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Tucson – Hair pulling, whispering and chairs rolling out from under you -sounds like elementary school. But in fact these are reported happenings at the Tuscon medical center. Perhaps the pranks are being pulled by the child ghost who is occasionally seen roaming the halls. There are also reports of an older woman who appears and disappears as well as a ghostly cat…

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Geographic Information

5301 E Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ 85712
United States

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32.252939, -110.88135299999999
Pima County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Tucson, AZ (3.4 mi.)
Catalina Foothills, AZ (3.8 mi.)
South Tucson, AZ (6.3 mi.)
Flowing Wells, AZ (8.0 mi.)
Casas Adobes, AZ (8.2 mi.)
Tanque Verde, AZ (8.4 mi.)
Littletown, AZ (8.5 mi.)
Oro Valley, AZ (10.8 mi.)
Drexel Heights, AZ (11.6 mi.)
Tucson Estates, AZ (13.1 mi.)


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  1. This is a personal ghost story…
    I had surgery there to remove my gall bladder. During this event, I was visited by a man asking how I was doing. The man professed to be my doctor, and was an elderly gentleman. He appeared to be tall and thin, wearing a long white coat with pens in his breast pocket, and he carried a clipboard full of papers and charts. His hair was predominantly black although graying, and he wore black glasses on his long thin face.
    After he asked me how I was doing, I told him I was in some pain, and I had a bit of a headache, to which he replied, “Fine, find. Ok then I’ll come back tomorrow.”
    When I went to the nurse’s area I mentioned that I needed my regular medication, and they informed me that I had to wait for the doctor to see me before they could give me any of my regular medication I had taken before surgery.
    I explained to them the doctor had just come into my room, they looked at one another, then said that there was no doctor available at the time on call, and no one had come into my room.

    • Wow .. now that’s creepy. I had surgery done on my back for scoliosis a couple years back when I was 12 but I didn’t see anything lucklly. Maybe cause my parents were with me the whole time. But my house tho… I swear Its haunted. Saw a ghost when we first moved in I was 5 then this last December I saw another … pretty scary. And I’m 16 now loll

    • I was at tmc Tucson Arizona hospital I was texting my daughter, on speaker and my text come out as I’m here my name is. I erased it and just waited til later to text

  2. I use to work there in the warehouse. I know with out a doubt in my mind that its haunted. I did the graveyard shift. I would inventory the floors then go back to the warehouse to pull the orders. Well for several occasions i would get a weird feeling not to go down certain isles plus cigarette smoke was smelled. I was told that there was a “ghost” in the controlled inventory area that was a smoker so i chalked that up to her. Now in the office where i was completely alone a door know would shake or rattle like a security guard would be making a check to see if the door was locked but it would go on all night long

  3. I used to work at TMC when I was 18 as a housekeeper on the 2nd shift. I had the office buildings like the security building, and childrens rehab building. I was in the childrens rehab building one night vacuuming when I felt someones touch my shoulder, when I turned around there was no one there and even called my supervisor to see if he was there. Then another time I was in the same building I had to use the restroom and the restroom door started to shake as if someone was trying to open i but couldn’t cause it was locked again no one there and in this building you can hear when someone is walking around. I eventually got fired cause I kept rushing and running out of the building scared.

  4. My mom is there right now, very sick. Very out of it, but not on pain meds or tranqs, or anything mind altering. I think she is at the point where the veil is very thin for her, as hard as it is for me to admit to myself, I can’t deny that she’s being visited by all sorts of, I do t even know what.

    Yesterday afternoon she looked down from her bed at the floor under the divider curtain and said IS THAT A CAT?! I was pretty surprised, I mean of all things to swear you see in a hospital, a house cat isn’t What I’d even think of. That’s not even the strangest. Today she said she was woken up at 3 am by 3 little blonde children in and around her bed watching TV. The older one had a towel or cloth on her face. Sounds like maybe tuberculosis patient from way back in its sanitarium days perhaps? Apparently a lot of sightings are near room 450 and she’s within 3 rooms of that one.

    I’ve had my own undeniable experiences both at home and at The Bisbee Grand Hotel, so I will be more perceptive and aware of my surroundings from now on at TMC.

  5. In 2013 I was visiting a friend who was a patient in TMC. After the visit I went to use the restroom before heading home. It was a small bathroom and I was alone. The faucet turned on by itself while I was in the stall. Interesting.

    • Your story brought back memories of an experience that happened about ten years ago. I took my daughter to the emergency room.My daughter needed x-rays so my wife went with her. I stayed in the room. I was just sitting there and when I looked at the sink, i saw the water faucet in the sink turn on by itself. It was really spooky. i went and turned it off and turned it back on. The sink did not seem to be broken in any way. Strange but true!

  6. I used to work the night shift on the pediatric unit before they expanded. While in a patient’s room one night at 2 am I heard someone whisper my name. I thought it was the parent, but when I checked them they were completely asleep and there was no one else down the wing I was in. Many parents have also reported seeing a little girl wander in their room at night, they will push the call night for the nurses to put the patient back in their own room, but no patient is ever found.

  7. I used to work at UMC on 5 W critical care unit,I was changing out some canisters in a patients room when I felt someone pull my hair kinda like a kid yanking my hair, when I turned around as fast as I could there was no on in site,it scared me because a couple days before I had seen a woman in white walk and disapeer right in front of my eyes!!! But all it did was trip me out until I got my hair yanked then it kinda scared me 🙂 lol!!

  8. I have worked as the dishrooms newest deep cleaner for a week now, and I gotta say, there is something happening here. I was mopping the floor, last night, like I do every night, and some movement out the window caught my eye. I decided to brush it off, and keep working, when I saw the same movement, a figure in all white, moving slowly down the walk way. I looked up and saw nothing, so I went back to work, when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the same figure, just outside the window, staring at me, but when I looked up to confront him, there was no one there.

  9. At the time I write this I am a employee at TMC. I used to work for the laundry department, which is located behind the orthopaedic building. I worked the evening shift which would end depending on the work load that day around 12am. I had heard of ghost stories from around the hospital but never really experience one til one night the equipment started moving on it’s own. The equipment isn’t light either some things weighing upwards 500+lbs. I stood there listening into the dark portion of the building as the equipment moved across the industrial diamond patterned steel plates that lined the floor. After that night I worked as little as possible inside that building until I got my transfer approved.

  10. I shall say to all cat sightings research a little very little bit a cat passed of someone I don’t remember at the Erickson house is its final resting place. Cats name Taco.

  11. My daughter was born their I was in NICU with her I had something pull my shirt when I looked bacc no one was their it got extremely cold around me and my hair was standing up I became over whelmed with anxiety and I became very emotional for no reason when I walked out of the hospital I was completely fine

  12. My mother was admitted in observation in the new 400s area. On her 3rd night right aroundv1130 pm, my mother heard children coughing and became concerned. She could wait to ask the PCT what happened to the kids that were coughing? The PCT had a blank confused look on her face, so she said I’ve had a few patients tonight ask about the kids, but there would never be any kids in this area.

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