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Said to be on sacred burial ground, this mall is reported to be haunted by the ghosts whose graves were disturbed when it was built. The spirits are said to be seen by people who are alone in the restrooms or in the mall’s smaller hallways.

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Geographic Information

800 E Dimond Blvd #3-500
Anchorage, AK 99515
United States

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61.14181599999999, -149.86514
Anchorage County
Nearest Towns:
Anchorage, AK (5.4 mi.)
Point MacKenzie, AK (15.5 mi.)
Eagle River, AK (15.9 mi.)
Hope, AK (17.2 mi.)
Knik, AK (22.3 mi.)
Sunrise, AK (22.9 mi.)
Sunrise, AK (22.9 mi.)
Big Lake, AK (26.4 mi.)
Knik-Fairview, AK (27.1 mi.)
Girdwood, AK (27.1 mi.)


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Comments (11)

  1. I work at the Dimond mall and in the hall way where the projectors are, my coworkers have claimed to have seen three different ghosts. A tall man, an old women, and a child.

  2. I have had an experience here at 11pm or so by the old bathrooms. I heard yelping noises, but absolutely no one there. Weird. The Car machine then proceeded to go crazy and ALL turn on so I ran for my life lol.

  3. That is a total load of crap. Anchorage is a very young city, so there are no ancient burial grounds. In fact the land where it was built was permafrost, therefore there couldn’t have been anything buried there prior to the mall being built.

  4. Former Security Sergeant  |  

    The land that Dimond Center was built on was purchased by Joe Ashlock after the oil boom. There was nothing there, but Anchorage was growing. It was not built on a burial ground, however there has been a lot of deaths to take place there. Maintenance worker died from a Freon leak, a woman had an aneurysm while mall walking, A couple have died from shootings. There are strange unexplained things that take place in the mall. Yes it Haunted but not by those from a burial site.

  5. This place is a bit strange, and to quiet for my liking. It’s a popular mall, it shouldn’t be so silent. I only come in here when I have to because of it. It has a strange quietness to it. It’s just a tad creepy.

  6. So i took my son to watch a movie this past sunday 2-18-18 and we were a little more than 30 minutes early for the movie.. I havent been to this theatre and didnt know there were reclining seats.. So i was a bit excited to experience this type of comfort in a movie theatre for the first time with my son! Nobody was in there but us 2.. So i started taking pics.. The first one i took was the one i attatched.. I have an iphone and it was set on “live” so when i look back at pics theres movement as im taking it in the moment aka “live” lol.. I didnt notice anything until i got home and was going thru my pics.. Thats when i saw 3 white orbs zipping in different directions at the same moment i snapped the pic! I believe it to be orbs as ive seen them before.. But 3 at 1 time??? Whoa! Unfortunately you all cant see them in motion but u can clearly see 3 streaks of white going different ways.

  7. Forgot to add this picture with the other one.. but as i explained my picture setting was set on “live” and apparently after i snapped the pic and caught the 3 orbs i turned and caught THIS creepy lookin thing!!!! Again we were the only ones in there and i seriously didnt even know until i was about to write this post and was looking at the pic i already posted and spotted it! No idea wat it could be.. its not a good pic either.. i had to screen shot it.. ‍♀️

  8. I honestly don’t think it is haunted. Some construction worker would have reported if they found bones or graves or whatever. Then it probably would have been in the news.

  9. I get really bad goosebumps walking on the third floor hotel dimond center feel like someone watching I always get a bad feeling going on that floor but 2nd and 1st floor ok only the third floor creeps me out

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