Haunted Places in Mercer County, Missouri

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Mercer County, Missouri. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Missouri.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Mercer County, Missouri.

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    Davis City Cemetery

    Davis City, Iowa

    20 miles from Mercer County, MO

    It is said that visitors to the cemetery may exoerience a sudden feeling of pressure as they enter. Shooting lights also have been reported streaming across the grounds very late at night.

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    Terre Haute Cemetery

    Decatur City, Iowa

    24.3 miles from Mercer County, MO

    The spirit of a little boy can be seen playing on the swingset behind a cabin adjacent to the cemetery. He may motion for you to follow him into the cemetery, where he is buried. Once at his grave, he disappears.

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    Tedrow Cemetery

    Kellerton, Iowa

    34 miles from Mercer County, MO

    Rumor has it that it is not actually the small cemetery, but the surrounding woods, that are haunted. Phenomena experienced here include glowing lights coming from the woods, shadowed apparitions, and the sounds of footsteps, moaning, and other strange noises.

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    Centerville Railroad Tracks

    Centerville, Iowa

    42.4 miles from Mercer County, MO

    Local legend sayd that if you park your car on these railroad tracks and shut it off, an unseen force will push you off the tracks. Reports say you can hear footsteps in the gravel while the spirits of children are pushing your car.

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    Stoneking Cemetery

    Russell, Iowa

    52.2 miles from Mercer County, MO

    There is a lot of mystery and talk surrounding this cemetery, a family plot near what was once the abandoned house. Some say there are dangerous trees in the back of the cemetery, and those who walked behind them would catch a glimpse of the Stone King sitting on his ...

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    New Virginia Cemetery - Beymer Cemetery

    New Virginia, Iowa

    52.9 miles from Mercer County, MO

    This is the gravesite of New Virginia's first settler. As legend has it, the gravestone has been replaced at some time over the years. Locals say an eerie glow will come from the stone at midnight, a protestation from the ghost, angry about the change.

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    Old Chapel - College Hall

    Indianola, Iowa

    65.1 miles from Mercer County, MO

    Legend has it that around the turn of the 20th century, a young man, distraught over a love affair, killed himself here. Then in the 1920s, a young woman did the same. Several more people are rumored to have met their ends in this hall, and folks say their spirits ...

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    St Boniface Cemetery

    Brunswick, Missouri

    71.9 miles from Mercer County, MO

    At St. Boniface Cemetery, there have been reports of unearthly figures walking over the grounds at night and disembodied voices.

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    Penguin Lady of Graham Hall

    Pella, Iowa

    75.6 miles from Mercer County, MO

    At Central College in Graham Hall, there is a locked room rumored to be inhabited by someone they've nicknamed the Penguin Lady. Residents there say if you place a sheet of paper under the door, it will be quickly sucked into the locked room. When the staff unlock the door, ...

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    Pink Rosebud Bed and Breakfast

    Plattsburg, Missouri

    75.7 miles from Mercer County, MO

    This 1878 bed and breakfast has always had a neighbourhood reputation as a 'haunted house', but it wasn't until recently that the current owners suspected that something otherworldly was going on at the inn. Paranormal activity reported at this location includes doors opening and closing of their own accord, ...

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    The Jesse James Farm

    Kearney, Missouri

    81.6 miles from Mercer County, MO

    The Jesse James Farm is where well-known outlaw Jesse James grew up, and it's rumored to be haunted. Jesse James’ parents moved there in 1842, and Jesse's and brother Frank's James Gang terrorized the West from 1860 to 1882, stealing an estimated $200,000. Jesse was killed in 1882 when Bob ...

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    Elms Hotel

    Excelsior Springs, Missouri

    82.7 miles from Mercer County, MO

    This 1912 hotel is noteworthy for many reasons. Harry S. Truman spent election night here in 1948. It was also once a training camp for boxer Jack Dempsey, and a summer camp for the 1948 New York Giants. But the hotel is also noted for its haunts, which provide ...