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According to local legend, some high school students played a joke on one of their friends here, locking him in the park restroom. The restroom caught fire, and the teen died. Screams are said to come at night from the place where the restroom is; however, the building is no longer open as a restroom. Some park visitors say they have felt as if they were being chased by the teen’s spirit.

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Geographic Information

11551 Madison St
Thornton, CO 80233
United States

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39.907451974378, -104.95062882454022
Adams County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Northglenn, CO (2.5 mi.)
Thornton, CO (2.9 mi.)
Federal Heights, CO (4.6 mi.)
Welby, CO (4.9 mi.)
Derby, CO (5.0 mi.)
Sherrelwood, CO (5.5 mi.)
Todd Creek, CO (6.4 mi.)
Twin Lakes, CO (6.4 mi.)
Westminster, CO (6.7 mi.)
Commerce City, CO (6.9 mi.)


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  1. There was actually a very similar incident that happened in 2007 again in the same restrooms, because before then the burnt restrooms were closed but not locked. Another tragic accident occurred there in the parking lot, too. Two small children were ran over and killed while riding in their go cart at sundown. I have lived at the corner of Garfield and Madison,across the street from the park for 8 years.

    • Do you have any proof of the claims of these deaths? Any type of news artical anything. I have lived near this location since 1979 and a very good friend of mine lived right acroos the street in the cul de sac. and have never heard of any of these deaths nor can I find any reference to these instantes ever actually happening.

    • Miguel Quiñónez  |  

      Some friends and I went to go see if it was true and we were trying to hear something or see something and when we kick the door of the restrooms like 10 seconds later my friend said do something pussy and the door started to shake like if someone was trying to get out and so we thought someone was in there like a homeless person or something but there was no why anybody could get in there it was welded shut so I still think about this and I just get the chills thinking about it

  2. I’ve been to this park and i have witnessed a girl chasing me.I thought she was dead but then i relized that it was my cousin was chasing me cause i forgot i was babysitting her that night.

  3. Alicia soliday  |  

    I have heard voices with my friend when everyone was completely quiet and I told them and we looked around and there was no one there at all except us at the time. The voices were like screams of a teenage boy and they also said “go away it’s not good to be here” it scared the crap out of us.

  4. I live right next to that park and I have felt like I was chased before along with some very weird experiences Ive herd of this legend before and I entirely belive it as I know everyone that hangs out there Along with myself have all had very strange experiences

  5. As someone who lives pretty much in this park the lengend here is completely wrong a 30 year old man took his own life by lighting himself on fire in here since its a concrete building it still stands the restrooms currently have a pentagram on the roof and is being used as stoarge, they actually just bulit new bathrroms that they keep locked because they are afraid another person will repeat the past but the park is absolutly haunted thou I refuse to walk it alone at night

  6. I have lived on Woodglen Bvd. right at the end of the park on Madison for 12 yrs. Every now and then you can hear some one screaming about 0230-0300 in the am. Very loud. A few times i thought may be some one was being hurt so we called to police. They come drive though never anything. Needless to say, we never call any more. My neighbors say they hear it to.

  7. jeffreydavidupton@yahoo.com  |  

    My father was working a job not 100ft away from that location in 1980. And while repairing a motor issue on his dump truck. It backfired. Setting him on fire. He suffered 3rd degree burns and died 3wks later.

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