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There are a variety of reports about the hauntings at the Job Corps center. Some say that the toilets flush all by themselves (no report on whether the toilets are automatic) and the water in the second floor bathrooms will turn on by itself. Others say that there are strange lights that appear and disappear in the building. There have been some reports of a full body apparition, that of a young girl playing with a ball.

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901 S Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719
United States

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32.209585, -110.942837
Pima County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Tucson, AZ (1.3 mi.)
South Tucson, AZ (1.6 mi.)
Catalina Foothills, AZ (6.3 mi.)
Littletown, AZ (6.8 mi.)
Drexel Heights, AZ (6.9 mi.)
Flowing Wells, AZ (7.0 mi.)
Casas Adobes, AZ (8.4 mi.)
Tucson Estates, AZ (8.8 mi.)
Summit, AZ (9.9 mi.)
Valencia West, AZ (11.3 mi.)


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  1. Molly McKinney  |  

    3-15-14 — I worked at Job Corps from 1989 to 1997 and never experienced a haunting. but I strongly believe in the paranormal. I can say for sure that the toilets were not automatic during that time. “Support the paranormal and the paranormal will support you” is my mantra.

  2. I stongly believe. im living within everything as we speak. A little girl was seen bouncing a red ball at strange hours of the night

  3. I went to Fred G Acosta Job Corps and I also lived in the female dorms. I have to say that no, it’s not haunted at all. I never saw nor felt anything in the dorms. When we used to have the fire drills at night, I would hear a lot of the students/ residents trying to scare everyone with ghost stories but, like I have stated: it is not haunted at all!

  4. I’m a student here at Fred G. Acosta Job Corps and I do believe that there is a demonic spirit here that changes its forma and multiplies itself to make it seem like there’s more than one spirit or ghost and a girl did commit suicide here and a R.A. had an heart attack on the job. So my theory is this Tucson Job Corp is haunted.

    • Stella Van Alstine  |  

      I worked at Fred G Acosta Job Corps between 2006 and 2013 as an R.A., and yes myself and another Male Residential Advisor experienced a paranormal situation,, As an R.A. working graveyard I had to Bed-Check at certain hours during the night, as I was going down the hallway on the second floor I would feel chills as I pass down from the last 3 bedrooms and would see a shadow looking at me through the small window that the doors have. I could hear showers on, checked because trainees have a certain time to shower, and no one was there, it would happen around 2am… another time when Trainees were on Christmas Vacation, employees had to clean, strip the floors so we had to move beds out of the rooms, as I was leaving one room to go to another, I heard a loud noise and the trash cans that we had placed on one corner of the room, were right on the middle of the room….. if working on the first floor we would hear loud steps going up and down on the second floor, we go up to check,,, trainees were in bed and asleep (trainees curfew was at 10pm). And many so many other strange things happen… However, before it was Job Corps building, they were dorms for the Military men and before that a Mental Institute and it is said that’s when someone committed suicide… But as far as I’m concern, there was no girl that committed suicide and no R.A. had a heart attack on the job. I still have contact with a lot of the R.A’s and staff from the front Offices…. And yes this place is Hunted!! Certain rooms on both floor that trainees would experience paranormal and one on the first floor that a former trainee practice witchcraft, but I will not mention the rooms number’s due to the fact that there’s trainees that are still living there. (Yes there are some trainees that play games, but the R.A’s know when it is real or when is Fantasy!!!)

      • I went to that school between 2010-2011. I lived on the first floor of the female dorms all the way at the end. One of my roommates who slept on my top bunk would have argumebts with the RA almost every night because she would refuse to sleep in her assigned bed. Because on numerous occasions she would wake up at night and feel a presence hovering over her and hear really loud breathing. And also everyone would tell us a red headed girl committed suicide either In our room or bathroom. And she used to stay in OUR room. And coincidentally there was two big trash bags in the corner of our room that EVERYONE would say was the girls property. We were told not to touch it. My other roommate also practiced witchcraft in our room ALL the time!! She would tell everybody her grandma is a witch and Does anything sound to mess with her.And of course the thing about the water turning on and the little girl…I heard those stories as well. Does any of this sound familiar?

  5. Well first off I am currently a student at Fred G. Acosta Job Corps and my friend has been telling me really strange stuff she said that in her room she heard breathing and that her trash can was kicked across the room and one night everyone in her room was lying down and she was the only one standing up looking in her mirror and there was someone standing behind her well she could see it that freaked me out and she also told me that this one morning she saw a little girl standing on the second floor leaning on the rails and she asked someone hey who’s kid is that and they were like what kid and I asked her what her eyes looked like and she said she had them closed which actually gave me an eerie feeling also a R.A told me that one day she was on the second floor by herself and she heard a door slam and just so you know the second female dorms are closed so no one lives up there scary…

    But I myself have experienced something so this one night I got up to use the restroom and after I finished I washed my hands and I turned off the water I know I did and then after a little while I heard this strange noise like pipes but I was like what is that and I went back to the faucet I was at and looked and the water turned on all by itself I wasn’t scared at the time so I just turned it off and went back to bed ha but just talking about it gives me chills now


  6. I went to fred g acosta in 2008 or 2009 and on night maybe like an hour or so after bedtime i hear knocking on our door i looked and saw no shadow by the door or anyone looking in through the little window so i just turn back around and ignored it. The next morning when we were getting ready my roommate asked me if i heard knocking on the door and before i said yeah our other roommate said i did and i was like yeah but no one was there. We would have seen a shadow by the door if someone was there cause or the lights from the hallway but there was nothing.

  7. I used to live on the 1st floor from 2009-2010. It wasn’t until a few months before I left when things started happening and most od it happened on the 2nd floor. The fire alarms went off at like 5am and we all had to come out in pjs and towels it was a funny sight I will admit. The girls on the 2nd floor would say they got scratched in the showers. One time when my roomates and I were sleeping we smelled smoke only in our room and nobody else did. We had a girl yelling like crazy in her room because she always saw red eyes looking at her. I had a boyfriend that the boys side was haunted too but he never told me stories.

  8. I was a student and a employee there at Tucson Job Corp and at the time when Fred Acosta Passed away. If you know Fred like most of us did, he was the awezumest person to know. he always had his office open on weekends and I always stopped to talk to him and he always had a lay out of fruit and Spanish music playing. After he passed away and I did security checks on the building I would hear music come from his office at night or the weekend when nobdy was in the building or talking. but when I would knock on the door knowing nobdy was there, it would all stop. going thru the lunch room always felt like somebody was there also. As a student there were times things would be heard or shadows walk the hall when we thought it was the RA’s. so yup that is my input…

  9. Yo fui estudiante de 1999-2000 y yo dormi en el ultimo cuarto del segundo piso lado izquierdo. Ami me pasaba en varias ocasiones que dormida sentia que alguien se sentaba alado mio, el colchon de la cama se undia y cuando me sucedia queria despertar pero no podia, porla mañanas despertaba con esa sensacion de recordarlo y con miedo. Un dia ya acostada en mi cama, platicaba con mi compañera de alado como lo haciamos todos los dias, asi durabamos un largo rato platicando antes de dormirnos todas cada noche hasta que una decidia decirnos buenas noches, esta noche fue diferente ella me estaba mirando ,escuchandome y sentada tapada ya la mitad de su cuerpo y de repente solo se volteo, me dio la espalda y se tapo completamente y yo quede sorprendida y confundida preguntandome que paso? Todavia la llamama y le decia que pasa? y no me contestaba a lo que decidi ignorarla y dormirme, alos dias decidio decirme que esa noche de repente miro alado mio a una viejita sentada junto ami y que le dio mucho miedo y solo se volteo y se durmio. Y lo de la agua del baño si me toco ir al baño y que las llaves para lavarse las manos estuvieran abiertas y yo las cerre. Tambien entrar al baño y mientras estaba dentro de uno , se oia que habia alguien en otro, cuando yo entre no habia nadie y no escuche que alguien mas hubiera entrado asi que cuando salia, me agachaba para ver en cual habia personas y no habia y los ruidos? Ahi si asustan 😮

  10. I was a student at job corps from 2002-2003 and i remember when i was a trainee on the first room they put you in, i remember feeling something on top of me at night that it wouldn’t let me move and when i open my eyes a saw a creepy face this will happen often even when i change rooms and another occasion in the second floor of the female dorms i could hear someone throwing little rocks at the window when the side of the dorm from outside is locked no one was allowed back there especially at night time, also in the same room i heard a wind chime outside the window

  11. Laveah Guerrero Acosta  |  

    I am a current student at job corps I am living on the 2nd female floor. The room next to me has a pentagram and 666 on the front door everytime I pass it I get negative vibes. The sinks go off by themselves and I’ve been woken up by loud noises and the lockers opening by themselves. Sometimes I even hear a loud kick on my bed and knocking on the walls very loud and clear but when I go check there is no one there. I continue to have nightmares that I’ve never experienced.

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