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Reports say that highways were built over the old cemetery, which lies about where the Hardee’s stands. Employees have heard their names being called when they were alone, have felt cold spots, and have had things misplaced. Some accounts tell of a Ouija board incident in which a spirit inhabited the body of a moth and landed on one of the participants’ face.

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Geographic Information

117 Iowa 150
West Union, IA 52175
United States

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42.961594496211305, -91.8131322563022
Fayette County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
West Union, IA (0.3 mi.)
Donnan, IA (5.6 mi.)
Hawkeye, IA (7.1 mi.)
Randalia, IA (7.7 mi.)
Fayette, IA (8.3 mi.)
Clermont, IA (8.6 mi.)
Elgin, IA (9.2 mi.)
Saint Lucas, IA (9.5 mi.)
Wadena, IA (11.4 mi.)
Castalia, IA (12.5 mi.)


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  1. I had a experience on July 10 at 11pm 2016, I was with my family .we where heading home to Beloit WI and we saw hardees ,we decide to eat there before we head off. Once we enter there was nothing unusual ,we eat and once we leave I decide to go to the bathroom quick. I enter, no one was inthe bathroom and as I enter a stall I begin to hear the sink water. I get out and look if there’s anyone but no one at all was there. I look at the sink and I see the water on as I get closer the handles turn off moving as if someone turns it off. I quickly began to feel fear, it’s impossible for the two sink handles turn off by itself. I then left right away not having the chance to even go to the bathroom . I asked an employee if this place was haunted but they just laughed and didn’t say anything as if that did know.

  2. Please understand that what im about to comment is true. I will not EVER go back to the Hardee’s in west union again. Not because of the service or food, but because of the experience i have had not once or twice but now 3 times. every time i go there i have a surge of dread entering the doors. My family loves to eat there but refuse to go threw the drive threw when we are in town. I have never had a “normal” childhood nor adult life, and i pray to any and all gods my children do not have to suffer the things i can hear and see from a young age. I am not sure if the statements that the hardees was built on an old cemetery or not but there is enough activity from my short visits to believe it. I have been locked in the bathroom, had sinks turn on and off when im the only one in there. seen shadows move as if playing some game with me, and heard my name as well as my daughters name being called to me when no one is around me. i have felt things unexplained touch my arms and legs and play with my hair. In my life i have endured more paranormal than i would like, but no place has given me such an eerie knot in my chest feeling as west union hardees. no offence to the workers or the establishment itself but damn those who can not be seen…..

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