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The 1869 station has been rebuilt a few times because of age and fire damage, and is now a museum. The site of a 1944 wreck called the Bagley Train Disaster, which killed 48 and injured 79, the station is said to be haunted by a woman who walks the upstairs hallways and only speaks to males. Witnesses here also have heard children playing, unexplained footsteps, and loud bangs, and poltergeist activities have been reported as well.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    2501 Wall Ave
    Ogden, UT 84401
    United States

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    41.22076084335963, -111.97959369423188
    Weber County, Utah
    Nearest Towns:
    Ogden, UT (0.3 mi.)
    South Ogden, UT (2.0 mi.)
    Marriott-Slaterville, UT (3.2 mi.)
    Riverdale, UT (3.3 mi.)
    Washington Terrace, UT (3.3 mi.)
    West Haven, UT (3.9 mi.)
    Harrisville, UT (4.2 mi.)
    Roy, UT (4.8 mi.)
    Farr West, UT (5.8 mi.)
    Uintah, UT (6.1 mi.)

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    1. I have seen and talked 20 minutes with an older man in western attire, in the gun room. Very kind and knowledgeable about all the different models in there. Even detailed back stories about the previous gun owners. I went to find my husband and son, to bring them to the room and let them hear the cool stories also. When we returned, he was gone. A few minutes later, a crabby woman came in to make sure we were not harming anything, I guess. I asked where the other male museum worker went. She snapped at me and said there was no one else but her working. As if I was lying about him. And she was adamant about there being no information as to the history behind any of the fire arms! Almost suggesting that I was either making up a huge lie, which I don’t do to my loved ones OR that I quite possibly need a very good mental health doctor! This all took place BEFORE this California girl ever read about this location being possibly haunted. I have had encounters prior to this day and even since, but this is the ONLY time I have ever seen a full apparition that looked human or talked to one! I’m convinced! I would love to run back into that chap one day and hear more stories of the wild west in Ogden and Utah!

    2. I was there once waiting for an event to start. They were still setting up in different parts of the building and the area I was in was large and mostly empty. There were four people just loitering around and casually waiting for things to start. I was leaning against a wall. About ten feet away from me was a man I didn’t know standing in the middle of the area. About ten feet away from him was a couple having a conversatIon. We kind of formed a triangle. While we were waiting, minding our own business, a flash of white caught my eye. It appeared as if something small fell from the ceiling and landed in the middle of our triangle. The guy who was by himself saw it fall also and went to pick it up. It was an old white button. He picked it up, looked at it confused, and then looked at me and held it out so I could see it. We both looked at each other confused and then at the same time looked up at the ceiling from where it seemed to have appeared. It was a really high ceiling and nothing seemed out of place. We looked at each other again and I shrugged in confusion. He then approached the couple having a conversation and told them they had lost a button. They looked at him like he was crazy, and very rudely told him it wasn’t theirs. They hadn’t seen it drop out of nowhere. I figured he must have thought it “popped” off their clothing, but they didn’t have buttons on their outfits. None of us did. Plus, that button dropped from above. Not from any other different angle. I thought for a minute that maybe someone could have thrown it really hard, really high, and it just happened to drop straight down between us…? But the room didn’t allow for that. It was too long and there was NOT anyone else there. I could tell the guy was trying to figure it out, just like me. He finally pocketed it, gave me a strange look, looked up at the ceiling one more time, and then left. I don’t know if that had anything to do with the place supposedly being haunted….but an old white button fell, from straight above us, out of nowhere (that we could figure out) and landed right in front of us. It was very strange. I’ve heard about things appearing out of nowhere, like coins in haunted places…..but buttons? Anyways, that was my “weird” moment the first and only time I visited that place.

    3. On the second floor, there is a particular hallway, above the main lobby entrance, where the south end is dark. Beyond this hallway is a staircase. Exactly a year before this I went to said staircase, decended and ascended it. After I left the station I felt pulled to the location. Some nights I would see the hall and staircase. I returned recently, went to the hallway, wherin I saw my Guardian Angel, and realised how evil that area is. What was already happening to me increased tenfold. New things started happening. After some research, I believe that staircase is a gateway to hell. These stairs are only accessable from the second floor, and lead to an emergency exit. For your safety, do not even enter this hallway. Because of my foolish actions, I believe that I may have a daemonic attachment.

    4. I believe I have a relation to Frank Yertzer the said ghost that haunts the station. Almost every night at 3 am I wake up and see parts of the station. Sometimes I see the gun room other times I see the basement. I have sworn never to step foot on the property ever again.

      • If you don’t mind me asking, who is Frank Yertzer? I’ve seen the name a couple of times here, but haven’t heard of him before. Curious about the story behind him, as well as some of the history of Ogden and the surrounding areas.

    5. Ok, so about 4-5 years ago I was at my Mom’s friend’s wedding at Union. So me and a few other kids that were attending the wedding all gathered up to play hide and seek. So I was hiding in the big room with the stage in the front with all of the curtains. So I went and hid in the stage curtains so that nobody could see where i was. So a few minutes go by and nobody has found me yet. So I decide to peek my head out of the curtains a bit, as soon as peeked my head I looked towards the back of the venue room and there is a room with a smaller window that you could see through and as I panned my eyes side to side looking in the window I seen a younger woman in a white dress turn and stare at me she turned the other way and walked away. I refuse to go back to that room!!!

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