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This 1878 inn, named after Josiah Wedgwood (of the china), is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Joseph Pickett and of a little girl named Sarah. A point of historic interest is that George Washington and his men camped on this land during the American Revolution, shortly before his famous crossing of the Delaware.

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111 W Bridge St
New Hope, PA 18938
United States

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40.3637788315356, -74.95633524655204
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
New Hope, PA (0.3 mi.)
Lambertville, NJ (0.7 mi.)
Stockton, NJ (3.3 mi.)
Newtown Grant, PA (7.2 mi.)
Pennington, NJ (9.1 mi.)
Newtown, PA (9.3 mi.)
Doylestown, PA (9.9 mi.)
Tinicum, PA (9.9 mi.)
Yardley, PA (10.0 mi.)
Plumsteadville, PA (10.1 mi.)

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  1. When I had stayed there with my boyfriend (now husband), I felt that even though the Inn was virtually empty, we were not alone. Even the guest book in our room had stories of prior guests feeling that the Inn was haunted, particularly the room we were staying in. It wasn’t an ominous or dreadful feeling, but rather the feeling of not being alone.

  2. We stayed in room H. My husband awoke to what sound like marbles being rolled across the sitting room floor. After the 3rd time, something hit the bed frame with a loud crack, like something was thrown at it. The room diary is filled with stories. Excellent place to stay, wonderful atmosphere, friendly inn keepers.

  3. I stayed here a few years ago. In the middle of the night I saw an older gentleman walking towards me. I know I was awake, it was not a dream. The man was glowing, big white beard, he was wearing a red plaid shirt with ripped jeans. I believe he was walking with a cane. I covered my head for the rest of the night until morning. Least to say I was very tired the next day, but I still believe what I saw to the end of me.

  4. I just stayed here and I heard a woman talking (muffled) in the Hideaway Room (private and last room in house upstairs in attic) while we slept. Then upon departing next morning and heading down the stairs from the second floor, I caught a glimpse of a person adjacent to stairs (so floating next to staircase).

  5. My husband and I stayed at the Inn several years ago. Our room was the lovely lilac-colored room on the second floor. One morning I woke up very early and decided to go down to the dining room to make a cup of tea in an alcove off the dining area reserved for that As I stood waiting for my tea to brew, I heard what I initially thought was the wood floor rebounding following my crossing. However when the floor creaked in perfect, rhythmic sequence from the threshold to where I was standing, I thought. “wow, what a surprising phenomena.” Out of curiosity I opened the door on the other side of the alcove and saw it was the inn’s kitchen. Later we found out that the lilac room was the most haunted of the inn’s rooms. And we had been unaware the inn was even haunted until after my experience. I never reported the incident to staff because we left shortly after. I have heard a maid is reputed to be one of the ghosts which would make sense; An early riser, she would have had to hustle down to the kitchen.

  6. A few Summers ago I stayed in Room A (The Canopy Fireplace Room) at the Wedgwood Inn, and heard several unusual sounds between the hours of 1am to 4am. I should note that I’ve stayed in several allegedly haunted places, including the Stanley Hotel and the Lizzie Borden House, but have never had any unique or paranormal experiences. Wedgwood was different; great B&B on it’s own too I might add.

    I can’t say what produced any of these sounds because I saw nothing in the room, but they were unmistakably coming from inside my room. The first was a sound I’d compare to a bouncy ball being bounced off the wall (the kind of toy balls they sell at stores in those large cages). This ‘bouncing’ went on for ten minutes at, with long pauses in between each sound.

    The second sound came about an hour later. The innkeepers make an almond liquer and set out two glasses to drink it with.. I heard what sounded like a coin being tapped against one of the glasses.

    Finally, closer to 4am I heard a sound that I’d compare to marbles being rolled down a wall (very similar to another report on this page). It didn’t make sense to me. My only thought was that the pipes were making these noises, but you’d have to have some very serious and unearthly plumbing issues to reproduce sounds like these.

    I’m not going to say the place is haunted. I’m not one to come to those conclusions, but I can say I experienced some activity that I couldn’t explain after looking around the room, and it’s nice to have a little mystery in life.

  7. A friend and I stayed in this Bed and Breakfast last evening. I had just asked my friend that I was rooming with if the house might be haunted. I had read no history on this property prior to arrival. I shared a story of a friend whose home was haunted. A frequent occurrence in that home was that their TV would turn on in the middle of the middle of the night. About 30 minutes later around 11:30 pm the TV turned on by itself. I turned it off. About 10 minutes later it turned on again. I turned it off and made sure it was off. This happened two more times. I finally had to unplug the TV from the wall.

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