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This inn is named after Vice President Aaron Burr because some of Burr’s dear friends lived in the original home that once stood on the site. The ghost of Burr has been seen here several tmes, especially on the second floor and its staircase. He has been known to tug on the clothing of the guests he likes, as if entreating them not to leave.

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80 W Bridge St
New Hope, PA 18938
United States

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40.3641323913105, -74.95502293109894
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
New Hope, PA (0.2 mi.)
Lambertville, NJ (0.6 mi.)
Stockton, NJ (3.3 mi.)
Newtown Grant, PA (7.2 mi.)
Pennington, NJ (9.0 mi.)
Newtown, PA (9.4 mi.)
Tinicum, PA (9.9 mi.)
Doylestown, PA (9.9 mi.)
Yardley, PA (10.0 mi.)
Plumsteadville, PA (10.2 mi.)

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  1. We stayed here back in 2003. There is no merit to the ghost haunting s. Aaron Burr never lived here and there would be no reason for him to be haunting here. We stayed for a few days…the story is a myth in my opinion.

  2. Stayed here about 4 years ago with our dog. Had a room on the first floor (front of the house facing the main street & the side street) & the upper floors were unoccupied. She flipped out, would NOT go in our room & ran up the stairs to the top floor & jumped on a bed & would not move. She is 80 lbs & it was very difficult to get her back downstairs to our room. We tried to leave her in the room when we walked to dinner, but she would have no part of being left there. Now this is a very friendly, sweet, mild mannered dog. We finally had to take her with us & that night she refused to sleep in her favorite dog bed by the window & hid under our bed. She whined & barked all night, especially at one corner of the room. She growled at it & was trembling. By 3:30am we finally had to leave. She would not shut up & was barking, whining & crying all night. We were afraid we would be asked to leave anyway, but the place was empty. Did my husband & I experience anything? No, but the dog sure as heck did. In the years since, she has never acted that way again & she travels everywhere with us.

  3. While visiting New Hope in the Fall of 2008 I booked into the Aaron Burr House for Sunday/Monday/Tuesday, traveling with my grey dsh cat Teddy. At the time, the Aaron Burr was one of a few B&B’s that accepted pets with availability for the dates I was in town. Arriving late Sunday afternoon the inn was quiet. I found our room located on the 2nd floor at the end of the hall across from the kitchen. While unpacking I heard a couple leave from the other 2nd fl bedroom. A remember at the time being glad to hear activity because the house while lovely did feel empty. Returning later after dark the house was quiet and it appeared that the couple I had heard earlier had checked out (door open/room made-up). Monday morning up early making tea I was in the kitchen when a young man came in saying he was staying in the front 2nd floor bedroom. He didn’t eat but did sit at the kitchen table and said he was in town with a film crew making a documentary. We spoke for a short while when the housekeeper pulled into the drive below, he excused himself and said he would be staying on through the week. I left shortly there after noticing his room empty and made up. I guessed he’d checked out. Monday evening for the 2nd night I was the only guest and watched a little television before switching it off and retiring about 9:30/10. A short while later I hear the T.V. but had not heard anyone come in to the house. So I go down the hall and the T.V. is on but there is no one there. I switch it off and return to our room when the T.V. is on again. I repeat steps 1) & 2) to T.V. area located in the family/dining area of the 2nd floor and have a look around. Empty, no one around. At this point I call the owners that live off-site and explain to the husband who said no other guests are booked in but that a caretaker does live on-site in the basement and tells me to go talk to him. Okay, so I go downstairs to the basement apartment which is open to the main floor entry and knock on the door . . . no answer . . . I can hear the T.V. upstairs and I knock louder and say “hello I’m a guest PLEASE answer” which finally he does and I tell him I’m staying on the 2nd floor and ask if he has been upstairs and perhaps turned on the T.V.? “Nope, not been up there” he say’s and offers his own experiences with unexplained happenings on the 2nd floor when no one is booked into the house. He said strange things like the T.V. and lights going on and off and other noises happen so much in the house that he won’t bother to check on them anymore and nearly didn’t answer his door to me, not sure at first if a real person was knocking when he first heard me ask for help. So, being informed he bids me goodnight and closes his door. Oh Great, I find myself basically alone, at night, in haunted house. Not thrilled, I walk back up to the 2nd floor to negotiate a deal with who ever may be listening. “I’ll leave the T.V. on for a while, but then will turn it off and would appreciate it if all was quiet for the rest of the night”. After about half hour I ventured back out turn off and unplug the T.V. All was quiet. I can’t say I slept much or at all that night and we checked out later the next morning. I guess I understand, all this was happening rather late into the evening but wish the owners could have offered more assistance, perhaps moving us to another location. On a separate yet similar note on another visit to New Hope without Teddy in tow, I stayed at Porches and while drifting off to sleep opened my eyes to see a cat tucked in looking at me from on the pillow next to me, dreaming I guess, I drifted off to sleep. The next morning the host asks “Did you see the cat”? Apparently, the inn has a history of a ghostly cat that visits this guest room. Other guests have reported seeing the cat sitting by the bedroom door. New Hope and of course Buck’s County is a beautiful area to visit. However, if you are not interested in unexplained happenings you may want to research your accommodations history prior to booking.

  4. Oh gosh I stayed there such a very long time ago with my boyfriend at the time. And we stayed and I think the larger of the bedrooms. But I do remember being in the living room and there was a small bathroom off of the living room I recall and the water faucets kept being turned on. I would go in to turn them off And they’d go on again. I didn’t sense any dread or heaviness in the energy in the room…..it was almost playful. I do remember having a wonderful time there and if I ever have a chance to come back again I will

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