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According to reports, those who go underneath the bridge may see tall white figures and hear strange sounds. The figures and a feeling of general unease are said to follow you the further you go.

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Geographic Information

Atlas Ave and 248th
Shell Rock, Iowa
United States

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42.689326207873215, -92.5393142711639
Bremer County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Shell Rock, IA (2.6 mi.)
Waverly, IA (4.1 mi.)
Janesville, IA (4.9 mi.)
Clarksville, IA (9.3 mi.)
New Hartford, IA (9.4 mi.)
Denver, IA (10.3 mi.)
Plainfield, IA (10.9 mi.)
Cedar Falls, IA (12.1 mi.)
Allison, IA (13.7 mi.)
Stout, IA (14.3 mi.)


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  1. Satan’s Hallow is not haunted. If you go under the bridge there isn’t really anything there. There is a whole bunch of graffiti there and that’s about it, and just because some jackass throws 666 on something with spray paint doesn’t mean that there is satan worshippers there. Never seen any figures what-so-ever, matter of fact the only people i have ever heard say they have seen figures are people who really want there to be something there or they were drunk off their asses. As for voices, that can easily be explained away by the moving water under the bridge itself, and despite being in the country, it is a high traffic area, so be prepared for cars and trucks going by all night long. Waste of time in my book.

  2. It is not haunted at all. All it is is a bridge with a few paths. Although we found a fully decomposed dog on the car path down to the river. There wasn’t that much of a creepy feeling other than the skeleton and my phone crashed about 30 times while trying to type this (even tried different browsers, never had that happen before). There is no figures at all but there is a lot of bugs and beer cans.

  3. I grew up here & this is just an old tale. This is a place people pull their tubes or canoes out of the water, which is why there are trails, a driveway, and graffiti there. I’ve been here many times and have never experienced anything or met anyone who has truly had an experience here. There is no satan worshiping going on here, as someone else said, it is a high traffic area.

  4. Even though I grew up in the area, I never visited it until recently, or even heard of the tale. When I visited it, it was about 7pm and dark out so I couldn’t see much under the bridge, but as I drove over a saw a light or reflection down below the bridge. When I got off the bridge I saw a flash of light out of the corner of my eye, and when I was heading back I saw weird streaks of dust or fog in the air maybe 10 feet up. I plan on visiting it again sometime in the daylight so I can see more of what is below it.

  5. A few of my friends and I took the time to drive an hour to this bridge from La Porte City, we went down one side of the bridge and saw nothing, we were about to leave when my friends said we should check out the other side, we finally managed to get down thee after dodging thorns and such. Didn’t see any white figures, so we decided to walk the path, it was at about 10:00 at night, we were about a half of a mile walking until we saw something come out of the river, and fly up into a tree. We walked forward to check it out, when it flew away and broke a few branches with it, and these were BIG branches. We don’t know what it was, but it consisted of us running back to our car and being scared shitless.

  6. A lot of these comments have been saying it’s just a tall tale…is isn’t. If you go in the daytime or before midnight it seems fine but when it’s dark it feels like there are a million pairs of eyes watching you and as soon as you walk onto the bridge it feels like something has stuck it’s hand inside you chest to crush your heart. I know this sounds made up but I swear to you it’s not. I didn’t even believe in ghosts and stuff before I went here. I went with three of my friends and they felt the same things I did. We were too terrified to even go under the bridge after only a minute on the bridge itself…do not go at night…if you do bring people with you and bring flashlights….there is something evil here….

  7. Me and three of my friends went last night. We drove across it and you could feel a vibration of the bridge feeling as if it was shaking. We parked up a little and us four got out and walked across it. You start to feel very uneasy and swifts of cold air come across you. Our legs started to feel numb and then we saw headlights. Me and the girl with us both screamed and ran back to the car..we drove out of there and its like the headlights or whatever light it was kept coming in closer and closer and then it looked like fog that came up and then the headlights or that light just vanished..we drove across it two more times and the same thing happened..

  8. June 23rd 2007. A group of friends and I went here to full fill our curious minds. What we all saw that night changed our perspective on the paranormal world. As soon as we crossed the threshold of the bridge from the gravel. There was an intense feeling of almost a vibration that made a few of us stumble to the ground, we were all locking arms. It felt disorienting. We all ran back scared. little to be known, there was a gal there who had brought an ouija board. Which in my mind is completely novel, i don’t know if that had anything to do with it. we got the courage to go back and as soon as we did cross the bridge, we got half way and there were the brightest headlights i had ever seen. We all panicked thinking it was a cop or something. We sprinted back and as we did, a friend yelled and said there is someone on the bridge! there was a black figure hunched over with wet parted hair dragging their leg like it was injured walking towards us. After we bolted as fast as we could to the car. We jumped in and locked the doors. two girls were hysterically crying and there were 2 of us guys freaking out too. There were two other guys that were under the bridge at the time. As soon as we calmed down, on the driver side rear passanger door. There was a orange dim glowing orb about the size of a dinner plate that was lightly passing around the side of the car. I pointed this out and was told to shut the F*CK up “WE ALL SEE IT”. After that moment, we decided to leave, but we were waiting on one of the guys from under the bridge to get back to the car. We had no idea what he had experienced… The car was in drive, but the driver had his foot on the brake. the brake light lit up the behind the car. Behind the car was a deer crossing sign that you could see the reflection of the brake light, lighting it up. in the review mirror we could make out a faint face of a man with wet parted hair making a grimace with a large scar on his face. After we looked at the review mirror for a few seconds. It disappeared. After we got everyone in the car, we left and barely had the balls to cross back over the bridge. My eyes were closed at this point. i was shaking to my core. The windows immediately got a fog on them. No matter what we did to clear them off, the fog was instantly back until we got back into town. I think about the night quite often and have kept it to myself for a while until recently. I have tried talking to one of my close friends at the time about it and he refuses to talk about it for whatever reason. i am just sharing my story…

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