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Widow Susan Road, which runs from Chapman Drive (old Route 5) to Route 67, is haunted by namesake Susan Thomas, who manifests as a female apparition in an old-fashioned white dress. She appears crying and searching for something. Susan was married to Harmanus DeGraff in 1838 and was widowed about a decade later, with several children to raise on her own. She eventually moved to Michigan, where she died. Folks speculate that Susan’s husband was buried in a cemetery along Widow Susan Road, and her ghost is upset because she was buried in Michigan instead of next to her husband.

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Geographic Information

Widow Susan Road
Amsterdam, NY
United States

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42.93791599510411, -74.1621206455078
Montgomery County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Amsterdam, NY (1.3 mi.)
Hagaman, NY (2.6 mi.)
Fort Johnson, NY (3.8 mi.)
Perth, NY (5.7 mi.)
Tribes Hill, NY (6.3 mi.)
Wellsville, NY (7.0 mi.)
Mariaville Lake, NY (8.0 mi.)
Broadalbin, NY (8.5 mi.)
Galway, NY (8.6 mi.)
Fultonville, NY (10.6 mi.)


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Comments (5)

  1. We went on the road and tale is you turn off your car and and lights at night and say her full name 3 times and when we did it there were scratch marks on the back of our jeep

  2. I’ve walked down this road before & have actually been in the cemetery & nothing has ever happened. I don’t think that ghosts are real so I don’t know I’ve never personally seen anything on this road. No I haven’t gone at night, it was broad daylight when I’ve walked down that street. I don’t think Susan is really there. No I wouldn’t personally go down there at night and just stop to turn my car, & lights off to say her full name 3 times because that’s like the Bloody Mary myth and I don’t very well believe in those ghost myths. Will I try it? I don’t know maybe but as far as I’m concerned she’s not really there, because she was buried in Michigan so how would her ghost come all the way back to Amsterdam just to “find” her husband

    • She travels from widow Susan to green hill on church St and I have pictures of her passing through didn’t notice it until I got home and reviewed all the pictures

  3. When we were teen we use to go in that area and party, hang out. All the girls would start to feel uncomfortable as it got dark outside. If you were a female you physically couldn’t walk down that embankment (you could only walk just so far and would stop in your tracks and get this overwhelming feeling like you were being jumped by someone you couldn’t see..during the day it was fine…we could walk in and out of that area with no creepy feelings…we would only leave when everyone else was leaving when it was dark and even though we were with a bunch of ppl it was still hard walking out of that area. It never bothered the boys. They never felt uneasy while they were there.
    One night myself, my boyfriend, and 2 other boys were on dirt bikes (me with the driver and my boyfriend on the other bike with the male driver) and we stopped so one of the drivers could relief himself…as we stopped both bikes were turned off…no headlights were left on, no city lights, no moon light ~ pitch black out…within a few seconds (he didn’t even get off the bike yet) we seen this glow around a headstone. We just sat there staring at this glow. It didn’t move (we didn’t either), the light didn’t flicker, didn’t get dimmer or get brighter! Needless to say he didn’t pee and we got out of there. We never rode the bikes over that way again either.

  4. ive been down this road many times. day and night. ive never seen anything. when we were younger we used to go down this road late at night looking for her ghost, we never encountered anything.

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