Haunted Places in Oakland County, Michigan

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    Holly Hotel

    Holly, Michigan

    Now a restaurant only, this establishment has long been known to be haunted. One of the ghosts here is said to be Mr. Hirst, former owner and most-often-seen apparition. He doesn't like noise or renovations. He wears a frock coat and top hat and smokes cigars. He sometimes can be ...

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    Birmingham 8 Theater

    Birmingham, Michigan

    Birmingham 8 Theater, housed in a historic playhouse building, is rumored to have a ghost. In one incidence, employees had swept popcorn into piles on the floor, and a mysterious gust made them shift over, still in their piles, about 3 feet. Unexplained sounds and electrical anomalies also have been ...

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    William Tyndale College

    Farmington Hills, Michigan

    William Tyndale College closed in 2005, but was rumored to have ghosts that may reside there still. The ghosts were discovered by phantom noises: the clicking of a woman walking down a hall in high heels and the sounds of children playing.

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    Machpelah Cemetery

    Ferndale, Michigan

    Machpelah Cemetery, a Jewish graveyard established in 1912 is said to be haunted by the phantom sounds of bells and screaming from around midnight to 3 a.m. The sounds seem to come from the park behind the cemetery.

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    Fran Leaf Park

    Keego Harbor, Michigan

    Fran Leaf Park's namesake is said to haunt her park. Her apparition as well as strange groaning sounds on the wind have been reported.

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    Oakland Community College

    Waterford Township, Michigan

    At Oakland Community College, formerly a hospital, there is allegedly a tunnel that connects Highland Hall to High Oak Hall. It's said to begin in the basement of Highland Hall, which was once a morgue. The basement and the tunnel are said to be haunted. Witnesses have described apparitions of ...

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    Rob’s Place

    Oxford Charter Township, Michigan

    Rob's Place has been the site of some weird occurrences, like glasses falling off shelves, bathroom stores banging open, jukebox volume quirks, strange orbs and squiggles that show in photos, and an apparition of a white-haired man in a Civil War uniform. Some say the activity comes from a basement ...

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    John Dodge House

    Rochester, Michigan

    Auto magnate John Dodge's former weekend retreat in Oakland University's Meadow Brook Estate is rumored to have a ghost. Suspects include Dodge himself, who died in 1920, and his daughter, Anna Margaret, who died of measles at age 4. Witnesses have described the sounds of footsteps and disembodied voices as ...

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    Christ Church Cranbrook

    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    Christ Church Cranbrook is rumored to be haunted, perhaps stemming from a book by Henry Scripps Booth, son of Cranbrook founder George Gough Booth. The 1963 book is called "Cranbrook Boasts a Ghost; or the Skeptic's Tale." It's about a stonemason who disappeared during the building's construction, having been trapped ...

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    Scripps Road

    Orion charter Township, Michigan

    Scripps road is an old dirt road off the beaten path in Lake Orion. People claim to see dark figures around a gate leading to the scripps mansion and also in the surrounding woods. It is also said by some that you can see white figures chasing your car ...