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This site, once part of an old naval base, is said to be haunted by many spirits: In Dorm E, there are 3 ghosts: a girl of about 5 who may bounce a ball in the hallways; an RA who likes to try and check “students” (visitors) into their rooms; and one other ghost who has not been identified. Also, in Dorm L resides the spirit of a nurse in old-fashioned garb. Reports say the movie theater area used to be a morgue, and of course it is haunted as well.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    20 West 1700 South
    Clearfield UT
    United States

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    41.089586, -112.02590700000002
    Davis County, Utah
    Nearest Towns:
    Clearfield, UT (1.5 mi.)
    Syracuse, UT (2.0 mi.)
    Sunset, UT (3.2 mi.)
    Layton, UT (3.5 mi.)
    West Point, UT (3.6 mi.)
    Clinton, UT (3.7 mi.)
    Roy, UT (5.0 mi.)
    South Weber, UT (5.8 mi.)
    Kaysville, UT (5.9 mi.)
    Riverdale, UT (6.1 mi.)


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      • There’s an e dorm that was built on top of where the old theater was at, and girls still see things in there to this day

      • Joeseph De'Leon  |  

        I stayed in L Dorm 2001-2004, I had 1 encounter there. There was a kid who used to move a roof tile and climb up there to smoke bud until he fell through the roof at like 1am one time. Luckily the RA didn’t hear the commotion, when I climbed up there it gave off a weird vibe, the was 1 single light up there that looked like an interrogation light. It was sitting directly above a chair that was inside of a cage. Those honestly were the best years of my life, of course things were different back then. That was the beginning of the usos beefing with the blacks and apparantly not long after I left riots were popping off. It’s sad to hear that L dorm is gone, the RS Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Sampson were awesome individuals.

        • Joeseph De'Leon  |  

          The encounter I had in L dorm was on a Saturday night, all of my roommates lived near campus so they’d leave for the weekend. I had a top bunk and had dozed off with 1 arm dangling off my bed. I was awoken by something pulling on my arm and whispering “wake up, wake up its time to go.” by the time I was fully awake half of my body was hanging off the top bunk. I sat up and said “Wtf Roberto”(roommate) and looked under my bunk to his bed. I realized he was gone for the weekend and broke into a sweat. After that happened I started sleeping on his bunk on the weekends out of fear of being pulled off my bed by an unseen entity.

        • Joeseph De'Leon  |  

          I got to CJCC in August 2001 and obviously the 9/11 attacks happened the next month. It was hysteria because a lot of students had loved ones who died. I also remember a student/friend dying in his sleep there, Jacob Roeweder. Also I remember people saying that Nastrodamus was predicting the next attack being at a worldwide event, and the Olympics were being held in Salt Lake City a few months later. On top of that I was in Plastering with Mr. Garcia and we were going to be doing some work at the SLC Olympics. The first months there were stressful, I recall being scared of flying home for Christmas due to 9/11, but if I had a chance to go back in time I would go back to my time at CJCC.

    1. what ever happen to your famous courtesy patrol drill team I was there in 1969 and the civil air patrol with captain lash I was in that too. and the great boxing program you had I remember it all as if it was yesterday. I currently work as a Vocational Rehab counselor for the VA. and yes I am a vet. Viet Nam vet. I was 17 when I walk off and started my life on my own no it was not easy hitch hiking to ca. just wanted to let you I have told my kids that this job corps was good memory for me. and I regret leaving it

    2. a story we told new students coming into Job Corp to scare them away some stayed some went…but the dorms I stayed in there was a E dorm and a L dorm and yes one student died in his dorm from spinal meningitis… all who knows him he well always be a part of our lives… and what I see Job Corp has change but still same Closets as your lockers…

    3. Around Halloween in 2015 the girls in D2 dorm would hear crazy things in the walls. The thing that was constant in all the reports was the sound of someone knocking on the door. My two roomates and I heard it when we were taking a shower at different times, it stopped by November

    4. G dorm was haunted, floating ghost coming at me pushing a buffer machine ,dark shawdow, happened about,top bunk bed,I was sweating my balls off lol. Plenty of other lil experiences too.

    5. I work in building F and I beleve very much so that the whole freeport center is haunted. I’ve heard many stories just from coworkers. I believed them but what really made me believe was when i was tapped twice on my side pretty hard and no one was there.

    6. Yes a lot of the dorm building have been removed. The theater is still there and most employees there are familiar with the hauntings. The area immediately around the Job corps facility is quite spooky too.

    7. Michael Doolittle  |  

      I went to cjcc from 08 to 09 and i resided in dorm d1. Late at night me and my home boys walked out into the hall and saw a bright blue floating orb that dissapeard into the common room as we got closer. We walked into the common room and the orb had dissapeard completely. The old theater at the center was a morgue and crematorium and the academic building and wellness center is the old tuberculosis hospital not to mention some of the newer dorms are built on an old cemetery. So anyone that thinks this place isn’t haunted had never truly experienced this center.

    8. I saw the old fashioned nurse spirit. It was white and glowed, she had a hat and a dress like uniform, that was close to below the knee length. Even though the old buildings are gone the spirit is still on campus. She appeared young, pretty, hair up. This was in A dorm on the girls side. She was floating.. “standing” gazing out the window between the closet closest to the window and the second closest. Never noticed me, just stared out the window, on the second floor.

    9. As of now I am enrolled at cjcc. I hear countless stories from countless students and ras about the hauntings. The only thing I’ve personally experienced is this. One night, me and my two room mates were about to fall asleep. And suddenly we started hearing a tapping come from one of our closets. My roommate opened hers and the tapping stopped. When she got back in bed the tapping started again but this time it was in the far locker on the other side of the room. I am in the new e1 dorm that was recently built

    10. I’m a student there now, I stay in the new E2 which is different from the E dorm described here but there have been over 11 completed suicides here, in the boys dorm B3 was shut down because a student and RA both committed suicide. In my own dorm me and my roommates have witnessed an apparition of a man about 6 feet tall, we call him Shadow man because he always appears pitch black. He usually just walks around the room, standing by each of our beds before disappearing. Sometimes we will hear a sound like someone sliding down the wall. We finally got so used to these things happening we just keep a plastic crucifix around (even though neither of us are christian) and since then the phenomena has reduced. We still see the Shadow Man but he appears less frequently and for shorter amounts of time.

    11. So Im currently at Clearfield Jobcorps, living in dorm D1, room 115. I had a chilling experience which just happened a few minutes ago (Wed, Jun 28, 2017. 10:18). I moved back to D Dorm to become a mentor, and right now i have the week to myself. I was taking a shower (out of habit I had locked the door.) when I heard a woman’s voice saying something about screaming.

      I would’ve pushed it off if it hadn’t been for the shadow that passed by the shower curtain just after that, plus that im at the end of the hallway, farthest from the RA’s office.

      I honestly don’t know who or what it was but at the moment Im a bit shaken, as i already had an uneasy feeling about being by myself for a week after living with roommates for so long.

    12. I was here in 2001 and 2002. I was in the main girls dorm ( the old TB clinic) I remember a few times seeing the painted over lights above each of the dorm rooms that were painted over flicker. They were supposed to be non functioning anymore. They were old lights above the rooms to alert the nurses of a patient that needed assistance. One night about 5 girls and myself decided to explore with flashlights. There was a board in one of the rooms that we removed and crawled under the crawl space of the floor. It was dark, dusty, musky, and narrow. We had to crouch but followed a tunnel. Lots of old old cans and other antique items. The tunnel got more and more narrow and only a few of us continued on. Then we saw it drop down. There was a small hidden cement room down there. No door. There was an old metal chair with arm restrains. Different scary metal tools and writing all over the walls that made no sense. It seriously looked like a torture room. We were terrified and got out of there. I was always scared to clean the bathroom. Always felt a strange presence. This place is for sure haunted! I don’t think they are bad spirits. Maybe just stuck.

      • I went to Clearfield Job Corp in 99′-’00 I believe. I myself stayed in O dorm and didn’t have any personal experiences. However my cousin was in R dorm which actually was turned into a male dorm with females being moved to T dorm which I believe is the old building for tuberculosis? I am not sure. Anyway, my cousin and other girls in her dorm heard and saw things. I know my cousin had a black figure hovering near her one night.
        I didn’t know that the movie theater was a morgue, or the tunnels so it fascinates me. It always had a haunted vibe to it. I also went to St.Louis Job Corp which is in way creeper, and surrounded by old abandoned government buildings. Who knows what happened in these places.

        • I have seen the black figure…. it was a woman.. she stood behind me at night. I hated getting up in the middle of the night to go to bathroom because of it. I’ve seen a lot of different ones

    13. Veronica N Garcia  |  

      I used 2 go to Clearfield Job Corps and finished November 10, 2006. An i resided in O dorm. We used to hear the haunting lil girl bouncing a ball in the hallways. It was pretty crazy! Then 1 day by the wellness center a door was open witch led 2 an underground. N my being nosey peeked in the door and it was old jail cells under there with toilets and so dark. It creeped me out n i took off lol. The theater also was always cold!! I never new it used 2 b a mourge or an old navy base until now. I was 17 an im now 29yrs old an the history still is interesting 2 me.

    14. I was a student there a few months ago and I know the place is haunted. My friends and I decided to form a Paranormal research club we went to the admin building to do an EVP session. When I played it back, we could clearly hear someone whistle. Also, there are tunnels going from the administration building to the SAC which is where the morgue used to be. I asked one of the facility maintenance guys what was down there. He told me that there isn’t much. Only that a few years ago they had found human remains in one of the tunnels.

    15. if anyone knows how to access the underground tunnels send me a email at im a student and im trying to go on a adventure. the jobcorps center used to be a naval supply depo that at one time was the largest in the entire world. the center was built in 1942 during ww2 so that amarica could a in land supply depo that couldn’t be hit by the west coast where the Japanese front was. there are legends on the old tunnels that run underground near trade. but they are mostly sealed up

    16. I work in E-13 in the Freeport center. I need to know if it could possibly be connected to the hauntings at job corps..I keep smelling a strong weird scent on ppl, some stronger than others. No one else smells what I’m smelling.

    17. I’m a recent graduate from Clearfield JC and I have had experience with a lady in a black dress. She always stood behind me in the mirrors at night in my dorm room.. (E-dorm) as well I had some experiences with the girl bouncing the red ball in the hall way. Before graduating I started seeing a girl stand in one of the classroom windows of the academic building and even seen a nurse in the window of the door on one of the old dorms. I believe it was F dorm and I was walking to lunch I believe. I woke up with scratches and bruises from being scratched and hit.

    18. Me and 2 of my old roommates in the newer E2 dorm experienced some tapping coming from our closet but brushed it off like it was nothing. One of the girls fell asleep but me and another stayed up listening to music quietly and we both jump up because our closet doors were opening on their own.

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