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The 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers was the last battle of the Northwest Indian War. On the anniversary of the battle, August 20, ghostly soldiers are said to re-enact the battle.

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Geographic Information

Fallen Timbers Ln
Maumee, OH
United States

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41.5441667, -83.69749999999999
Lucas County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Maumee, OH (2.6 mi.)
Waterville, OH (3.2 mi.)
Perrysburg, OH (3.7 mi.)
Holland, OH (5.4 mi.)
Haskins, OH (5.5 mi.)
Whitehouse, OH (5.8 mi.)
Rossford, OH (8.2 mi.)
Ottawa Hills, OH (8.8 mi.)
Tontogany, OH (8.9 mi.)
Neapolis, OH (9.8 mi.)


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Comments (3)

  1. Someone should get a hold of this guy in Sylvania, who actually captures a ton of verified easy to understand EVP’s. Even if all of the shows on television, like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, etc. were combined, this dude would blow them out of the water.

    People know him by the name “The Ghost Man”. That name may sound typical, but he didn’t choose it. About 3 years ago, he kept hearing the spirits/demons refer to him as “Ghost Man”. It was so frequent, that he decided to use that name. He says, “the name I use, was given by those I seek.”

    He had said that he’s experienced the paranormal since early childhood, and about 4 years ago while investigating a world wide known location in Kentucky which all of the big paranormal groups on TV have been to, a conversation with someone who worked there changed his life.

    He won’t go into details, but did say that the reason that he’s able to attract & capture legitimate voices from the other side, is all due to that conversation. He said, no matter where he goes, as soon as he turns on the equipment, or even just one digital hand recorder, that clear voices begin to speak.

    Not every voice heard is intended for him, but he feels they allow him to listen in because of the level of respect he gives them all the time. This dude isn’t looking for any recognition, that he just loves having this ability. Not sure if he’ll meet with you because of that reason, but if he does it will change your life!

    PLEASE DON’T give him my name. Here’s his name, email address, & a number to reach him: Toren Savage – torin.savidge@gmail.com – 419-843-5338

  2. I have visited the old woods off Jerome road many times, even before it had a trail through it and get a feeling of being watched even during the day and I do not have any special paranormal senses. This place gives me the creeps every time.

  3. I used to live in a Peach Split level house on Jerome Rd, you can now see the mall from where the house used to be, the house sat on Jerome and I don’t remember the name of the road that connected to it that came off the Anthony Wayne trail. There was a large picture window in the from of the house, more times then I can count I swear I saw a person walk in front of the window towards the front door (it was the only want to get to the front door from the driveway) I would go to the front door firmly believing someone was there about to knock, and not one person would be there. This was way before the mall was built and there were less then 10 houses on Jerome. I spent many summers home alone while my parents worked, and I know for certain no one was at that door. But I would 100% believe I saw someone walk past that window. Always had a feeling in the house that I was being watched and so did my mom. My mom also had some scary experiences at night sleeping, as well did I. The woods behind there was actually very beautiful and had a stillness to it that was really comforting, we used to walk through there many times as kids. Had I know the battle actually took place there I would have look more intently around, but we didn’t know that then, and I was a kid. My parents lived there till about 2012 or so and then the parks bought it and tore down the house. I’ve always wanted to go back but I wasn’t sure if I would get in trouble.

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