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My family has been restoring the old Wildermuth mansion for the last 18 years now, have had lots of interesting things happen there and sightings too. Hhave seen animals several times in the house as well as seeing Mothman twice flying over the house! Yes twice!

In the process of putting house on National Register of Historic Places and PBS is doing a documentary showcasing the mansion in a 9 Emmy award winning doc called “Our Town.”

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

320 Condor St
Pomeroy Ohio 45769
United States

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39.031170254462346, -82.01909293238714
Meigs County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Pomeroy, OH (0.8 mi.)
Mason, WV (0.8 mi.)
Hartford City, WV (2.5 mi.)
Middleport, OH (2.6 mi.)
Syracuse, OH (3.4 mi.)
New Haven, WV (3.9 mi.)
Rutland, OH (6.1 mi.)
Racine, OH (7.0 mi.)
Cheshire, OH (7.8 mi.)
Tuppers Plains, OH (13.3 mi.)


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    • My name is Robert Seyfried and Gottlieb Wildermuth was my Grandfather. My dad’s father married the daughter of of Gottlieb, Sarah Wildermuth. They were all gone by the time I was born in Sacramento, CA. I’ve never been to Pomeroy, but have a pretty good knowledge of Seyfried / Wildermuth history. My email is rlseyfried@gmail.com in case anyone picks this up and would like to correspond. Bob Seyfried

  1. 300 sand street has a child’s grave stone in the back yard. The child’s name is Isaac and me and my sisters heard noises in the house and a couple times I thought I saw ghosts and always felt uneasy. Our friend had really bad dreams there of a girl

  2. When I was small my grandparents owned this house. I’m fairly certain it was haunted it then. I’ll give you accounts that I heard from my uncles and grandfather and also my own experience. One uncle was sleeping on the couch in the living room and woke up to someone holding a pillow over his face. Another uncle was upstairs on the 2nd floor in bed, he felt th covers being pulled off of him. He pulled them back up and they went back down on their own. My grandpa had a friend they called whitey, he would play this game where he would hold the door knob on one side so you couldn’t turn it. Whitey told grandpa when he died he would somehow let him know, so sometimes you could try to go through a door and couldn’t turn the knob, this could have been the door sticking but grandpa didn’t think so because he would say ok whitey, I know it’s you and then he could turn the knob.
    I would see a small girl on the 2nd floor at the end of the hall near the back door. She would dart into the small bedroom across from the bathroom. The third floor was always creepy but most creepy was the bedroom on the left as you go up the stairs. My grandpas new wife’s son chose that as his room…..weirdo! When my grandma was alive she would go down in the basement to do the laundry….that’s the only time I would go down there because I once saw a man down there with brown pants, suspenders and a hat. He looked like he was from around the late 1800s or early 1900s.
    Despite the haunting a my dad bought the place from my grandpa and rented it out for a few years then sold it to my aunt who I then think sold it to the current family. I would love to have it back in our family. Is it for sale? I would love to buy it!

  3. i lived on the end of condor on the corner of spring ave and condor. i lived there until the house burnt down when i was 14. yes this house is for sale. the whole road was weird

  4. I often see a young child (spirit) riding a tricycle in front of this house. Sometimes I seen her riding it down by that building that burnt down near the Pomeroy Police Dept. I haven’t seen her down there since the fire. It’s been about a month since the fire. I think she’s connected to this house. That is where I see her most often.

  5. I’m curious if it’s being sold because A) it’s so haunted. Or B) because it needs so much work, it’s not worth it. The price has been doubled as well. Maybe the current owner will respond?

  6. I love old houses I would love to go though a haunted house as this one. But I just asking if I could it has always been a dream I have always wanted to do .just to see what it would really feel like being in a place as this.

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