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Auto magnate John Dodge’s former weekend retreat in Oakland University’s Meadow Brook Estate is rumored to have a ghost. Suspects include Dodge himself, who died in 1920, and his daughter, Anna Margaret, who died of measles at age 4. Witnesses have described the sounds of footsteps and disembodied voices as well as the eerie sensation of being watched by something invisible. Guided tours of the residence are available.

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Off Golf View Ln
Rochester, MI 48309
United States

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42.672984992192085, -83.1947194933673
Oakland County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Auburn Hills, MI (2.2 mi.)
Rochester Hills, MI (2.5 mi.)
Rochester, MI (3.1 mi.)
Troy, MI (5.2 mi.)
Pontiac, MI (5.4 mi.)
Lake Angelus, MI (6.4 mi.)
Bloomfield Hills, MI (6.7 mi.)
Sylvan Lake, MI (8.0 mi.)
Lake Orion, MI (8.0 mi.)
Shelby, MI (8.2 mi.)


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  1. I worked at Meadow Brook Hall as a security guard in college – I was the only one in the place for hours many evenings, never saw or heard anything. Most “footsteps” could be explained by the in-floor water pipe heating. Wanted to see or hear something, never happened.

  2. My boyfriend took my up to the mansion on evening. We walked around Danny’s cottage and found a little alcove of trees with some discarded items like a metal stove or something. We heard what we thought sounded like students from Oakland behind the trees. When we walked back to Danny’s cottage and closer to the Dollhouse, we heard what sounded like a horse whinny. As we approached the path to get back to campus, it got louder, even when we stopped, terrified in our tracks.

  3. I used to volunteer over at the Greenhouse and worked alone in there often. Once the manager came in and seemed surprised that I would work there alone, when I asked him why, he said that it was supposedly haunted by Tilly (Matilda) but she never bothered me any – probably because as soon as I walked in the door I felt oddly at peace…..working quietly with the plants, etc…..

  4. I just visited this today with my 3 year old daughter, when we got to the doll house I felt like someone was watching me from inside the house and I had a feeling like I would be imposing to look inside, I did and saw nothing my daughter wanted to look inside too and she said there was a little girl in there and that she would open the door so we can go inside and play.. She is 3 has no idea that this was a kids play house and didn’t know there was a little girl who died there. She then proceeded to tell me that the little girl liked to eat fudge and other treats that she has no idea what they are. She then pointed to the old horse stables and told me that was we’re the horses live and that a baby horse was lost and the mom horse was out looking for it, she also has no idea that it was a horse stable. But she was very worried about this lost horse! Very creepy!

    • Visited about 4 months ago. My husband myself and a friend. When we left we were so exhausted and went home and took a long nap. A stray cat I let in from the cold had been in my basement for a month. Decided to come up and visit. I filmed it and there were white orbits everywhere. In the video. What ever it was it followed us home from meadow brook. When we were there my husband had told me immediately do not touch anything.

  5. The John Dodge House is not Meadow Brook Hall which is where most of the above are referring to. The John Dodge House is a farmhouse on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan and functions as an administrative and faculty office building for the university. The Meadow Brook Hall estate was constructed by Matilda (John’s widow) and her husband Alfred Wilson between 1926 and 1929; long after the deaths of John Dodge 1920 and Anna Margaret 1924.

  6. I have visited the mansion often and will continue as i love how beautiful the grounds are. Often times I would take my young children with me as they would have events and tours that were kid friendly. One time in particular stands out and I recall the moment vividly. While on a guided tour, we were in the old parlor and out of no where my 3 year old daughter fell forward and landed forcefully on the ground. While it isn’t uncommon to be clumsy at this age, it is uncommon to abruptly fall forward out of nowhere with what appeared to be a force other than her. It was sudden and she wasn’t ready for the fall whereas normally she would be prepared for her unbalance and bend at the knee and catch herself. It was at that instant that it occurred to me that this place could possible be haunted. That evening I did some research to find that a little girl had passed away here. I found that quite interesting.

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