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Even Wal-Mart is not immune to spirits. Employees say Jeremiah, a 12-year-old boy, haunts the store by playing pranks, moving merchandise and tugging on the employees’ smocks. He also taps them on the shoulder at times. Those who have seen him say he is pale, thin, and wears black pants with suspenders, a white shirt, and an Amish-style hat.

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Geographic Information

1334 Flammang Dr
Waterloo, IA 50702
United States

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42.458825, -92.33052599999996
Black Hawk County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Waterloo, IA (2.4 mi.)
Evansdale, IA (2.6 mi.)
Elk Run Heights, IA (3.8 mi.)
Washburn, IA (4.6 mi.)
Raymond, IA (5.7 mi.)
Gilbertville, IA (6.6 mi.)
Hudson, IA (7.3 mi.)
Cedar Falls, IA (7.5 mi.)
Dunkerton, IA (11.6 mi.)
La Porte City, IA (12.2 mi.)


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  1. Me and my two children were walking into this same walmart when right inside the store I seen a very old witchy looking Amish woman standing all by herself her eyes were black, her skin was pale, and her mouth was like a straight line. I was watching her as I walked by …about 6ft pass her I see something pull up off of one of those things that hang with merchandise randomly in isles and flew right at me. Both my children seen it and I turned and looked at the lady and it almost looked like she was smiling. A gentleman walking twords me seen it as well..
    He looked at me with huge eyes and said ” must’ve been a ghost!?” I was like “yeah?” I thought it was very strange that I stumbled across this site ..I never herd that the walmart was haunted until now.

  2. One time I was there and I went into the bathroom and there wasn’t even anybody there in it and the stall next to me I heard someone peeing and so I Went out of the stall and there were no PEOPLE in the bathroom so i went back into the stall scared and i saw a pair of boots under the stall next to me I NEVER GO TO THE BATHROOM THERE ANYMORE

  3. 8-10 years ago I was grocery shopping here with my daughters mother. We were walking along the ends of the row of isles and we both seen a loaf of bread get pulled off the pile that was stacked on the end of an isle and onto the floor a handful of isles in front of us. And it didn’t just slide down off the stack. It got pulled straight out until it was no longer on the stack and fell straight down. There were another couple pushing their cart toward us and I believe they seen it happen as well. I remember reading about this Walmart being haunted when I was a young kid but I couldn’t dispute when we saw that night. It wasn’t busy in there at the time. I would guess 9:30-10:30 pm. I yelled “did you see that?!” When it happened. I’m still a skeptic of the paranormal but I couldn’t explain or debunk that situation that night.

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