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There are several spots rumored to cause the hairs on the back of your neck to go up at the University of Wisconsin. One is the Center of the Arts, where apparitions have been spotted, unexplained hammering comes from the metal lab at night and chairs move across the room. In the Delta Zeta House, the sound of someone walking down the creaky staircase has occurred, and in Clem Hall, bathroom stall doors slam, apparitions show up, and invisible folks talk and laugh or run down the halls. At Fricker Hall you may come across the apparition of a deceased student in the basement, and at Knilans Hall, a ghost librarian has been known to helpfully open doors and elevators for the living.

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800 W Main St
Whitewater, WI 53190
United States

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42.836551, -88.74389300000001
Walworth County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Whitewater, WI (0.6 mi.)
Hebron, WI (6.7 mi.)
Fort Atkinson, WI (7.9 mi.)
Palmyra, WI (8.5 mi.)
Lake Koshkonong, WI (10.2 mi.)
Milton, WI (11.0 mi.)
Rome, WI (11.5 mi.)
Jefferson, WI (12.1 mi.)
Helenville, WI (12.3 mi.)
Eagle, WI (14.0 mi.)

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  1. This place is definitely haunted. Sometimes shadows are seen jumping out of the windows of Wells. Again in Wells People have woken up with their mirrors cracked. Twice in Lee Hall, first floor, we heard something scream in our room while we were in it. Two bodies have been found hanging in the trees in the cemetery on campus. Black shadows have been seen in the cemetery. We walked through there one night and I don’t think I have ever seen that much fear on someone’s face as I saw on my friend’s face that night.

  2. There’s also the old stories of the Spiritualist School that existed here (before it was basically destroyed by the townsfolk) being a den of witches. Their Grimoire is said to be kept in the UW-Whitewater Library. Also, the old watertower on the edge of campus is said to be where some of the witches were killed–possibly by suicide, possibly by an angry mob. Their spirits were said to have cursed the tower, which is why the spiked iron gate that surrounds it leans a little inward, as a last line of defense from their vengeance.

  3. oh yeah, and then there’s those deaths of young college students who were found stripped of their clothing at the bottom of the Whitewater quarry on the other edge of town–it was said the police reported them as having jumped of their own will, but not necessarily after moving their clothing.

  4. I go here. the CA is 100% haunted, standing in the elevator (that opens on its own) something took over my body. I had hit flashes, was cold sweating got dizzy and nearly passed out. I stepped out of the elevator and was fine, went back in and the same thing happened again.

  5. Not the University itself, but one of the bars on the main street through town…don’t remember the name but you have to go downstairs to get in the door. Sitting at the bar, a shot poured in front of us waiting to be drank…the shot glass slid about 6 inches across the bar. Dry bar BTW…didn’t slide on fluid.

    Also near the edge of the main street there is an area of Native American mounds…I have experienced an Indiginous man there, wrapped in a gray blanket.

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