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The historic Wolfe Manor, later known as Clovis Avenue Sanitarium, was built as a private residence in 1922. In 1935 it became the Hazelwood Sanitarium for treating those with terminal illnesses such as tuberculosis. In 1942 it became Clovis Avenue Sanitarium, treating those with mental illness, and there, reports say, conditions were terribly bad. It closed down shortly thereafter. Around 2000, the site was purchased reportedly to make a Halloween attraction, but the obvious presence of something eerie in the house was a bit of a hindrance. The site has been investigated by paranormal groups and TV shows, which have captured ghostly voices, footsteps, and photographs of the activity. It is said to be open by appointment for tours, and has been featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters.

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    Near 2674 Clovis Avenue
    Clovis, CA
    United States

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    36.80301357696609, -119.70064051230315
    Fresno County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Tarpey Village, CA (0.7 mi.)
    Clovis, CA (1.5 mi.)
    Sunnyside, CA (3.7 mi.)
    Fresno, CA (5.5 mi.)
    Calwa, CA (7.1 mi.)
    Malaga, CA (8.5 mi.)
    Rolling Hills, CA (8.8 mi.)
    Sanger, CA (10.4 mi.)
    West Park, CA (10.5 mi.)
    Del Rey, CA (11.6 mi.)

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    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. Well a few years ago at Wolfe Manor In Clovis me and a few friends thought it would be cool to go see this place thafriends do called haunted. One of my friends dared me to go and look inside the house. So I went to the front door. Touched the know and looked in the window, as I started to turn away I saw tall man move quickly into the next room. But not being sure if I really saw anything I shook it off.. As I passed by the front door to get back to my friends it opened to a jaw… me being miss brave and all yelled at my friends that the door was open and I wanted to poke my head inside. So I opened the door and yelled “hello!!” No one said anything so I laughed off my odd feelings of the place and, once again miss brave, yelled at my friends in a sarcastic tone “oh look I’m going inside!” As I stepped inside I had this freezing chill come over me, and since it was the middle of summer I though it was sort of odd. Then as I got a little bit more inside the front door behind me slated shut and I heard a loud yell “get out!” terrified I ran to the door that wouldn’t open… and started screaming my friend Jeff Finally helped me get it open and right as I was leaving I felt a hard tug on my shirt then what felt as a punch in the back. This punch left a mark the size of apple on my back and the tug I felt on my shirt left a mark on my neck!
      Every time I pass by this place I drive faster I hate it there. Never will I go again!

    2. No longer open for tours, even by appointment, is my understanding. City Fathers gave Mr. Wolfe a lot of grief about it and stopped the tours for the most part, They weren’t happy – a “haunted house” didn’t fit in with their planning, and I don’t think they were happy about how silly “Ghost Hunters” made them look about responding to calls from a disconnected and removed phone……. Quite a long while back now I tried to arrange a tour and was told they weren’t allowed to do any more until further notice.

      • I have studied literature about haunted buildings and it is not the building that is haunted most of the time, it is the land. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that Clovis tore it down, the land is probably still haunted and whatever they build there will be as well.

        • Actually, its mostly the building itself, due to major events and history regarding a place, it’s mostly the building, sorry to say it, but you’re wrong

        • I walked my dog after it was torn down in the early am hours and he didn’t like to be there hus hair stood up etc. We walked towards back if lot and I had my video and recorder in and when I got home there was all types of growling etc on it I was blown away. There’s also a lady that after I said lots of torture here she said plain as day yes lots of torture!!! The growling was scary and loud my dog stood there looking at something and he didn’t like it there at all.

    3. This happened on a visit in 2012. We were standing behind the fence surrounding Wolfe Manor looking at it and this happened to my sister. I was standing next to her. She had her hands on her camera taking pictures of it so there is no way she did it to herself. Been a paranormal investigator for many years and this was the first time I experienced something like this with no explanation. Its sad that it was torn down.

    4. These people have no clue to what they are doing or what they might be dealing with being there. Just because they have these fancy devices, they believe they can contact these so called ghosts. What is worse is that they actually believe that whatever is in there it’s going to communicate with them on a friendly to friendly basis. FOOLS! If indeed there is SOMETHING in this place, trust and believe that it is not friendly at all. Evil entities from Hell are nothing but pure evil

    5. The demolishing of the Wolfe manner is a sad one, in 7 more years it would have been 100 years old. Shame on the City of Clovis. Another point, my mother was an L.V.N. and worked there close make to the time it was shut down. There was an investigation going on about the treatment of some of the patients. She also told me a story about the ghost Mary and how she kept her room clean. After dark she would not go upstairs to the faculty break room because she felt something was in there with her, so she would get her soda and snacks while it was still daylight.

    6. The manor has been torn down. Todd sold the other buildings before the main house was destroyed. Much of the “history” that was on the website “Scream if you can” was fabricated by Wolfe…
      Sorry, even though the place was actually haunted it is gone now.

    7. Im so sad about this place being torn down and I actually despise clovis now. We shouldnt have to adhere to their standards of beauty. The mansion was amazing and i am appalled that they only tore it down because of “it being an eyesore” people will tell you its because it wasnt up to code but that is a lie. It was actually fine. Its because of people like this that the economy is awful, there goes their ONLY tourist attraction. Have fun getting money for your shit common core.

    8. Actually, there’s more to it then being an eyesore. I spoke with a few people who had ties to this place. Apparently, the City had a difficult time keeping people out of the place. There had been several break-ins, and the City was concerned about a lawsuit. I stopped there one day out of curiosity when I saw there were people working inside. I also spoke with Todd before it was demolished. He said that he wanted to make it a B&B, but frankly, there was too much risk of someone getting hurt by these entities. His plans were not going to be realized, and he was lamenting. Frankly, I think a portal was opened and this place was dangerous. Too many people have reported some very scary things over the years for it not to be true about its haunting. I hated to see it torn down, as it was a really neat old place, but I do understand the Cities point of view.

    9. I never went to the Wolf Manor but I watched the video and there seems to be alot of ghosts. my friend Chaz watched a video of a video of a man getting attacked by a ghost he got pulled inside the house.

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