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Eagle Road Cemetery, aka Evangelical Church Cemetery or Tabor Cemetery, is a hot spot for activity. Witnesses have seen apparitions and felt cold spots and gusts here, and some have seen the Virgin Mary or experienced stigmata (bleeding from the hands and arms) after leaving.

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Geographic Information

Eagle Road
Juneau, WI
United States

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43.35663012705065, -88.68389350245707
Dodge County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Juneau, WI (3.5 mi.)
Clyman, WI (3.6 mi.)
Hustisford, WI (4.2 mi.)
Lowell, WI (6.8 mi.)
Horicon, WI (7.1 mi.)
Lebanon, WI (7.6 mi.)
Iron Ridge, WI (8.2 mi.)
Reeseville, WI (8.8 mi.)
Neosho, WI (8.9 mi.)
Burnett, WI (10.3 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Very hard to find at night and very dark and deserted out on eagle road do not go alone or u will get lost and very ceeepy upon entering but there is a NO Trespassers sign so beware

  2. Really I’ve worked their at night people it’s creepy but not haunted and this site and description is dumb it’s a LUTHERAN Cemetary the virgin Mary and blood from hands is Catholic

  3. Thank you Rudi for setting the story straight. If The Virgin Mary sightings and Stigmata was going on it would be known.Plus I am guessing there would be Catholic Pilgrimages to a Lutheran Cemetery.

  4. My friends and I wanted to go there at night because we heard a lot of scary stories about it. There was 5 of us and we walked into the cemetery in the middle of the night. We were laughing and kind of joking about it when we saw something move ahead of us. We looked at one of the headstones and saw a little kid peeking out from behind it. We all screamed and ran back to the car and never told anyone about it. I also used to drive past it a lot with some friends because we were too scared to go inside and one time when we were passing it on our way back, we saw a huge black cloud shoot across the road into the cemetery. It was huge. As tall as the power lines. I screamed and started having a panic attack and my friend who was driving saw it too and tried to calm me down. Our friend in the backseat didn’t see it because she wasn’t looking at the road in front of us.

    • We’ve had yet to see the little girl (as an apparition). We did however see a little girl’s face with wavy hair above the camera flash reflection on a headstone. I finally got some better camera equipment and I’m planning to go back this summer. If you’re interested in seeing our videos, check out our YouTube channel @ Watertown WI Paranormal. We also caught a few other apparitions on camera in the past.

  5. Where do I begin? I’ve been there at least 6 times. This is by far one of my favorite hotspots for paranormal activity.

    1) First time going there, we heard all the rumors spreading around Watertown so I went with some friends to check it out. I had just turned 18 and we went at 11pm. We were only there a few minutes before we got creeped out and decided to leave. We recorded video on an older camcorder I had with a small build-in light. It was pretty difficult to see anything on video but I did get a few EVP’s. Nothing major.

    2) I went again with a friend, this time during early winter at about 10-11pm. We spent more time walking around the cemetery recording video. We made it about 5 minutes in when we were walking towards the far back left corner. We were making our way toward the right side (scaling the middle of the cemetery) when we heard a loud male voice yell “Hey!”. We both looked up toward the field behind the cemetery where it came from, thinking it was some other teenagers trying to scare us, and nothing was there. We heard something running in front of us so we looked up, and saw one set of fresh footprints in the snow which lead from where we were standing, straight into a tree. This was fresh snow, and there had been no one else there since the snowfall, and no other footprints except ours. We packed up and left.

    3-4 Nothing major happened during these times, I went with friends just before dark during the next summer. No sounds, nothing on video.

    5) I went back later that summer at 9:15pm, just after the sun went down. There was just enough daylight left to where the camera could see in front of it. I went with a few friends. One of them was taking pictures, I was recording video. We started walking around, made our way to the far left side of the cemetery. At one point, I looked down at my arms to see if they were dripping blood (which they weren’t, and never have). We turned around, I was explaining to this group of people where everything had happened in my previous videos, we walked a little further, then packed up after about 10 minutes and went back to my parent’s house to go review the footage. We pulled up the video, and right after I checked my arms for blood, I aimed the camcorder up and captured a tall woman in a white dress. I turned the camera to a different angle, and when I brought it back, she was gone. I also captured laughing just prior to seeing this, as if she was laughing at me checking my arms. My friend captured some pictures with orbs, and when zooming in, you can see a clear child’s face just above the orb.

    6) The last time I went out there was with a close friend of mine that was a big believer in the paranormal . This was about 3 years ago, when I worked second shift. After I got off work, him & I decided to go out there. We arrived at about 1am, the latest I’ve ever been out there. We walked the cemetery, he was taking pictures, I was recording video. Aside from a few cold spots and uneasy feelings, nothing really happened. We spent about an hour there before packing up and going home. We reviewed the footage and at about the 20-minute mark when I’m on the complete opposite side of the cemetery as my friend (by the entrance, straight back), I turned around and picked up a figure of a young man dressed in 1800’s style clothing. He passed in front of the camcorder, and was gone. We didn’t get anything else that time.

  6. me and 3 other guy friends went through a faze of having fun experiencing the paranormal. We went to this cemetery as the sun set and as it got darker, it got creepier as well. the first thing that started happening was a black head figure kept popping out from behind the tall headstone at the top corner of the hill. we walked up to it and noticed what looked like scratch marks on the stone and it fit my fingers perfectly. as we were standing around this headstone, a sound of a metal chain fell from the left of us(the tall tree) and no one had moved and all that was over there was that tree and the fence. getting creeped out we started to walk back towards the car and one of our friends wouldn’t move, it was like he was stuck, being drawn and staring at the headstone in the top corner. we continued to see the shadow head pop out from around it and tried dragging our friend towards the car when he continued to walk towards the headstone. after returning to the car finally, he got very sick and almost passed out on our way back towards Juneau. we stopped and got water at the nearest gas station and he slowly felt better. would love to go back again and see if we experience the same thing. definitely recommend going here!

  7. I went there with about six people and all seven of us didn’t see anything. We walked on the cemetery went to the top left corner in the dark around 10-ish and we saw nothing the woman in the white dress supposedly been recording by people is a gravestone fake fake fake we didn’t see any orbs no child face no yelling or anything. It was obviously kind of cool because it was dark but I don’t think it’s haunted the scariest thing was a spider and frogs. We went on all sides of the cemetery and really nothing just walked around reading the grave stones lots of young children died their. No one else was there but it was pitch black. there is a no trespassing sign and No entrance after dark. the driveway to go to it it’s just a dirt road that goes straight back With a gate at the end. We parked on the road because it would be easier to get out but there’s Barbed wire Where you’re suppose to go in by The tree line. Maybe we will go again but now there’s clown sightings around the USA so I dont don’t know if we will be back. Also the cemetery is surrounded by three sides of cornfields. We were walking around with lots of flashlights. When we drove away we didn’t see any black things flying from us or anything spooky. It was very hard to find where it was we drove all the way down the road a missed it so we turn around and go back there’s not even a sign or anything. Kinda sketch use a GPS – Kadie

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