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This academy was originally built as a Methodist high school in 1840, and it was once used as a Civil War hospital. After that, it was a girls’ Catholic school until it became a bed-and-breakfast and antique store. The nuns who used to run the school here are said to haunt the place, and in fact are said to be buried in a cemetery on the grounds. Photographs taken here have picked up orbs, vertexes and strange mists, and some are said to be seen on the establishment’s web site.

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211 College St
Arcadia, MO 63621
United States

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37.587146756354926, -90.62740080622098
Iron County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Arcadia, MO (0.1 mi.)
Ironton, MO (0.7 mi.)
Pilot Knob, MO (2.5 mi.)
Iron Mountain Lake, MO (7.3 mi.)
Bismarck, MO (12.6 mi.)
Doe Run, MO (12.9 mi.)
Caledonia, MO (14.5 mi.)
Annapolis, MO (16.1 mi.)
Irondale, MO (17.1 mi.)
Farmington, MO (17.5 mi.)

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    • The faculty was built by/for Methodist. It was at a later date the Catholic Church owned and operated what was called Ursuline Academy, now is known as Thee Abbey, Arcadia Academy, Abbey Kitchen.

  1. This is a truley interesting place. It was a small contained community in itself. very very historical…..a good place to visit and learn.

  2. im afraid they do the nuns bought the place and it is haunted i found at a lest 7 of them there were nuns tell ing me to quite swearing the front of the guys had orb in fornt and then there was a body hanging in the steeple and then little girl in corner i walk in in to the resturnt a dn then one pole was so cld and it ws 85 in there and then i walk in to the ice cream place it ws a morge i have pic of it and then heard some one in hall kept saying come to the church i would not go int ther the kitchen was the opeerating room and then i seen the millatry he said do not cross the bridge

  3. My group We See Dead People Paranormal Investigations have performed many investigations here going back to 2001. Along with photo graphic evidence I can tell you that the gym, Stone Circle by the pond and cemetery are very active.

  4. My mother, now deceased, was born in 1933 and was forced to stay there when she was fifteen. My grandparents thought it was a high status mark back then if their daughter stayed at what was then a private, all-girls Catholic school. That would have been about 1948 or so. My mom always said that the nuns there were horribly mean. She ended up running away from that place it was awful. For what it’s worth, a lot of daughters of St. Louis mafia guys went there too.

  5. I went there when they have a job fair there for tg and I told my fiancé I had to use the restroom and I felt and seen an appearance of a nun looming g right at me when I was washing my hands and I also seen a solider staring at me where we ate at there

    • Lacey,
      I went there for the first time in 2018. I too went to use the restroom only it was at night and very dimly lit..I had the strange feeling of being watched the entire time and when I was leaving I caught a glimpse of a black apparition ( I am assuming a nun) standing in the corner.
      My husband and I were with another couple and the guy we was with saw a soldier standing in what was the ice cream parlor.

  6. As soon as we walked through the front door, I told my wife I bet this place is haunted. I didn’t see or hear anything, but I could definitely feel it.

  7. I went to eat at the Abby restaurant for the first time this weekend. I had no clue of the history of the building at all, but when I walked in the door of the restaurant my senses kicked in. We sat down at the end of the dinning room close to the door that goes into a hall to the creamery. I kept feeling like someone was watching from the hall. It took me a long time to read the menu because I kept feeling so much energy. Once I finally ordered my view kept drifting over to the doors into the kitchen, I felt there to be a lot of spirits going in and out that door.
    Our food finally came and I tried to focus on my dinner and company I was with. I just had a hard time keeping on my conversation but knew I had to. We finished our meal and I excused myself to use the restroom. It is across the dinning room at the other end to where we were seated. The restrooms where right by the entrance to the theater. A very large steel door was there as the entrance to the theater which was so old it had weights to be used to open and close. I placed my hands on the door and it was so freezing cold that it hurt my hands to touch, the temperature that day was 78 degrees and shouldn’t have been that cold to touch. There was a sign on the door to not enter without being on a guided tour. So I then proceeded to go into the women’s restroom. When entering the restroom there was a old dresser and a full size dressing mirror in the far corner by the window. I went into one of the stalls and once sat down the hair on back of my neck and felt eyes all over me. I finished and stepped out if the stall and looked at the big mirror and a bug black mass went across the mirror. It turned to look at the area it looked to dart into and had a very cold spot and erry feeling. I then washed my hands and the water was to be cold only and it came out burning hot. Once I stepped out the door of the restroom I felt someone or something rush up on me from the theater area door.
    I returned back to the dinning room and then sat down to then start to talk with the waitress and learned the history What of the building I instantly had huge goosebumps and the hair on my arms stood straight up.
    Now I also learned that they do lantern night tours so definitely going to called and set up one for me and my family to do some ghost hunting.
    The Arcadia Academy is definitely haunted, so if you are interested in ghost this is a must stop and see location. Call ahead for your tour, the owners do the tours themselves.

  8. We have ate here several times. They have great food. The owners are attempting to restore the buildings. They are very old and from lack of repairs the years before has taken a lot of time and money. The nuns are buried on the property, and a few priests also I believe. It’s an interesting place with a lot of history. We did the tour on one occasion, but never really seen anything unusual. My friend also was married in the church there. The organ in the church is absolutely stunning. I have heard there are underground tunnels that lead from the Abbey to different parts of the town. We were not allowed to tour the basement or the tunnels however. They will let you go upstairs. It’s really a neat place to visit.

  9. I went there for the first time in 2018. I too went to use the restroom only it was at night and very dimly lit..I had the strange feeling of being watched the entire time and when I was leaving I caught a glimpse of a black apparition ( I am assuming a nun) standing in the corner.
    My husband and I were with another couple and the guy we was with saw a soldier standing in what was the ice cream parlor.
    My daughter was also involved in a wedding in the chapel a couple years ago. It was around 11pm when she was gathering her things to leave. The place was dark and she couldn’t find a light switch so she was using the flashlight on her phone and she heard someone whistling in the room she was in. (she was alone). she quickly finished gathering her things and left.

  10. My children and I just did our first Paranormal investigation here and did get some ghostly interaction! We love the academy! Great people, great food, and good haunted fun! Check out our youtube video if you’d like to see what we found.

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