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On several occasions I have personally experienced paranormal activity in our bldg. It used to be a tuberculosis ward for children. I am usually the last one to leave the bldg for the day and must ensure all the clinic doors are locked. One night I was locking up and had gone into the restroom before leaving. Just as I was walking through the door I hear a small, female voice about 2 feet behind me and about chest level say my first name. “Michele”. This is particularly odd because I am military and we don’t address each other by first names. Needless to say there wasn’t anyone there. Other times I have heard children giggling or adults murmuring. Two of my co-workers mid-day witnessed a glassdoor open 90 degrees, pause that way for 2-3 seconds and then close again. Finally, another co-worker likes to investigate paranormal events and he has pictures of orbs and Evps of the children, talking, singing and responding to direct questions such as “what is your name?” Response -“G us” then “Do you miss your family? Response – “everyday”. These spirits are not malevolent, but sometimes mischievous. Things get moved that no one has been around, behind locked doors. The base and my bldg are definitely haunted.

(Submitted by Michele G.)

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1485 Graeber Street
March ARB, CA
United States

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33.8948372, -117.25432519999998
Riverside County, California
Nearest Towns:
March Air Force Base, CA (0.5 mi.)
Moreno Valley, CA (3.2 mi.)
Mead Valley, CA (4.9 mi.)
Woodcrest, CA (6.0 mi.)
Perris, CA (7.9 mi.)
Lakeview, CA (8.7 mi.)
Nuevo, CA (9.0 mi.)
Good Hope, CA (9.0 mi.)
Riverside, CA (9.1 mi.)
Highgrove, CA (9.5 mi.)


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    • Thanks Jayden, it was legit. Happened to me. The little boy “Gus” told us his name, said he missed his family and told my friend Joe Happy Birthday.

      • Hi,
        My dad flew out of March many times aeons ago. Do they still have any of the large military planes or is it all just FedX now? Would be nice to just sit and watch some planes come and go 🙂

      • #1) Was it actually Joe’s birthday (anniversary) on that day? #2) Did Gus introduce any of his playmates? -A certain Hans Holzer (parapsychologist, now deceased) used to use a team to contact ghosts (haunters), find out their issue, and arrange a Christian burial in many cases. He was quite successful in resolving the ‘hauntings’.Try to not be scared and Please Please Please help Gus re-unite with his family ‘on the other side’. I’m sure they miss him, too. God Bless you, Michele.

  1. I have written several “ghost” stories about March Field after interviewing those who have experienced paranormal activity there, as well as after having participate in several ghost hunts in various buildings on base. You can find them at http://www.march.afrc.af.mil after typing “paranormal” in the search box. There is one image there that was taken in the basement of the 4th Air Force Headquarters. The image (posted here) clearly shows two apparitions but they were not visible to the eye while we were in the room. Had I not been there and then viewed the footage, I would not have believed it. I have no explanation for it other than it is real. The basement area where the image was captured used to be the morgue when that was the base hospital in the 1930s. There have been many, many other stories from several other locations on base. It’s interesting to do the interviews and investigations. (Here’s the photo’s caption: These two apparitions were captured recently, on March Air Reserve Base, with an infra-red video camera, during the early-morning hours, in a dark room with no lights being used. Every person on the investigation team is accounted for in the video and none of them saw anything when they were in the room. When the camera was panning, the images were captured, but disappeared when the pan was reversed. (Courtesy photo/Mathieu Beaulieu))

  2. I used to live in Green Acres, the housing part of March AFb. Born in that hospital. Lived on Gilley street.
    The entire base is crawling w activity. There’s a building behind Gilley St., by the ID processing bldg. It has a long laundry chute.
    I have explored that building to find that this used to be a hospital as well. The elevator goes where it wants. Cold spots. Faint taps on your shoulder or arm.
    That’s the stuff I definitely know happened. Other stuff I convinced.myself that it didnt.
    Just be careful.

  3. My birth certificate says, I was born at march air force base hospital in1958.— why can’t I find any pictures or. even a history of a hospital being there in 1958. All I find is about the hospital built in 1962 and demolished in 1993.
    I have frightening memories of myself and other children in hospital wards, and don’t know where these wards were at.
    Was there a hospital at march air base in 1958.

    • My son was born in the hospital before it was demolished (born in Dec. 1991). It is sad the base was BRAC’d as the hospital had just been renovated, only to be abandoned and later demolished. I have a couple of photos with my son in front of the Hospital Sign just before it was taken down. I am sure a hospital was there in 1958. According to Wiki: By late April 1918, enough progress had been made in the construction of the new field to allow the arrival of the first troops. The commander of the 818th Aero Squadron detachment, Captain William Carruthers, took over as the field’s first commander and for a time operated out of an office in the Mission Inn. Within a record 60 days, the grain stubble-covered plain of Moreno Valley had been partially transformed to include twelve hangars, six barracks equipped for 150 men each, mess halls, a machine shop, post exchange, hospital, a supply depot, an aero repair building, bachelor officer’s quarters and a residence for the commanding officer.[7] Eventually March Field saw the construction of some 50 buildings. It covered over 700 acres and could accommodate up to 1,000 personnel.
      I am not sure if the old hospital was in the same location as the one I was familiar with when I was there in the 90s, or at the location of the 4th AF HQ referenced in an article above (in the 1930s). If you are like me, you would want to know exactly where you were born. I hope you can find information about this.

    • Base was closed in 1997 and then reopened in 1998 as a Guard and Reserve Base only. As of 2015, when I was last there we had over 4500 reservists, 300 AD, 800 Civil Service and not sure how many Guardsmen. March flies more SORTES than any other reserve base in AFRC. It is also the home of 4th AF.

  4. Me and my sister stayed in the housing for a night with my grandfather who is a veteran. My grandpa had asked me and my sister if we would walk to the ice machince to fill up our ice bucket. We walk to the machine and there are 2 different ice machince separated by a wall in a big lobby/living room set up. So we start to get some ice and we hear what sounds like 2 kids laughing at the other vending machince, we just thought they were getting ice on the other side. Shortly after we hear the laugh the ice machine we were at stopped dispensing ice. So we both walked over to the other machine and notice no one was there. There was a door right next to the other machince but it was loud enough to were if someone was leaving we would of heard it. We were a little creeped out but didn’t assume ghosts. So we go to get more ice then a few seconds later we heard 2 very audible and distinct children laughs directly behind us. We turn around and no one was in sight, so me and my sister being as young as we were we took off running back to our room and left the ice bucket behind. I still to this day have chills thinking about it and reading similar post about the same thing makes it that much more real for us.

  5. I went to view the planes in the museum part of the base. I felt like I was being followed and at one point I even felt as though I was being pushed into the cockpit of one of the planes. I saw one of the doors open to an office and the light switch on with nothing there. I had to go outside and catch my breath. When I came back in the office was locked and dark. But a figure was moving about in it. Also on my way walking around the planes out side. I could hear male voices yelling to each other and it sounded like an engine on all of the planes where running. But not a propeller was moving.

  6. This may be a dumb question, but what are the chances that a paranormal investigation team could spend a few hours in the building? Is it still in use?

  7. I just came across this site. My boss passed away unexpectedly just short of retirement in 2004 after getting surgery on his legs at the VA hospital off base. The full time folks that continued to work in our fuels building reported hearing strange noises at times, and even at one point, a door was slammed on one that was working at night. This building is just off Graeber on the left just past the RV parking lot. Shortly after his passing our guys were relocated to the logistics building near the main headquarters. Some of us thought about staying overnight in the fuels building to see if we could hear or see anything, but we never managed to do it. I don’t know if the current office workers there have noticed anything, but some are certain our former boss continues to visit this building. We suspect he wasn’t happy leaving the earth so soon before getting to enjoy his much anticipated retirement. All of his plans were destroyed by his having a stroke during the surgery.

  8. There are plenty of other buildings that are haunted for example the 4th AF is haunted one night I was on patrol doing my building since I’m was security force there was a window open at 2am since it was open we had to call building manager to come inspect if everything is in order and secure the building 30 min later he came and secure the window. 2 hours later did my patrol again then what did I see the same window open again…

  9. I was born in a hospital at March air base in 1958.
    I can’t find any info on a hospital being there until 1962.
    I have memories of when I was a 4 and 5 year old child who had severe allergies and asthma problems.
    Was hospitalized 2 times with pneumonia at mafb hospital.
    I was in a oxygen tent crib for weeks at one stay.
    And on the other I was in a large room with approx 50 or more other children.
    Each of us had smaller then twin size bed.painted rust red color and made of metal.
    White sheets and a pillow..
    I was standing by my bed,I had a raggedy ann doll in my arms.
    There was a boy sitting in his bed ,next to mine.
    I asked his name,
    Max, he said, Maxwell Payne.
    He twirled his thumbs .
    And twisted his hands in the sheets.
    I asked him why he was there.
    He said, because I’m sick.
    I don’t know what he was sick from.
    But later …his eyes stayed closed and no more talk.
    The nurses came and took him away.
    Maybe this was that t.b.ward.
    Has anyone seen or heard a 5.or 6 year old boy around there?
    Name is Max.

  10. I lived at March AFB from 1987-1991. Attended Arnold Heights elementary school. The base is extremely haunted. Especially the logistics building.

  11. Iam a docent at March Field Air Museum for 9 years. The planes and artifacts were moved to the current location in 1996. Just 200 yards west of the air main runway. I too, have experienced three totally random paranormal activities while volunteering. In the beginning I was a naysayers to what other docents were telling me about a activities they experienced. The 3 encounters I had are truly unexplainable. Something is happening involving the property and keeps happening

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