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The WWII and Korean War ship is open to the public as a memorial. It was once hit by a kamikaze, killing 38 men on board. The ghosts of sailors in WWII uniforms have been reported on the ship.

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305 S River Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
United States

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30.44429490436632, -91.19149932540893
East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
Port Allen, LA (1.2 mi.)
Baton Rouge, LA (2.2 mi.)
Brusly, LA (5.1 mi.)
Merrydale, LA (6.3 mi.)
Westminster, LA (6.5 mi.)
Inniswold, LA (7.0 mi.)
Gardere, LA (7.5 mi.)
Addis, LA (7.6 mi.)
Brownsfield, LA (8.2 mi.)
Oak Hills Place, LA (8.5 mi.)

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  1. We toured the USS KIDD on July 21rst of this year (2014). When reviewing pics taken with my i phone there’s one with an image I cannot explain. Maybe one of you all working with this page can review it and tell me what you think. We weren’t “ghost hunting” but not necessarily surprised at the possibility of capturing an image considering the tragedy on the ship and the haunted history.

    The photo is of the control room through the glass of course, since it can’t be accessed otherwise. The image appears to be a man, with a sailor cap leaning over working opposite side of the control panel. Maybe it’s nothing but it’s probably worth a look. I’ll send the photo to where ever you’d like if you’d like to see it and explain more about the surroundings when I took it.

  2. I never believed in this stuff till we spent the night on the USS KIDD with the Young Marines. While I was trying to go to sleep the HVAC system was whistling some sounds that sounded like music from a Military band. I couldn’t identify the tune, but it sounded like it wasn’t just noise, it had a little rhythm to it. The next morning the male child asked if I saw the ghost that was going around checking on everyone after we tucked in. I had seen something the night before, but just closed my eyes and pretended I didn’t see it, it was late

  3. I visited the USS Kidd with my two young sons in the summer of 2014. We had been exploring the ship and while my boys were on deck, I went into the portion of the ship that is the bathrooms and showers. We had been on board for about an hour and I was amazed by everything since I love history, but had not had any strange feelings until I stepped into this room. I clearly heard a man whisper in my ear although I was alone. The hair rose on my neck and goosebumps covered my arms. I had a panicked feeling as though I needed to run and got out of there as quickly as possible. Since that experience, I have been very curious to know if others have had similar experiences.

  4. I visited the USS KIDD with my husband and 3-year old daughter at the time in 2014. I decided to go by myself down below deck to the sleeping quarters. As began to walk further from the stairwell on that level I began to feel heaviness in the air, like I was walking into a thick fog. The heaviness then moved onto my chest and head where I felt disoriented and like I was being watched. The sensations got so intense that I literally ran back up the stairs off of that deck. After I had left I felt normal again. There was definitely something in that room.

  5. Hello I’ll be there on October 12 2017 I do believe the ship has a history of paranormal activity I could only imagine the poor souls who are trapped on this ship. May they find peace

  6. I don't want to share my name  |  

    I went on a tour at the USS Kidd two days ago. I felt a presence in the dining hall and around the sleeping quarters. The spirits didn’t feel evil or angry or threatening. They were peaceful. I took a picture of the sleeping quarters and saw a blue orb under a bed. My friend took pictures with a lot of yellow orbs around the artifacts in the gift shop. Overall, it isn’t that scary, so if you are looking for some relaxing ghost hunting, this would be the place,

  7. I went as a kid in 2002-2003. I remember passing the control room. It was pitch black and numerous blinking lights were flashing, but i clearly remember two big red eyes staring into my soul. They weren’t even blinking. I pointed to the eyes and asked my mom if she saw them, and she said she didn’t. We went with her friend and another kid my age ( about 7 or 8) and I was the only person who saw the eyes. 20 years later and they still haunt me to this day. I’ll never go back on that ship. There’s definitely something weird in that control room, I saw another person mention it. Spooky stuff

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