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Cave X is called this because it has 4 entrances that meet in the center, like an X. This cave is said to be haunted by two Cherokee lovers. It is said that warrior Huraken found this cave and its hidden vein of silver, but kept it a secret so that he could use it to make gifts for the chief’s daughter, Manuita. When Huraken didn’t come home after a battle, Manuita believed him dead and committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. But Huraken had only gone to the cave – he had decided to ask for Manuita’s hand in marriage and wanted to make her some gifts for the occasion. On his way home from the cave he came across Manuita’s body and hid it in the cave so he could watch over it. When the chief found out, he thought Huraken was to blame, and Huraken was sentenced to death. Huraken’s last request was to visit Manuita’s body one last time, but he never came out of the cave. Years later, inside the cave were found the bones of two bodies and some silver pieces. The caves and the legend have been written about in books.

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    Geographic Information

    Carter Caves Rd.
    Carter County, KY
    United States

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    38.3745427, -83.12239469999997
    Carter County, Kentucky
    Nearest Towns:
    Olive Hill, KY (5.9 mi.)
    Grayson, KY (9.9 mi.)
    Garrison, KY (16.2 mi.)
    Vanceburg, KY (18.8 mi.)
    Sandy Hook, KY (19.9 mi.)
    Greenup, KY (20.9 mi.)
    Morehead, KY (21.4 mi.)
    Wurtland, KY (22.2 mi.)
    Friendship, OH (22.4 mi.)
    Meads, KY (22.5 mi.)


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    1. felt as if we were being watched. kept looking behind to see if anyone was following us. made the skin on back of neck crawl. creepy

    2. I was there several years ago and saw the ghost of Manuita. I had not heard of the legend until recently when I told the story of seeing an Indian girl in the caves to one of my friends. She automatically got on the internet and look it up. I wondered for months what happened and how the girl got there. Now my mistery is solved. I’m so glad my friend found this article. I truly kept telling myself I didn’t see it and was afraid to tell anyone for fear they would think I was just plane crazy. Oh the caves are definately haunted.

    3. I am a former cave guide of Carter Caves State Resort Park. The tale of Manuita and Huraken is a fabrication used to drum up business. The tale is in two parts, half in x-cave and the other in saltpeter cave.

      I cannot say that the caves aren’t haunted, after spending 7 years taking groups through the caves, I can tell you most of the “haunted” stuff that happens can be attributed to aging electrical systems, the effects of cold humid air on those systems, sounds of water echoing, and the individual’s personal fear of the dark/tight spaces.

    4. We took a photo last week inside of the x cave and it shows a somewhat clear image of a woman standing in front of us. We knew nothing about this legend until we saw the photo and googled weather carter caves was haunted. The woman is in the left side of the picture. Fairly clear to make out

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