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This 1920s rococo theater building is said to be one of the area’s most haunted places. Deaths that have occurred here include two electricians electrocuted in the basement, a maintenance man who died in the projection room, and a homeless man who froze to death below the stage area. Witnesses report shadows in the projection room and a ghostly Lady in Red who appears in the mezzanine ladies’ room or walking along the mezzanine level. She wears 1940s-style garb and red high heels.

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Geographic Information

925 4th Avenue
Huntington, West Virginia
United States

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38.420751, -82.44291599999997
Cabell County, West Virginia
Nearest Towns:
Huntington, WV (0.2 mi.)
Chesapeake, OH (0.9 mi.)
Proctorville, OH (3.7 mi.)
Burlington, OH (5.1 mi.)
Ceredo, WV (6.5 mi.)
Pea Ridge, WV (6.7 mi.)
Lavalette, WV (6.8 mi.)
Kenova, WV (7.5 mi.)
South Point, OH (7.8 mi.)
Barboursville, WV (8.1 mi.)


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  1. There is reportedly a tunnel beneath Fourth Avenue that connects the Keith Albee Theater with the Hotel Frederick on the opposite side of the street. I’ve heard many tales of odd experiences taking place in that subterranean passageway. It was originally utilized to get Vaudeville performers from the hotel to backstage, and then back to the hotel, without ever encountering members of the audience..

  2. When I was in 9 grade we went there for a school trip to watch a movie ,I was walking to the rest room there wAS a room full of mirrors I stood there for a sec and I felt some one push me in I look in to the mirror and I saw a lady in red but I turned around and she was not there

  3. Carolyn Paetow  |  

    Most people who have been to the ladies’ restroom feel a presence on the section of stairs approaching the second landing. I always did, even before I ever read anything about other people doing so. It’s an eerie sensation that goes away as I reach the landing. The actual toilet area, with its slight echoes and creaky, slowly closing stall doors, isn’t spooky at all to me. One of my friends refuses to go to the restroom here.

  4. My name is Courtney Lemon but it may show as Brian Knight. As a child, I never knew anything of the paranormal activity there that I know of now. I wouldn’t mind going to the bathrooms but going back up the stairs was what scared me. I would walk approaching the stairs to go back up but as soon as I got to the middle of the 1st set of steps, I would start running as fast as I could. I ALWAYS felt something was behind me even if there was no one else down there. I would keep looking back while trying not to fall up the stairs.

  5. According to the maitinennce man who had been there for years and knows the place better than anyone else there is no paranormal activity there. He says he’s been there all hours of the night by himself and never had the slightest feeling or seen anything odd.

  6. There is defineatly a presence in the ladies restroom. I’m very sensitive to spirits. I know some don’t believe and that is ok, Keith Albee is most definitely haunted!

  7. Ive heard many stories of this place being haunted. Ive also heard stories about the “secret” tunnel. I was told that the tunnel also contains a right fork that directs you towards the riverfront. This was supposedly used by the actors and/or performers to travel away by boat in the old days. Very interesting…

  8. I’ve always thought the ladies room was haunted. It feels very spooky in there. My dad has worked next door to the Keith Albee for more than 40 years. The tunnels do exist. They do go to the Frederick and also to the river. He knows people that have experienced some strange things in the basement. The last time I was down there, I remember being freaked out because of all the old theater props that were stored down there.

  9. I used to frequent the theater every weekend when I was a teenager about 25 years ago. The ladies posting here are so dead on. The women’s restroom is terrifying, especially the little room off to the site that housed the phone booths. I’ve seen shadows in that section. When you washed your hands in the sink if you glance up into the mirror it’s as though you’d catch a glimpse of something but only for a split second.

    I, too, used to take off running up the stairs when I’d near that landing. There was just an overwhelming feeling that someone was coming right up behind you and it did not feel friendly! I’d definitely love to go back sometime or even rent it out for an evening and do some exploring with friends!

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