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Known as the Blue Ghost, the USS Lexington is rumored to be haunted by an engine room operator who was killed in battle and several crew members who were killed in a WWII attack. Besides apparitions, witnesses have heard doors slam, seen lights go off on their own, and felt cold spots.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    2914 North Shoreline Boulevard
    Corpus Christi, TX 78402
    United States

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    27.815072634722387, -97.38873982438236
    Nueces County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Corpus Christi, TX (1.1 mi.)
    Doyle, TX (5.7 mi.)
    Portland, TX (5.8 mi.)
    Gregory, TX (9.5 mi.)
    Ingleside On-the-Bay, TX (10.2 mi.)
    Taft Southwest (historical), TX (11.0 mi.)
    Taft, TX (11.3 mi.)
    Ingleside, TX (11.7 mi.)
    Tradewinds, TX (14.4 mi.)
    Tierra Grande, TX (14.5 mi.)

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    1. I am a paranormal investigator my crew and I were thinking about investigating that place we just need to find out where we need to go to ask permission to enter The theater we are called R.D.A.A Paranormal Investigators Unleashed. If we catch anything or any kind of footage I would definitely write back on here to let all of y’all know about our investigation.


      NO WAY! let’s get over this. carriers are huge. even the old ones. i was on this one when it was still active in the summer of 1980 in pensacola, florida. been on it a few more times in porpus crispi. ships are known to creak and groan from time to time. many reasons for that. GET A GRIP! i’ve stood watch on mothballed vessels in philadelphia at the naval station down at the end of broad street. nothing creepy about them.

      • I work on the Lex, as a tour guide and live aboard counselor. Being a live aboard crew member, I spend the night on the ship. I can honestly say that the ship is haunted. Much like you, our former senior live aboard coordinator (who left Firday to work as a JROTC advisor) believed that the ship creaked and groaned (as he was a senior chief in the navy, and on many ships). One night he heard banging on his door (live aboard staff quarters are located in the CPO lounge which is located on the stern of the ship). So he locked the door, shortly after it happened again to him. This caused him to move to a mid ships in the ops officer quarters. Last night, me and another Liveaboard staff member we’re making sounds for ghost stories in the radio room (O2 Level, directly above hangar bay 2, frame 95), we dropped the hatch to make the noise, when about 5 seconds later we saw the switch on a portable fan right next to us turn off. It is up to you if you believe it or not, but you won’t find a crew member aboard the ship that has not had at least one experience (I have had 4).

    3. I have personally seen the ghost of the Lexington. My wife and I were in the mission briefing room when I accidentally knocked over a chair, a man wearing and old style WWII sailors uniform peeked around the corner then disappeared again about as fast as he appeared. I looked around the corner to ask him a question and to much of my surprise, there was no one there.

    4. christopher autin  |  

      I went and visited the Lexington and when I went in the lower kitchen area it smelled like food was being made and I walked to the other side I couldn’t smell it anymore and also I followed the arrows and I started feeling shortness of air and like I was being followed and had cold chills

    5. I live in Corpus and my family and I went to visit the Lexington several times. Three years ago, we went during the summer. It was very hot that day and we were below deck climbing the stairs to go back to the top. My 5 year old son was asking me if we could get something to drink. I told him we need to ask someone to show us where the concession stand was. My son turned to me and said,”ask that man right there dad.” My wife and I turned to see who he was talking about, we saw a man in a blue sailor uniform float across the floor real quick like and disappear into the wall. He was in a “No access” area that they had roped off. My wife and I looked at each other, I said,” alrighty then.”We then continued walking to the concession stand. I told the old man who works the flight simulator about what we just saw. He just smiled and didn’t say anything.Believe what you want, I know what I saw.

    6. I visited the Lexington in February 2012. I remember there were not many people touring because it was so cold. I was alone when I walked into the kitchen area and heard pots banging as if someone was cooking. It sounded like metal against metal. My boyfriend was with me but in the other room and he did not hear anything.

    7. Today was my second time visiting the Lexington! My first time was around June 2015, I absolutely love this ship and very fascinated with all the history. My first time there , not remembering what part it was As I walked in a certain spot I got very light headed and dizzy. Felt like I was gonna faint too. I’ve never experienced ghostly encounters, but that was my only experience. I’d love and wouldn’t mind going back again to stay the night when they do the haunted tour in October!(:

    8. Darian Claybourn  |  

      Well, I have lived here my whole life and have never visited the Lexington. But I have seen a few weird things driving over the harbor bridge from time to time. Example, if it’s nightie, there is always a man standing where the six is, it looks as if he is waving hello.

    9. When the Lexington first opened in Corpus, around 1993, I visited and saw some guys dressed in World War II uniforms in the flight control bridge. The weren’t talking, but were acting as if they were reading instruments or doing some kind of navigating. There was an old man there with me who saw the same thing and acted all weird and said, “I salute you sirs!” The two reenactment soldiers looked at the old man, nodded, and went on pretending to look over their instruments. I thought that was weird, like this man needed to calm down a bit, but I really thought the guys in uniform were a neat idea. I walked around and looked at planes, and then thought I would have another look at the reenactment guys. They were gone already. How disappointing. Years later, I read that there are ghosts on the Lexington and those guys in uniform were probably ghosts. It didn’t feel scary, but I probably saw ghosts that day, or a hoax, and the man behind me must have thought he saw ghosts. But it just looked like real people wearing World War II naval uniforms.

    10. In my life, this place ranks as the most likely to haunted place I have ever visited. I spent the night on the ship because I was a cub scout den mother and my cubs were on a sleepover field trip aboard.
      Maybe it’s because the sleeping quarters had bunks that were the size of a coffin, literally a slot in the wall. Maybe it was because they have mannequins all over, in stairwells, even places it doesn’t make sense, maybe it’s the the whole place has the feel and smell of a basement, maybe that it’s a bit claustrophic anywhere aboard besides the hanger-y areas, or maybe it’s because the bathrooms would an exceptional set to be used in any horror movie, and maybe it’s because so many people have died here. Who knows? But scary place to spend a night. NO KIDDING.

    11. Years ago we slept there over night due to our boys scout group. I slept with the ladies and my son with the men. It was dark and we only had the red spot light which I can’t remember what it said on it since it was so long ago. Anyway, as we are sleeping, we are awaken by money being dropped into our area. Since we didn’t see anything only heard it, we thought it would be the men trying to scare us. The next morning, we go meet together and have a final meeting. At that time, we asked the guys that they didn’t scared us at all. Their answer was that it wasn’t them. So, if it was or wasn’t them, we were out of there and our leader just threw away the pennies into the water.

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