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Located in the historic H.D. Hill building in downtown Port Townsend, this hotel has had it’s fair share of haunted activity. There have been many cases of people taking pictures of orbs as well as several sightings of men in top hats walking the halls at night only to wall right into and through a wall. Strange sounds in the lobby area at night have also been heard by the staff as well as guests staying at the hotel. There are at least 3 confirmed deaths that have taken place in this building at reports that one of the dead still wonders around the building.

(Submitted by Grymm Dupp)

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Geographic Information

635 Water St
Port Townshend, WA
United States

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48.1151637, -122.7540022
Jefferson County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Port Townsend, WA (0.3 mi.)
Marrowstone, WA (5.2 mi.)
Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA (5.9 mi.)
Coupeville, WA (7.9 mi.)
Camano, WA (11.2 mi.)
Freeland, WA (12.8 mi.)
Blyn, WA (13.3 mi.)
Oak Harbor, WA (13.3 mi.)
Port Ludlow, WA (13.5 mi.)
Jamestown, WA (15.4 mi.)


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  1. I stayed at this hotel two weeks ago and am almost positive I experienced a haunting. About 30 minutes after I turned off the lights, I began to hear some noises and movement. Then I heard a sound beside my bed and my phone charger and the lamp plugged into the same outlet were unplugged. There was nothing near that outlet so I’m not sure how they could have come unplugged on their own. My bed was right by the door and I saw a tall, hazy outline of a figure. I stayed up a lot of the night but only had this one experience. My next night in the hotel was uneventful and I enjoyed my stay. However, I am convinced that there was a haunting that took place my first night.

  2. In the middle of the night I was awoken by a sudden rattling of the bathroom door, it came in three intervals, and upon inspection there was no one inside at all, and I went back to bed, about a minute later, the sound of footsteps filled the room. It was an eerie experience

  3. 2019-10-15: We stayed 1 night; A very interesting and very, very old historical hotel; It took me back to the house my grandmother lived in, and I am not a young man. The ceilings were very high and our room #7 had two bedrooms, one of which had a sink in it. There was a separate bathroom off the other bedroom with a tub and shower.

    We hadn’t heard that the place was haunted but in the middle of the night, I was awoken by an “urgent clatter” that sounded like an animal’s nails “clicking” while running quickly across a hard floor. It started in one room and then came into the other, where I was sleeping, which made me sit up in the bed and look! The only problem is the floor was carpeted in both bedrooms. At that point, I imagined a Raccoon hiding in the corner of the room but when I looked I found nothing… It was October and Halloween was coming soon! The wind had picked up and it was like a hurricane outside, and the shadows on the walls, made from the trees blowing in the wind freaked out my Sweetie! Now we were both freaked out. When we checked out the next morning, there was no extra charge for the entertainment.

  4. We stayed there just a few weeks ago overnight before catching a ferry the next morning, lovely old hotel, we had a very spacious room and it’s in a great location. We were very comfortable there. But at night I woke up to smells of what I can only describe as death (rotting flesh), but when I started sniffing around for it, it disappeared to fresh laundered sheets, until I would stop, and try to fall back asleep the smell came back. The lights in the hallway seemed to flicker though the room door, I closed my eyes and listened to my husband’s snoring to keep me grounded, but it took me a good 2 hours to fall back asleep. In our private bathroom which was through a closet type area and one step up, I could hear breathing right next to me while sitting on the toilet. I panicked and flung the door open, keeping it open, I proceeded to take the fastest shower I’ve ever had. My husband got a good chuckle out of the whole thing.

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