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Now a restaurant only, this establishment has long been known to be haunted. One of the ghosts here is said to be Mr. Hirst, former owner and most-often-seen apparition. He doesn’t like noise or renovations. He wears a frock coat and top hat and smokes cigars. He sometimes can be heard laughing or, more rarely, speaking. Another ghost who resides here is Nora Kane, a petite, pretty lady who loves music. Her portrait can be seen in the main lobby. Her flowery perfume is often detected by guests and her apparition is often seen in the bar and back hall. She is sometimes heard playing the piano or singing late at night. If that weren’t enough, there is also said to be a ghost in the kitchen who is very active. It’s a playful spirit who often giggles and moves items, especially the meat cleaver, and can be heard running up and down stairways. This is believed to be the spirit of a child. Many more ghosts have been reported here, including Leona, the Hirst family’s terrier, who can be heard barking or running in the halls. The ghost dog even brushes up against people’s legs.

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110 Battle Alley
Holly, MI 48442
United States

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42.790729, -83.62660089999997
Oakland County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Holly, MI (0.1 mi.)
Fenton, MI (4.0 mi.)
Lake Fenton, MI (5.6 mi.)
Linden, MI (8.1 mi.)
Grand Blanc, MI (9.5 mi.)
Ortonville, MI (10.2 mi.)
Goodrich, MI (10.6 mi.)
Argentine, MI (11.1 mi.)
Clarkston, MI (11.2 mi.)
Waterford, MI (12.9 mi.)

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  1. Jessica Toth  |  

    My friend was just married on Saturday May 3rd 2014 at the holly hotel… we had heard it was haunted but we were of course pretty skeptical. At first we didn’t experience anything after visiting the hotel about 3 times before the wedding itself. However during the reception one of the guests had taken a picture of the table outside the wedding planners office in front of the liquor locker. In the photo there is a white diagonal line accompanied with a shadow on the ground and on the wall just behind the white line you can clearly make out a face of a young child… If you look close you actually make out 2 faces. Pretty bone chilling. We have the picture if you are interested.

  2. Had dinner there tonight with one of my kids. I am generally quite skeptical of the idea of hauntings – my experience there tonight has me up at 12:30am and searching the Internet. It was so odd. We were having a great time catching up. Then rather suddenly a strange feeling of melancholy and unease began that grew increasingly intense. It was a strong negative energy that was not like anything I have ever experienced. Thankfully things returned to normal once we left the building.

  3. I live in Holly and frequent the Hotel quite often for their tea hour and Sunday brunches. It took several times before I finally had an experience. To be honest it wasn’t even on my radar, and was the very last thing on my mind. When you live here in Holly you hear about it all the time and eventually take it with a grain of salt. While in the bathroom freshening up, all alone standing at the sink I had the most cliche of experiences, but one that frightened me to the core. The air became very cold, not drafty but icy. I looked at myself in the mirror and actually saw my hair moving from the breeze (there are no windows in the bathroom) as I turned to leave I actually turned my body so I was face to face with a woman. She was most definitely not of this world. She had very long black hair, her head was down and her arms were out as if she wanted me to hand her something. She looked to be “misty” with very torn clothing and greasy looking hair. I tore out of there faster than I have ever moved in my life! While in the basement on another occasion at the comedy club, we were some of the first to arrive. We ordered our cocktails and were chatting when the same cold air came in. It’s a completely different feel than a cool breeze from outdoors. It actually makes the hair on your neck and arms stand up and the eerie feeling that comes with it is unmistakable. We stayed for the show with no further incidents, but I am now a true believer.

    • My Aunt and Uncle owned the Holly Hotel for many years. They operated it as a boarding house, bar, package liquor store, pool hall and restaurant, serving hamburgers and pizza. They lived on the second floor in a large apartment. It always smelled like cigars, everywhere We had the run of the place. We had experiences down in the cellar/basement where we played on our Uncles old /illegal slot machines and often times when we ran up and down the large staircases. We just got use to the fact that our balls would be moved around on the old pool tales or “someone” would brush past us on the stairs. We would say things like “hey, leave my #3 ball alone.” or “you’re in my way,” while on the stairs. Nothing too frightening ever happened. As an older adult we had a lunch at the Holly Hotel after our Aunt died. 5 years ago. We, again, went all over the building and the only place I felt some presence was in the lady’s bathroom.

  4. Last New Year’s Eve, I had dinner here. It was very nice. The food was very good. At one point during our meal, my date and I both heard what sounded like screaming. Not the funny kind of screaming but that of someone burning alive or something. Our waiter acted like he had heard it too but pretended that it was nothing. My date and I both thought the bathrooms were an eerie experience. We didn’t see anything this time around but I would love to go back. Very nice place.

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