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Opened in the early 1900s, the historic hotel is believed to be haunted by many ghosts. The most well known may be the apparition of a beautiful and disheveled young woman seen dancing on the mezzanine between floors 1 and 2. There are also rumored to be many other ghosts here, including the ghost of a toddler riding a tricycle on the second floor, the ghosts of a maid and a sea captain on the third floor, and a phantom string quartet that can be heard in the fourth-floor ballroom.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    401 Main St
    Point Pleasant, WV 25550
    United States

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    38.842766, -82.13882699999999
    Mason County, West Virginia
    Nearest Towns:
    Point Pleasant, WV (0.2 mi.)
    Kanauga, OH (0.4 mi.)
    Henderson, WV (0.6 mi.)
    Gallipolis, OH (4.1 mi.)
    Gallipolis Ferry, WV (5.9 mi.)
    Cheshire, OH (7.2 mi.)
    Leon, WV (11.5 mi.)
    Middleport, OH (12.0 mi.)
    Apple Grove, WV (12.4 mi.)
    Rio Grande, OH (13.2 mi.)

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    1. My sister and I went last year. We decided to go on Halloween. We had been the previous year and picked up voices on a tape recorder. The last time, we picked up noises but nothing legible. We took many pictures. Once we got home and was looking at them we realized we had a picture of a ghost. It was in the reflection on the mirror in the dining area. It seems when you’re not trying, you get something. A very cool place to visit.

    2. My husband, children and I stayed a night at the Lowe recently. While our two teenaged kids were watching TV in our room on the second floor, my husband and I decided to walk upstairs and see the upper floors. The hotel was quiet, and we went up the staircase nearest our room – it was probably about 8:30 or 9:00. When we got to the top of the stairs, at the far end of the hall we heard a sound like a door opening. We stopped and looked in that direction. I saw a door at the far end of the hall that looked like it was moving a little, as the light reflected on the door changed position some, but that is all I saw. We went back downstairs to our room and had an uneventful night. The next day we were talking, and my husband said that he saw a women in a red dress open the door and look at him – he waved at her, she waved back and closed the door to her room. I saw absolutely nothing, other than some slight motion on the door. He maintains that it would be impossible for me to miss seeing her. He said he was a little worried that the woman would think we were rude for staring and so he waved (he was positioned behind me at the top of the stairs as I had gone up first, and I did not see him wave). He said the woman looked absolutely real and was shocked that I was unable to see her, and I was just as shocked by his report of his encounter as well. We were both amazed by out completely different perceptions. He thinks maybe he saw a ghost. I think maybe I really need new glasses. Either way, the Lowe is a lovely old hotel that lovers of history will greatly appreciate.

    3. I recently visited point pleasant and my friends and I walked around the outside of the hotel and took pictures. Didn’t see any ghosts, but I definit felt a vibe coming from the hotel and would love to stay there some time.

    4. Explored around the outside of the hotel, and felt a certain vibe. Would love to stay there sometime.
      (This pic has been doctored for fun).

    5. My family and I were in Point Pleasant for a family reunion a while back, maybe close to 10 years ago, but our short walk through the Lowe Hotel has stayed with me since!

      Having grandparents that grew up in this town, I’ve always been intrigued by the Mothman stories and general old-fashioned, old-timey feeling this place gives off. While visiting, my dad, my sisters and a cousin were taking some time to explore the area. We walked into the Lowe Hotel and wandered around the lobby for a bit and made our way upstairs. On the first level, I remember just looking around and thinking it looked like a pretty average old hotel, plain hallways, all the doors closed… Down one hallway, there was a second set of stairs leading up to a third floor. There was a little girl, about 7 or 8 maybe, sitting on the stairs. She was wearing a white dress and had brown hair. As we walked passed thinking nothing of her really and that she was just another hotel guest, she spoke up saying “This is my hotel.” I remember sharing glances with my dad and sisters and cousin. We were just kind of like, “Okay… neat!” then continued on our way around the hotel.

      Later, we were in the hotel lobby again looking at a bunch of old photographs on the walls. My dad, who has never shown any interest in paranormal, called us over suddenly to one of the photos. He swears the little girl in one of the photos was the one we saw. It was a black and white photo, but she did in fact have on a white dress and dark hair. I remember my dad just kind of quiet and with an almost nervous smile, as if not really wanting to believe it, but finding it hard not to – we all saw her probably less than 10 minutes earlier! We all agreed and left the hotel, sharing the story with the rest of our family later. Overall, just a cool, strange experience!

    6. Stayed here 3 times now. The first time my husband and I stayed on the 2nd floor in aroom that just felt dark. Neither of us turned the lights out that night and non of our electronics would work. The second time we stayed on the 3rd floor and nothing was amiss. The third time we had my mother and our infant son with us in the suite on the 2nd floor. During the night both my mom and i felt a small child our clothes, like they wanted us to play. Neither mentioned it until the next morning but we both felt the exsact same thing and we were in.seperatr beds. My son was only a few months old and couldnt sit nor pull up in his.crib to have been him.

    7. We stayed here, the water in the sink in our room repeatedly turned itself on. We would get up and crank it tight only to have it turn on again. Got lots of pictures of orbs in rooms also. we were the only ones staying the night. Owner said we could explore. The door to one room felt like someone was pulling back while I was trying to open it, decided to skip that room. Can’t wait to go back.

    8. I was there with my cousin, grandparents and sister back in march. we were the only ones there, so the owner let us wander around. my cousin, sister and I walked around and I saw a shadow of a person going down the stairs, so I went downstairs and there was no one. I didn’t get any creepy vibes until we went into one room with a portrait of a girl with a flower. the feeling of the room was so overwhelming I felt sick and I had to leave the room. I got an orb in that room, as well. We went over to the old piano, it was out of tune, so I played it while my cousin went down to the 2nd floor to look for the dancing woman. as I played the music he danced with nothing, and he saw a shadow in the mirror and ran back upstairs. it was very fun and I hope I can go back someday!

    9. Scarecrow Romney Marsh  |  

      I did not have a very pleasant experience there and it was not ghosts, It was the lady that ran the hotel The daughter. She could be rude at times, and I felt unwelcomed there. I am a professional Celtic harp player and I just wanted to play my harp in the lobby just a moment and she seemed uninterested and refused me…I will never go back there again. It was her loss and I would not recommend anyone to go there. The hotel is beautiful, but her rudeness outweighed anything and made it ugly at my stay.. The father was very nice.

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