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Students tell of a Halloween haunted house that was to be set up in the hall, but the resident spirits must have liked the idea and were willing to lend a ghostly hand. During the setup, so many eerie things happened, flickering lights, slamming doors, temperature changes, that the students just gave up with their preparations and let the ghosts do all the work, and the haunted house was a great success. Although the students tried the same thing in subsequent years, it has never happened again.

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W 23rd St
Cedar Falls, Iowa
United States

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42.516467287160424, -92.45940452816285
Black Hawk County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Cedar Falls, IA (1.1 mi.)
Waterloo, IA (6.2 mi.)
Hudson, IA (7.6 mi.)
Janesville, IA (9.0 mi.)
New Hartford, IA (9.0 mi.)
Dike, IA (9.3 mi.)
Evansdale, IA (9.7 mi.)
Elk Run Heights, IA (10.9 mi.)
Washburn, IA (12.2 mi.)
Denver, IA (12.4 mi.)


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  1. This is so true. I lived there for 2yrs, during finals weeks there was constant “hauntings”. Running footsteps from the ceiling (nothing above us…), our in room faucet would turn on in middle of night, and so much more…creepy but true!

  2. Bartlett is most definitely haunted. A ton of unexplainable things took place during the two years I lived there. A lot of people have commented on the “running” sounds coming from where the running track used to be on the fourth floor and we definitely heard them at night. Objects rolled across the floor on their own. Windows lock themselves, doors open and close on their own.

    Both my RAs, who lived in the same room, saw the same vision before students moved in. It was a shadowy shape of a person that moved across the hall and walked through a door. On top of this, the last night I spent in the building, I woke up sweating and having a feeling of dread and heard a disembodied voice speak. The voice was sharp and audible and it most definitely moved rapidly across the room.

  3. Bartlett has some activity, but don’t forget to list next door. We had quite a few incidences with activity over at Lawther – Bartlett’s twin attached on the other side.

    Everyone knows about “Augie” – he’s heavily associated with the Penthouse and loft areas of that dorm. We had plenty of episodes when we lived in Bella House on second floor.

  4. Current UNI student here, while I’ve not spent much time it Bartlett Hall, I’ve heard the stories from various places. Unfortunately, Bartlett is no longer used as a dorm hall. It’s mostly used for Professor offices now and some on-campus events. There’s probably a classroom or two somewhere as well. I kind of wonder if the activity is what caused the dorm hall to be converted into mostly office space? I know there were other reasons, but I can’t help but wonder…

  5. Hi, I lived in Bartlett hall for a couple of years, and I have to say that I had a hard time. I lived on the 3rd floor as well. my roommate first said she saw a black shadow figure run from one end of the room to the end corner. I did see that one. But I had it growl in my ear and pull my legs as to pull me off my bunk! I could hear it pace! I started to have nightmare…Im from Texas so I had to wait till I was able to move to a different room, but that was not all I saw.
    The bottom floor near the student kitchen, I saw a girl standing there and then just disappeared…in the middle of the freakin day…oh geez. Well I buried myself in school, and piled it all on so I didn’t have to stay another semester. Graduated and OUT!
    I remember the haunted house, I think that might have been the last year we did it. yes scary. We thought people were coming thru the room but then we would turn to try to scare them..we ended up getting scared because nothing was there..geez.

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