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Once the tallest building in Orlando, the Angebilt Hotel has been a major landmark in the city ever since it opened in the 1920s. From the 1970s though it started to decline in grandeur, and eventually was converted in the 1990s into a temporary courthouse. Today it is primarily office space, with a few restaurants on the ground floor. You can still see the large “A” on the front door, however, a throwback to its heydays.

The paranormal activity here is confined primarily to an underground tunnel beneath the Angebilt. Witnesses claim to feel demonic spirits down there, and ghosts have been seen and heard via EVPs.

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Geographic Information

37 N. Orange Ave
Orlando, Florida 32792
United States

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28.5428709, -81.37897020000003
Orange County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Orlando, FL (0.3 mi.)
Holden Heights, FL (3.2 mi.)
Fairview Shores, FL (3.5 mi.)
Edgewood, FL (3.9 mi.)
Conway, FL (4.0 mi.)
Winter Park, FL (4.6 mi.)
Pine Hills, FL (4.6 mi.)
Azalea Park, FL (4.8 mi.)
Pine Castle, FL (4.9 mi.)
Orlovista, FL (4.9 mi.)


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  1. I worked in the Angebilt building for several years and can confirm it’s haunted from my own personal experiences. There was several Saturdays I had to go in and work. You had to use a key Card to enter the building on the weekend and there was normally no one there. My office was on the 4th floor. It was so quite on the weekend without the normal hustle and bustle from the weekdays. First experience was in the elevator. I got on the elevator and it was heading to the 4th floor when it stopped in between floors and the temp dropped about 20° I was alone but I felt someone watching me all of a sudden the elevator started up again it went from the 2nd floor to 1st floor then back up and back down like 3x then finally back to 1st for then the doors opened and I hauled ass out of the building. I didn’t work alone again for a few months but their was a client emergency one weekend so I had no choice I went in and had no issues on the elevator got up to my office and was there about an hour when I heard kids laughing running down the hall. After about 10 min I got up to see what was going on and no one was there. I again felt like someone was watching me but no one was there. So I went back into my office then about 20 min later I got up to go use the bathroom there was no one in the bathroom but me. I was about to stand up and flush when the stall.doors started shaking when I tried to open the stall door it wouldn’t budge I was screaming and flipping out. I climbed under the stall to get out. When I got to the other side it all stopped and the door opened. I ran out of the bathroom back to my office grabbed my purse and ran out of there. These were the two scariest experience I had in that place but there was others too. If you ask me that place is defiantly haunted. haunted without doubt.

  2. So I currently work in the Angebilt building. i’m on the 7th floor. The elevator doors open without having to push a button. My coworkers and I were on our way back to work from our lunch break. I pushed all the buttons…..floor 2,3,4,5,6,7 just to be funny. the elevator stopped on 2,3 and 4. When we reached the 4th floor the doors opened then closed and all other floors i pushed were not lit up anymore. The elevator didn’t move. i pushed the 7th floor button and we started going up. There is seriously something weird on the 4th floor……even when the doors open it’s scary. I love this building though. I say thank you to the ghosts for opening the elevator doors for me. The history is super cool. There is also a tunnel that goes from the Angebilt to the Beachum Theatre across the street. I’m looking for that tunnel, but have not found it yet. Sometimes I feel like the floors are breathing. It’s really hard to explain, however, if you’ve ever experienced it, you know what I’m talking about. SCARY COOL

  3. I work at the angebilt hotel. This is my second week working there. I’ve been looking for ghost or anything out of the ordinary but can’t find a thing. As far as I know the company I work for is the only one open on Saturday. We’re on the 10th floor. The only thing creepy is the lights on the fourth floor are dim compared to the other floor’s and the elevator’s are always not working. I was talking to the maintenance man today, and I asked him where the tunnel is but he wouldn’t tell me.

  4. I’m still trying to post them.This is weird. I was able to post a photo I took of the hotel outside but it’s not letting me post the photos of the 4th floor. I’ll try again later

  5. i was there at night with my father he worked there and as we were closing the place we heard stuff rumbling upstairs so we checked it out and there was nothing then we heard someone yell on the floor below us and we asked if anybody was still in the building and there was nobody.

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