez-Cordova County
    Nearest Towns:
    Whittier, AK (0.3 mi.)
    Girdwood, AK (20.2 mi.)
    Sunrise, AK (26.4 mi.)
    Sunrise, AK (26.5 mi.)
    Moose Pass, AK (30.8 mi.)
    Crown Point, AK (33.1 mi.)
    Crown Point, AK (33.8 mi.)
    Hope, AK (34.0 mi.)
    Primrose, AK (35.1 mi.)
    Primrose, AK (37.5 mi.)


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    1. I’ve been in the Buckner building a couple of times. And yes the first time I went in there WAS DEFINITELY A PRESENCE THERE! The second time there was nothing. I am interested in those tunnels you speak about was holding we could trade stories and info I am goi g back there this spring to do much more exploring g in there. Plus I want to check out those tunnels now lol. Looking forward to hearing from you.

        • There’s a fence around it with barbed wire. I haven’t done it myself just yet but it looks like there are gaps, and other ways to climb in as long as you’re not afraid of a little height and some scratches.

        • Polly Barnett  |  

          yes, it’s closed off to the public, yes it is possible to get in, if getting a citation arrest is worth it to you, because that’s what will happen if/when you get caught. there is an apartment complex right out front of the building, and the people living there usually catch trespassers. the last time I visited (last week), I had a resident of the apartment complex yell at me to “go away” and all I was doing was standing in front of the building taking pictures. also be prepared to get stared down by every car driving past, the police also often drive by to keep an eye on anyone that gets out of their cars.

    2. Yes its closed to the public! There are very high levels of mercury, lead, asbestos and more! Yes,you will get a ticket if caught! The presence of someone or something there! Absolutely! The 2nd floor hallway, the far right side stairwell, the basement! The second basement and how the only way to get to it is through a hole in the floor! The rooms in the 1st basement are only accessible through holes in the walls! The jail, and the mental ward! Room 3 on the right side of the hall on the mental ward in the corridor right before the jail is especially haunted! The entity will only allow certain people into the room! Otherwise the door slams shut and seems to lock from the inside. There is a little girl that wanders the 3rd floor corridor crying! There is nothing but pure evil in the basement and heed this warning, stay away from the stairwell to the basement especially the one with the obvious red wire like cord coming down from the ceiling! I’ve taken plenty of pictures and in the second corridor on the second floor there was a entity seen hanging from a water pipe!

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