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Along this area, human-like shadows can be seen roaming the hills.

(Submitted by Chris)

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Geographic Information

3993 10th St
Riverside, CA
United States

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33.9816064, -117.37890379999999
Riverside County, California
Nearest Towns:
Rubidoux, CA (1.8 mi.)
Riverside, CA (2.2 mi.)
Highgrove, CA (3.5 mi.)
Sunnyslope, CA (3.8 mi.)
Grand Terrace, CA (5.2 mi.)
Pedley, CA (5.6 mi.)
Bloomington, CA (6.2 mi.)
Glen Avon, CA (6.4 mi.)
Woodcrest, CA (7.0 mi.)
Colton, CA (7.4 mi.)


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  1. I have been on Rubidoux Mt. and on a couple of occasions have heard a evil growling. on one occasion there were a bunch of us and we all witnessed a pair of cat looking eyes glowing in the dark between some rocks, at first we thought they may be a cat but the eyes were too big and too far apart to be that of a cat.

  2. I was hanging out with a buddy of mine, before the whole gates and pavement were made… Behind 14 th the back Mt. i was talking out of topic about something. my friend, keeps interrupting me like do you hear that?? I said what.. Finally We both clearly heard digging, footsteps shoveling, to me it sounded like 2 men dragging and digging forsure and a Shh, Shh… i heard heavy shoes along with leaves or sticks to try n cover up the dirt idk.. but it went on for about 15 minutes.. I asked my friend lets go see… I wasnt even payin attention until he kept asking me if I was hearing that… And I DID. it was summer time too no one that I know of was there and i would go workout during the day, So i pretty much know that area and how where we were at was all too weird. Why we heard that Idk but I went the next day early morning dirt hard as rock no leaves or anything fresh. Idk I wonder to this day.

    • LJ the mystery man  |  

      Hello, long time resident of Riverside here.
      Well for starters I will give a brief background of my personal “strange or paranormal” history. Since a young age of living in this city
      All I can really say is Riverside Is very very haunted….I mean no joke haunted …just about every year I have had strange things happen.
      Don’t believe me? …I have witnessed every thing from the haunted all black Hurst station wagon (casket car) that follows you if you are out late night on magnolia Ave…to other stuff like being physically attacked by “spirits” in my own home (Arlington area)..I’ve worked the school district cleaning schools at night time and have seen doors open with a group of 5 other co-workers… Felt the presence of some one in the class rooms or being watched.
      Oh yeah I have witnessed some spooky stuff all through out this city over the span of years here…I have plenty to share.. but these are all stories for another day …..
      So….my story of The famous Mount Rubidoux…well like many have past and present I have gone to go explore and walk or run at this place, on one night around 10-11pm me and a old good friend of mine which we were fitness oriented back about 11years ago , we went for a late jog ..
      Now this ties in with a comment that was made on here with a similar story ..
      And as I write this it creeps me out more remembering it.
      So now I know I am not the only one that has had this happen to …
      So on our way up from our jog we noticed this hooded person that looked out of place at Mount Rubidoux…I mean they did not look like they was there to go walking or jogging or any thing like that..initially we ran into this hooded character on our way up, but at that time there was a lot more people getting their last late night work outs so they didn’t really catch our attention right away.
      What’s funny is it seem like no one bothered to notice this person kind of just standing in the shadows of the Rocky area with a hood over their head and dark clothing…so you couldn’t really make out who they were or even the nationality of this hooded character.
      What’s interesting is we noticed this person once we got closer and passed by….
      seems like they did not like that at all…so here is the spooky part we hadn’t noticed they had been following us the whole time, until we got this uneasy feeling like we were being “watched” or “followed”.
      So my buddy looks behind us and noticed this hooded character following a good 20 feet behind around the corners just staying close to us.
      So I looked too when I got a chance where it wasn’t obvious in the upper parts of the trail ..and sure enough there they were lurking in the darkness at this point we were starting to wonder if we were being targeted for a potential robbery or worse.
      So we decided to go all the way up were there was more people taking in the view or just a resting from the long stretch of trails.
      But what is strange is they vanished and we didn’t see this hooded person up there or follow us, and of course it didn’t seem like they were waiting for us so we found that odd …so after a good 30-45 minutes of resting and taking in the city sights. We had figured we had lost or detered this hooded mystery person , so with an uneasy feeling in our gut we tried to forget them and just carry on with our night and just head back.
      By now less people were out and the trail back was pretty lonely, it was getting late and our car was not close so we walked fast but sure enough when were talking about this hooded person, there they were waiting for us behined a big Boulder that created a shadow of cover for any one wearing dark clothing like this character was….it was close to the end of the trail to the bottom, now we grew a bit concerned because they were right behind us about 10-12 feet away, so my buddy decided to “tie his shoe” in order for us us to let this person pass us….mean while my buddy whispers to me: “hey if any thing we can take him, it’s 2 of us?” So I nodded and agreed.
      So this hooded person passed us with out saying anything and had a very dark vibe almost cold in nature…so we tried to get a good look but could not make out who this was ..and so they disappeared ….well atleast that’s what we thought untill we decided to continue and almost to the end by the entrance there they were again…so now at this point we knew they were following us because again they were waiting in the cover of the shadows that Mount Rubidoux produced on a full moon night.
      And so they started to follow us again…now I was getting worried this person was going to do something when at the last minute a big group of joggers appeared out of now where on a late Thursday night going up the trail and that was our chance to book it and run like mad as soon as we got to the corner I looked back one last time before we passed this large group to confirm if we were still being followed…but to my surprise this hooded character was gone and there was no way they could have hid or vanished so fast??
      Regardless I couldn’t be more relived that they were gone and so finally out of breath and spooked we just got in the car and just got the heck out of there!!
      Only to return years later…but never again during the night time again….I don’t know if this was a real person or a dark spirit of some one that has passed away on Mount Rubidoux..All I know is the way they moved and looked did not seem like a living person ..who knows what this hooded character wanted from us or had intended ..but one thing for sure it was not good….all the previous times and even afterward I could aways feel a presence and a erriee vibe up there, the sheer energy of the past history is definitely present there at Mount Rubidoux and I can definitely say it sure has it’s dark past and hauntings.
      Just a little piece of advice for any one that goes or considering going up there….DON’T DO IT ALONE OR AT NIGHT AFTER DARK ESPECIALLY LATE NIGHT….
      You never know what you might encounter…..

  3. Personally, I’ve heard footsteps, heard growling and voices and once felt like I was being followed on the hike at night several times. One time in particular however, my friend was talking to me normally then all of a sudden froze and turned pale white. He said we should leave and didn’t tell me what until we got to the bottom of the hill. He then told me he saw a big black mass with red piercing red eyes standing about 5 feet behind me.

  4. When I went to this place with my buddy and he said did you hear that and I said no and the second time he said do you hear that and then I said yes and then we went to go look my buddy got possessed and the ghost tried to tell me something it said for me to leave or bad things are gonna happen me and we didn’t and when we got home our lights were flickering rapidly and we ran out and we went to my Buddy’s and his lights were flickering so we went to my friends house everything was normal and I had a camera turned on to catch everything and when we woke up my camera was gone and then soon I found it back where I put it and I looked at the footage and we saw a shadow figure and then we said I regret going to mount rubidoux and then my buddy went to the hospital puking out blood and then he was back to normal no ghost no flickering lights and we were ok

  5. Had a friend of mine that was a Mt Rubidoux from 6 PM to 12 AM but he was by himself but he was messaging me that he was hearing whispering and footsteps like a lot of them then later told me he saw people in robes like red robes that were holding candles, i think witch craft people do stuff up there but luckily my friend got away because he said a group of those people like 6 of them were trying to chase him but he escaped so yes i think this place is haunted.

  6. The deaf teenagers from deaf school went camping at the bottom of Rubidoux MT overnight in 1958. One black boy went missing. Next day the policemen looked around and they found him sitting on the huge rock on top of Mt. He said that he saw a white lady ghost floating by their tents. He was so scared and ran away from it. My husband was one of that group. True story.

    • Last time I went to rubidoux mountain was when I was about 1 or 2 months pregnant, about 3am -4am me & 3 friends were taking a midnight hike when we almost got to the top I began to notice a white shadowey figure hanging from a tree but I could tell it was a lady with only half a body. I kept telling my friends to look and they wouldn’t . as soon as we passed that tree really cold air hit us, it was so strong it pushed us back. Weird bcuz I researched “the lady in white” and it says she only shows herself to those who are pregnant or those who are near death. Never going back to that place ever .

  7. When i was younger we went hiking with family early in the morning and we got to the very very top by the cross and theres boulders well my little sister saw a giant orange lizard and followed it well while she was standing at the end of the boulders she was litterally pushed off by something she swore some one pushed her to me it looked like she floated first and then dropped and she scrapped her whole right side while falling a couple of teenagers helped us get her out they had rope for some reason

  8. March 2018
    It was a rainy day and I was with my miniature pinscher braving myself to walk that lonely trail and as started at the bottom I looked back and saw a man in a hoodie starting to walk up the stairs as I walked up more I looked back and I could see him walking a little ways behind. Then looking up the trail and noticing nobody was around, it kind of gave me the creeps but I told myself to relax and keep going until all of the sudden I heard a growl of something big but there was nothing visibly around so at that point I stopped and started back down the trail and then I notice the guy in hoodie was nowhere I turned the corner where I last him and thought he must be taking shortcut up the hill but no one was there and at that point I started jogging down and I will never go alone again.

  9. Jennifer Buschman  |  

    I live at the base of Mt Rubidoux on a little street with only 5 houses cslled Braemar place. There is a spiritual presence here that is strongly felt by all on our street. However, it is a peaceful presence, but palpable.
    Recently, however, there has been an incident thar happened that neither me nor my neighbor can explain. My Nextdoor neighbor was out gardening when he noticed a woman standing on the sidewalk staring at a statue he has that is wearing a large ceramic rosary. He ended up engaging in an hour long conversation with her. She said she was drawn to our street having never been on it even though she is a regular walker of Mt Rubidoux. She said her name was “Rachel” im not gonna use her real name. This was a month ago. A couple of days ago on my morning walk with my dog I noticed a bright orange gerber daisy on the rosary. I took a pic of it. The next morning i walked outside and there was a man standing in my neighbors yard by the gate to his backyard (near the rosary also) He asked me “are you Rachel?” I said no and asked him who he was. He said very calmly, almost arrogantly “im just a friend.” With that he turned around and we followed him and in Two seconds he was gone. Even my dog looked everywhere. So I looked back at my neighbors house and he wasnt there but there was an old cobalt blue bottle on the ground where he had been standing. Now, my neighbor had never told me about the stranger that he had that conversation with. So when i told him the story he got pale. He said the womans name was Rachel. He said he knew where she lived as she collects these bright blue bottles and uses them as decorations. When i told him about the bottle that was left he was speechless. Yesterday I went to her house as my neighbor told me it wasnt far away.
    She was blown away, but not surprised about the incident. It wasnt, however, one of her bottles. I decscribed the man to her and she as tearful. She asked me if I thought he was an apparition. I said “stranger things have happened.” We talked for a while, and i had to go, but we were and are both lost in thought as to how and why this happened. Ill keep you posted…

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