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Aztalan State Park was created in 1952 on the site of a Mississippian settlement from the 10th to 13th centuries. Around the site’s earthen mounds, many strange things are said to have been seen and heard by witnesses. The mounds are believed to be haunted by the spirits of the ancient people who once lived here.

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Geographic Information

N6200 Hwy Q
Lake Mills, WI
United States

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43.066061932394405, -88.86111187952332
Jefferson County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Lake Mills, WI (2.8 mi.)
Johnson Creek, WI (4.4 mi.)
Jefferson, WI (5.0 mi.)
Lake Ripley, WI (7.6 mi.)
Cambridge, WI (9.0 mi.)
Helenville, WI (9.0 mi.)
Fort Atkinson, WI (9.6 mi.)
Waterloo, WI (10.4 mi.)
Rockdale, WI (10.8 mi.)
Deerfield, WI (10.9 mi.)


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  1. My best friend and I wanted to explore here without knowing that it was haunted. We just felt… wrong. It felt like we weren’t supposed to be there, like people were watching us and they weren’t happy we were there. We didn’t even get out of the car! We just drove into the parking lot, parked, sat there for about 10 minutes before it got bad enough we had to leave.

  2. We went exploring at the park felt like you weren’t suppose to be on their ground.The whole park made you feel like you were back in their time,also we have friends that hear drumbs at night and see light coming from this area.

  3. I went there by myself last year (2015) in March. I was all alone. I felt scared because I was by myself, but it was a great experience. I heard dogs barking really aggressively but I did not see anyone. I heard a whistle too and the barking ceased, but then returned when I headed back from the main mound, like they were chasing me. Still, I didnt see anything. I ran back to my car. I am not sure if this is a haunted part but when I got to the front parking lot, there were these people sitting in the back seat of their car. A purple PT Cruiser. (Not Emily, haha). The windows were slightly tinted so I did not get a good look, but they were just staring at me. I could see the outline of their heads and their heads were kind of long. It scared me so bad that I jumped in my car and drove away without turning my GPS on. I’ll be returning March 2016 for some photography. It’s a beautiful place.

  4. I drove up to the entrance feeling like I didn’t belong… Drive down to the river parking area.. Felt like I was being watched.. Went back the entrance parking area and parked with my dog inside.. Left the windows down and text my spouse I wasn’t sure if this was a burial or something darker as soon as I hit send my dog started whining and flipping in the car… I couldn’t see anything but felt a strong black energy coming my way .. I rolled up the windows started my truck and it went In reverse by itself and died.. I had to put it in park again to start it.. I left in a hurry.. I know my dogs sensitive to spirits and was in protect mode.. I did not like others even turn on the gps… That was some scary shat… I am drawn back mysteriously …

  5. i will start by saying i was there after hours. my experience is as hollows. walking up the highest mound i stumbled forward I had the mental impression i had been hit in the leg by an arrow. at the top i lie on the ground looking at the stars then I had the very real sight of myself standing on the hill with a scroll, dressed in a robe/tunic like outfit feeling very anxious and at the time i had a real hernia and i felt that this was the link, whoever this person was had one too. anyhow the anxiety was from him needing to get the camp finished. it was imperative. then flash to a short time later. its me seeing this person from his perspective again this time i’m/he is running to the mound i was on. half way up i/ he is hit by an arrow. he stumbles but makes it to the top where he turns to look back and is again hit in the chest this time by another arrow. he/i fall and roll down the hill him dead and me with a wound on my left leg. it wasn’t a bad experience just the opposite he was telling his story. i got the strong sense that he was not from the region. and he was in charge of the engineering of the site. i cant tell you the style of dress he was in but i felt like it was aztec or maybe Mayan. he was very short i remember that. anon

  6. Me, my cousin and my uncle whent here. We went to the forest part and the first few minuets I was like eh this is boring. Until I heard footsteps behind me. Of course I looked back but nothing was there. When my cousin got a shot on his phone of an odd man with a wolf mask on staring at us. We heard moving in the woods. The wolf man was gone. Then we were walking and there was a pile of feathers it was not windy that day when we stepped towards it it blew away like someone was blowing on it. Then we heard knocking on the trees.thats when we were like we’re out. But they wanted to stay crazy right? So then I went to the car but when they came out, they showed me a picture of a half eaten squirrel.

  7. Grew up in nearby Lake Mills, and have been to Aztalan a LOT. Hiking, picnic-ing, sledding, canoe-ing, teen couple escaping the parents.. everything. I can’t say as I’ve ever had an experience, and that includes never feeling ‘off’ or ‘wrong’. Aztalan has always been a great place to visit. I do go back to the area regularly, as I still have family in Lake Mills. I may try to visit a bit and see if I pick up anything.

  8. I went there many times while my children where growing up. I taught my children to feel the other dimension there. How you could feel the electric energy. You can feel the difference in the temperature. As you climb the mound. It will get cooler and the hairs on your body will get magnetic or stand up. If you are quite you can hear there dimension. There is allot to learn from this site is this site on a ley line? Is this site related to the pyramids in the lake. Was there other, older civilization layered under the mound? It feels as if there is a vortex there. Others with physic energies check this place out. From being there often t built my energies and knowledge for what the past holds and realization of other dimensions.

    • Absolutely! My fiancé’s extended family grew up in the area and so he’s been multiple times. I had the chance to go in 2019 and loved it, I’m spiritual myself. Would I go at night? Probably not. I’m a chicken and believe in that stuff. But when I was there during the day and while open hours, it feels like another dimension. You can feel the energy and having visited several energy vortexes/vortices throughout the country, this is definitely one (just look at the clouds). We “grounded” and meditated while there. I’ll be back!

  9. Live about 30 minutes away, have been there several times, different times of the year…I grew up in a haunted house and am really sensitive. I can feel native Americans near the mounds in Whitewater, and at other places…when I come here I feel NOTHING…nada…zip. The vibe is a little standoffish, I’ll admit that, but never felt more than breeze and the occasional bug bite.

  10. I went there with my mom and our family dog a few months ago. We were looking for a new place to hike. It was a very quiet park and we could only go in a small area since we had the dog with us. It definitely didnt feel welcoming, but we were very respectful of the land and burials around us. Didnt feel any haunting presence.

  11. Hello! Here is my creepy story: First off, Aztalan is a beautiful site and has an immense energy, however; I went camping down the road from Aztalan, back in 2011, and one night, while asleep in my tent, I had a night terror or a hypnagogic dream, that I was being levitated just a few inches off of the floor of the small tent, and out of the open tent flat, toward a white light. I woke up screaming……My fiancé truly believes that I was in reality being abducted by aliens…..or something. What do you think?

    • Amber..its in the realm of possibilities…although, I believe you were having an obe…
      it is not out of the question that the spirits that were nearby,,,were helping you along.

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