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The building was apartments in the 1970s, and during that time, a 17-year-old runaway girl and her friend allegedly were murdered here. Footsteps have been heard, and the apparition of a 1920s-era flapper girl also has been seen here.

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2555 W 37th Ave
Denver, CO 80211
United States

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39.768381, -105.01876300000004
Denver County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Mountain View, CO (2.0 mi.)
Lakeside, CO (2.1 mi.)
Lakeside, CO (2.3 mi.)
Berkley, CO (2.5 mi.)
Edgewater, CO (2.6 mi.)
Denver, CO (2.7 mi.)
Wheat Ridge, CO (3.1 mi.)
North Washington, CO (3.4 mi.)
Twin Lakes, CO (4.0 mi.)
Arvada, CO (4.4 mi.)

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  1. I stayed there last night with my boyfriend and our two dogs. I was up all night because someone was walking around all night in our room, on the sleeping bag laid out for the dogs. The dogs weren’t moving, something else was. The dogs were aware of it, most definitely, their behavior was odd. The light from the cable box shining blue into the room kept flickering slowly, then quickly, then stopped, followed by a creak in the wood floor. I also heard something being set down on the windowsill. In the morning I saw that my Christmas brooch I’d worn yesterday had moved. I don’t even believe in this type of thing but after last night I do and am still freaked out.

  2. A few years ago my friend and I were just killing time. We went to the Lumber Baron Inn but no one was there. We were looking to maybe get a tour. We walked around the grounds and took a picture through a window of a ridiculously oversized chair. When we later looked at the photos on our phones, mine showed nothing, and hers had a hazy image of a man looking through a doorway in what appeared to be a plaid flannel shirt and jeans.

  3. Brenda Carrasco  |  

    I grew up a few blocks from here. When we were little, this was the local “haunted house”. It was after the girls were killed, in the 70’s it sat vacant and boarded up. When we were little, we’d dare each other to knock on the door, then we’d run. One time, we heard a girls screams, but they were far, far away sounding from within the house. In Jr high, it’d be the house to go inside to party or whatnot.
    We saw shadow people. Numerous.
    A hallway stairwell we’d hear steps, and when someone should’ve appeared at the landing, nothing or nobody would be there.
    Pig snorting we’d hear. Once we heard a disembodied voice tell us, he’s here, be quiet, followed by a piercing scream. Once we dared our friend to go by the room one was killed in, a ball came bouncing out of the room.
    We used to love going here to get scared and see ghosts, this was in the 70’s before ghost hunter type shows. Just kids playing at our local haunted house.
    Ohh, wind. When we’d go on the top floor, it’d be dead pigeons and alot of bird poop, and the wind would cone in like howls. I grew up on Clay St, just a block over.
    These girls murders are still unsolved. It’s sad, they’re obviously lost there, but I didn’t know or understand that sort of thing when I was little.
    I also went to high school with Walter, they guy that bought it and fixed it up, great guy!
    – Brenda C

  4. The Valentine Suite is the room the 2 girls, Cara Lee Knoche and Marianne Weaver were murdered. The whole story and cold case file are here:

    People and the owner have described seeing / feeling a presence outside the door of the Valentine suite and inside as well. The rape and double murder happened the night of Oct. 11 1970. This Wed Oct. 11 will be the 47th anniversary of the unsolved crime. Here is the room:

    RIP Cara Lee and Marianne

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