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Its room 129 and 127. Very light blue orbs about the size of a softball feeling of dread and hair stay raised up whole time in the rooms and I was scratched 3 finger nail scratches down my back that were not deep but very bright red and burned a little. I’m from here and never heard of it being haunted but I do know now.

(Submitted by Jason B)

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Geographic Information

1835 Winchester Avenue
Ashland, KY
United States

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38.477232, -82.63636629999996
Boyd County, Kentucky
Nearest Towns:
Ashland, KY (0.1 mi.)
Westwood, KY (1.9 mi.)
Coal Grove, OH (1.9 mi.)
Bellefonte, KY (3.1 mi.)
Ironville, KY (3.4 mi.)
Russell, KY (4.3 mi.)
Ironton, OH (4.8 mi.)
South Point, OH (4.9 mi.)
Catlettsburg, KY (5.4 mi.)
Flatwoods, KY (5.4 mi.)


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Comments (6)

  1. John Ester Suiter II  |  

    No investigation needs permission.
    I am John Ester Suiter II and know the truths behind ashland better than its leading people and know what it is About mason territory.
    33and a third right does not make you a mason.
    True masons dont do that.
    True masons work with concrete and block.
    The 33 and a third right brings far away friend sometimes criminals into thier bodies and are long snouted ones that they think are demons. They are not. They come from a fiery red planet that depleted because of criminals. The only power they recieve under the 33 and a third right is a more powerful punch. So mason territory has those faraway friends.
    Then your paranormal activity of lights in dwellings are ghost or faraway friends commendered by people with ouga boards that open doors but do not close them back. They should never have been made and should be taken from the market.
    Ashland knew who I wad when I moved there as John II.
    I saw the magazines with front cover say John II is moving to Ashland ky.
    I was talked about a hindred years ago and heavy bets placed on the casino tables in tunnels over who would win the battle between me and the devil they brought through portals.
    I won ashland welched!!!!
    Alira and geneva knew it all as two peas in a pod.
    John Ester Suiter my grandfather worked there on the railroad and was sent to hintington with promotion. He said just keep the children happy.
    I know what happened for a hundred years there through claravoyancy. When I come through I have all rights for what I do or you know what will happen. The shertiff was told a hundred years ago if one more gambling chip is found near the suiter property again he would bust the sherrif in the mouth. The pawn shop owner has one from John II.
    The Suiter property still remains with the two houses decayed to the ground with a big tree overturned. Now giess whats happening for what happened to the children.!!!!! Jesus will be back soon in the flesh I gave him the foemulated equation for the key of life. Talk to Tim childers I lived with him for a year studying.
    329 32nd street is the hotspot for what happened to John II and the town watched. Obama and John will have thier day in court.
    The Justice supreme court and lawyers have been notifief of the situation. Have a nice day.!!!!
    John II

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