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The hauntings at Berry College have earned it the nickname Scary Berry. The ghost of a female student is supposed to haunt Ford Hall. She hanged herself upon receiving news that her boyfriend was killed in World War II. Blackstone Hall has several ghosts, the most well known perhaps being Sepia Boy. A ghost named Ruth, a former house mother, haunts Morton-Lemley Hall. Martha Berry is believed to haunt the Hoge Building, and Oak Hill, her former home, is now a museum, and is rumored to be extremely haunted as well. Many more ghosts are known to Berry students, including the Green Lady, a green misty phenomenon seen walking between the two parts of the campus. She’s thought to be the spirit of a girl who drowned in the nearby creek in the 1930s.

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2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW
Mt Berry, GA 30149
United States

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34.2903613, -85.1891991
Floyd County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Rome, GA (2.7 mi.)
Lindale, GA (7.2 mi.)
Shannon, GA (7.5 mi.)
Plainville, GA (11.7 mi.)
Kingston, GA (14.5 mi.)
Lyerly, GA (14.5 mi.)
Cave Spring, GA (15.2 mi.)
Adairsville, GA (15.5 mi.)
Summerville, GA (16.0 mi.)
Cedartown, GA (16.8 mi.)

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  1. How is Mountain Springs church not mentioned? That place is messed up. Mountain Springs church is a very old, small chapel out in the back woods of Berry. You can get to it driving only by leaving campus and coming around a back way, down a road that’s blocked off except for once a month when an elderly congregation still meets. From campus, it’s about a 45 minute walk from either the Dairy or from Mountain campus. There’s a large graveyard behind the church on a hill that looms over it, and a small shed off to a corner of the clearing where gardening supplies are kept.
    The story is that a while back, the pastor’s son would perform exorcisms in the shed, and the spirits are still there haunting the church.

    I’ve seen the pentagram drawn in the shed, I’ve felt the temperature significantly drop while there with someone who also felt it, and the third time a person I was with got violently sick soon after passing into the clearing. I didn’t buy into anything the first couple of time, but he honestly looked possessed, fell over dry heaving and yelled at us all to get out. If I hadn’t been dating him for two years I would have thought he was crazy or faking, but we talked about it after we got back, and that wasn’t it. It was after that time that I never went back. He has a bad history with the supernatural, and I think it would have been ok if he wasn’t there, but like I said….I refused to go back after that

  2. How did any of yall forget Lindale?? the railroad racks that they took up?? next to the cemertary on reeceburg rd??? or the old Lindale mill???

  3. My wife and I took the tour of the main house and when we got home and started looking at the pictures we found that the picture of the dining room has a ghost actually in it

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