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Originally called the Nixon Building, the 1927 building is said to be a hot spot for paranormal activity. Witnesses have had a feeling of being watched, seen shadow figures and heard unexplained noises in their offices here, in the early mornings or late at night. The elevators are said to stop at floors without reason, and doors and doorknobs move on their own.

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606 N. Carancahua
Corpus Christi, TX 78476
United States

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27.795711, -97.39689599999997
Nueces County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Corpus Christi, TX (0.3 mi.)
Doyle, TX (7.1 mi.)
Portland, TX (7.2 mi.)
Ingleside On-the-Bay, TX (10.9 mi.)
Gregory, TX (10.9 mi.)
Taft Southwest (historical), TX (12.3 mi.)
Taft, TX (12.7 mi.)
Ingleside, TX (12.7 mi.)
Tierra Grande, TX (13.4 mi.)
Odem, TX (15.6 mi.)

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  1. I am a paranormal investigator my crew and I were thinking about investigating that place we just need to find out where we need to go to ask permission to enter The theater we are called R.D.A.A Paranormal Investigators Unleashed. If we catch anything or any kind of footage I would definitely write back on here to let all of y’all know about our investigation.

    • los guardas que trabajan en las noches en ese edificio le pueden muchos testimonios de ese edificio, es muy cierto de lo de los ascensores y de todo lo que dicen que se escuha en ese edificio yo vive varios meses en ese edificio

    • los guardas que trabajan en las noches en ese edificio le pueden muchos testimonios de ese edificio, es muy cierto de lo de los ascensores y de todo lo que se habla de lo que se ve y escuha alli

    • Jackie Hale is who you would speak with the manager for the prop, I highly doubt she will allow any investigation of the prop. they dont like us talking about the unseen friends of the wilson plaza,

  2. Es falso yo trabaje mas de tres meses, desde las 16:00 horas a las 6:00 del día siguiente y nunca escuche ni vi nada, lo que pasa es que las personas creen escuchar y ver algo por la sencilla razón de que en muchas ocasiones las personas que usan los ascensores marcan el numero del piso de manera errónea o alguno llaman el ascensor de algún otro piso y esa es la razón que se piensan que trabajan sin razón alguna y al respecto de los ruidos de las oficinas, esto se debe a la buena calidad de aire acondicionado con que cuenta este edificio y al usted abrir la puerta de alguna oficina y dejarla entre abierta y cerrada con el mismo aire acondicionado hace que las puertas o se cierren o se abran, les garantizo que solo son alusiones de personas que solo con escuchar el ruido del ascensor o ciertos comentarios hablan cosas que se imaginan, este es un edificio histórico, modernizado, que cuenta con la tecnología de cualquier edificio moderno, es muy seguro, adapta las oficinas de acuerdo a las necesidades del arrendatario, es muy cómodo en todo sentido ya que cuenta con un personal cien por ciento disponible y especializado para solucionar cualquier avería o acondicionar de acuerdo a las necesidades las oficinas que renta a los inquilinos en el edificio al momento de cualquier requerimiento. Espero les sirva este testimonio a personas que solo imaginan cosas o supersticiones.

  3. I worked in the Wilson Tower from 1976 until 1979, and was in the building quite a bit at night and on weekends. The stories you have heard are true. The elevators sometimes stop on dark floors when I knew that I was the only person in the building, and you could hear doors opening and closing when there was no one around. I even heard someone stapling papers one evening when I was in the office by myself.

  4. Mt brother and I did some remodeling on the building. One of the things that happened to us was we would hear doors slamming when we were the only ones in the building at night.One night, we heard a man screaming, we went downstairs to see if someone had entered the building and no one was there.We continued working and we both got a strong sense of someone or something watching us. There were a few cold spots in the building (and it wasn’t due to air conditioning because we were repairing the ac unit and thermostats). There were times that our tools were moved from one floor to the next. We would leave some of our tools in one of the rooms and lock the room. We did this because there were too many tools to carry. When we arrived the next evening, the tools were found in a closet on the next floor. I asked management if they moved our tools and they denied it. Regardless, this place is certainly a place to check out.

  5. William McGuire Jr  |  

    I am a security guard at Wilson Plaza. I saw a magnetically locked door unlock and open while I was doing my rounds of the East Building basement. It cannot do this. You have to hit the exit button from inside the building.

  6. I work in that building and had heard a male voice early one morning. It was Yelling words I could not make out. I thought it was someone in our office. Turns out I was alone and no one else was on the entire floor. We decided to investigate a few months later. We did see something on video. Sitting at our conference table. It interacted with us for at least half an hour. Some day I’ll upload the video. We’ve never showed anyone. The interaction was scary at first. But once we settled into the Q and A, everyone witnessing was at ease.

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