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Trestle Bridge has a legend with a ghost. So the story goes, a farmhouse once stood nearby, and it burned down late one night. The owner went to the barn to try to save the horses, and the wife and son went to the train tracks under Trestle Bridge to try to flag down a train. Tragically, they were too close to the tracks and were killed by the train while the man was dying in the barn. Now, folks say the man’s spirit inhabits the area.

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Geographic Information

South of W Gier Road and Bailey Road
Adrian, MI
United States

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41.8435878660211, -84.06659388550906
Lenawee County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Jasper, MI (3.7 mi.)
Adrian, MI (4.0 mi.)
Clayton, MI (8.8 mi.)
Lyons, OH (10.0 mi.)
Blissfield, MI (10.5 mi.)
Morenci, MI (11.6 mi.)
Metamora, OH (12.2 mi.)
Tecumseh, MI (12.7 mi.)
Onsted, MI (12.9 mi.)
Manitou Beach-Devils Lake, MI (14.5 mi.)


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  1. Been here many many times over the years (20+ years) never heard or seen anything spooky or creepy, just an old outdated bridge in the middle of no place

  2. I went there last night because i wanted to see if anything spooky would happen and I hear a child scream, it was very loud and clear. I got back in my car and took off! Shit scary af

  3. Who owns the property now where the house and barn sat back in the day and will they let ppl walk around and look. Also, was this site on the south or north side of tracks?

    • Well nothing is going to happen straight away.. Also just because its haunted does not mean something is going to happen everyday. Maybe go there ever so often or when you can and something may happen. Sometimes nothing will happen at all.

  4. This is a photo that my friends and I took at the trestle. I didn’t notice the figure to the right of the photo until I lightened it up on my computer, and no, it’s not one of my friends standing there either.

  5. I’ve been there a number of times late at night (including right at midnight) and while the place is indeed lonely and does seem genuinely creepy, I’ve neither heard nor seen anything out of the ordinary there.

  6. My family friends and I went to Trestle Bridge last Halloween around 10 o’clock on the way there I was getting my camera ready to take some pictures but my camera won’t work the batteries where just changed camera was all set to go but the damn camera won’t take pictures if this camera didn’t cost me a thousand dollars I’ve would of thrown it in the ditch! So my kids took some pictures off their cell phones. We where sitting in my van and we asked for a sign there was bang on top my van the only two windows that go down are the driver side and the passenger side and that bang didn’t come from me or my girlfriend we both have short arms and she didn’t do it I was watching her. The pictures looked foggy and creepy but no faces just weird shapes and there was no foggy outside either which was weird. After we left my camera started working again go figure!

    • Brittany Holland  |  

      Usually when things like that happen. Its because spirits can drain the life out of batteries and other electronics to get energy to interact.

  7. My family, friends and I went to Trestle Bridge last Halloween I got my camera ready to take pictures but my thousand dollar camera won’t take any pictures so I used my kids cell phone camera instead. The funny thing is my camera started working again after we left Trestle Bridge go figure! Here are some of the pictures I took. As you can see there no fog outside on that night. We ask the ghosts for a sign we heard a big thump on top of my van I was watching the driver she didn’t do and neither did I.

  8. One night my son and I went out there and we took pictures and we took a recorder. That night we saw a black figure and on the recorder we heard a child laughing.

  9. I went there a couple years back I think it may have been in April and my daughter and two grandkids I was just filming any little thing just going nothing in particular really well when we were leaving I thought I would take a look at what I did catch if I call anything and my grandkids were fighting and going at it and I couldn’t concentrate so I thought I would save it for another time I know a month or so later I was going through my photos and then I seen it in there and as I was going through all of the pictures and filming I took there was a guy you could see him in the between the trees spying on us and then you see him when closing those branches and boom gone I don’t believe it was a ghost but it was just still creepy

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