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The Jesse James Farm is where well-known outlaw Jesse James grew up, and it’s rumored to be haunted. Jesse James’ parents moved there in 1842, and Jesse’s and brother Frank’s James Gang terrorized the West from 1860 to 1882, stealing an estimated $200,000. Jesse was killed in 1882 when Bob Ford shot him in the back of the head. He was buried in the side yard but his remains were later moved to Mount Olivet Cemetery. Frank gave himself up, but there was not enough evidence to convict him, so he lived out his life at the farm, later charging visitors for tours. The farm is said to be haunted. Witnesses describe lights in the farmhouse, doors slamming, horse hooves stomping, whispered conversations and much more.

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21216 James Farm Road
Kearney, Missouri 64060
United States

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39.3924329, -94.32097700000003
Clay County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Kearney, MO (2.8 mi.)
Holt, MO (4.3 mi.)
Mosby, MO (5.5 mi.)
Excelsior Estates, MO (6.0 mi.)
Prathersville, MO (6.1 mi.)
Excelsior Springs, MO (6.3 mi.)
Homestead, MO (6.7 mi.)
Lawson, MO (7.0 mi.)
Crystal Lakes, MO (7.4 mi.)
Wood Heights, MO (9.2 mi.)

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  1. Definitely haunted! So much tragedy happened there. Jesse’s father was hung on the property for no good reason, His stepfather left to find gold, the Pinkerton’s raided the James Farm thinking that the James Gang was there & ended up throwing a bomb in the cabin, it rolled in the fireplace & exploded, killing Jesse & Frank’s little brother & wounding their mother, Zerelda, so badly that a good portion of her arm had to be amputated. Zerelda is said to NOT like it when people mess with things in the newer part of the farmhouse, a rocking chair will rock by its-self & if you turn a portrait of Jesse around to face the wall, she’ll turn it back around. I’ve seen this happen & we weren’t in the room, but in a built on office where we could see what was going on. Yes, you can hear “phantom horses” too.

  2. Twice during the last 15 years my neighbor & I have seen a bluish-white light about the size of a softball traveling in the trees & creek bed west of what I’m told was part the original farm or it’s border. Both times it traveled from east to west. Brush movements sounds were prevalent. Both times have been within an hour after sunset. The light was estimated to be hovering at what would have been about 8 – 15 feet above the creek bed. The light disappeared as quickly as it appeared. We have yet to find a reasonable explanation for what we saw.

  3. we visited the farm and when we reached the kitchen area i grabbed my husbands arm and felt the presence in the room, it was the youngest son he was crying and confused as to why he was hurting and screaming MOM MOM , all i could say to this little boy was im sorry this happened, your ok now, no more hurting or pain., right after that i had to go outside because i felt yes there are spirits in the house.i haven’t went back to the farm.

  4. We like like 3 minutes away from Jesse James farm on 178st in holt and this house is haunted as fuck. It’s bad sometimes I’ll have to leave my own house because the doors will slam shut or open and I’ll just be scared asf. Bro things are so scarry sometimes. My brothers motion light will come on and there will be a gust of wind, scratching on the walls. Scarry shit happens here

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