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The bridge was demolished in 2010 or 2011; the map shows the location of theh former bridge. It is said that a woman in the 1970s drove off the bridge, killing herself and her children. Her phantom car was seen driving across the bridge, and her apparition has been spotted in a white dress, twirling in a nearby field. Other reports say a green goblin creature also appears nearby.

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Wilson Hollow Rd
Fayetteville, AR
United States

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36.01484243621601, -94.14238205554284
Washington County, Arkansas
Nearest Towns:
Greenland, AR (2.3 mi.)
Fayetteville, AR (3.4 mi.)
Black Oak, AR (4.1 mi.)
Farmington, AR (6.1 mi.)
West Fork, AR (6.8 mi.)
Elkins, AR (7.6 mi.)
Johnson, AR (8.3 mi.)
Prairie Grove, AR (10.2 mi.)
Goshen, AR (10.3 mi.)
Springdale, AR (11.9 mi.)

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  1. I took my friend out there tonight and after about five minutes, the windows started fogging up and after a bit it looked like handprints on the windshield that looked like a hand was dragged across it. A smaller handprint appeared higher up that looked like a baby’s hand print. It was quite an experience.

  2. I went on Halloween night 2014 and when my family and I drove across the bridge, we heard the mother and her child scream. We also took several pictures outside and saw several orbes in the pictures and saw ghost shapes in which one was in the shape of a baby. Pretty creepy but it was a cool experience!

  3. 5 years ago, I went with an SUV full of friends. We stopped on the bridge and put it in neutral. Looking down at the water from the creek makes you feel like you’re moving. So I was skeptical about other peoples stories of being “pushed” by the spirits. But after just a few minutes of silence we were all jerked back as if the car was being pulled forward really fast. We screamed and drove off quickly. When we pulled over at the gas station there were handprints along the bumper. Super creepy. I’m sad they demolished it. It is a beautiful place with a spiritual presence for sure.

  4. me and my Elena Allen were in the back of my 84 convertible having a good time and we’re suddenly pulled away from each other and she was tossed out of the car but then seconds later she was thrown back into the car and we drove off. Love that creek why did they demolish that bridge. good experience

  5. There never was an “accident” involving a woman and her children at “Tilly Willy. The story says it happened back in the 70″s. Don’t you think that there would be some mention of it in the local paper, “Northwest Arkansas Times”? There is none. Also the Brook’s family lived within a quarter mile of the bridge and there son was a State Trooper/County Sheriff back during that time of the supposed accident, again never heard of it. My parents lived out on the road and for many tears we used to swim and fish at that location and once again never saw or heard anything that you shouldn’t have heard by the river in the woods. This is an old wives tale/urban myth. Never happened. You can go on line and check the paper about any accidents that supposedly took place there and you will find no record of it.

  6. Ok, me and my friends were joking around and decided to go to the bridge yesterday .(Halloween 2015) At first nothing happened, then our car died. My driving tried to restart it and it didn’t work. I was in shotgun and I looked out the door window and a dark silhouette was standing in the distance. I looked back at my friends and they were no where to be found. I looked back at the window and a woman was peering in. “Go home!!!!!!” She screamed.
    I woke up in my bed, groggy and with a distorted perception. Unsure if the experience was a dream I snuck out and drove to Tilly Willy bridge. I found my friends truck. I walked up to it. Looking in, I saw my friends, I saw myself. At that moment I knew what to do. I screamed “Go home!!!”

      • According to the information above, this event happened in the 70’s. Go to this link and it states that it happened in the 50’s:
        There are other stories state this happened in the late 40’s, early 40’s, mid 30’s and sometime in the 20’s just after the original bridge was built. Now, the common fact was that NONE of these “stories” have ever been backed by any evidence. That are no reports of anyone every driving off the bridge and drowning. The Brooks family has lived next to the bridge for over a 100 years, in fact the hill behind their home is called Brooks Mountain after the family name. Having been friends with members of the Brooks family for over 70 years, all have stated it is nothing more than a “folk tail” or in today’s terminology, an “urban legend”. Anyone who stated they saw this or that might of had a few too many, (tilly willy was known as a drinking spot and make-out location for many, many years.

  7. Just went to the new location of the bridge last night with some friends because we heard it was haunted but we didn’t read any stories about it before going except for we heard you are supposed to let your windows fog up and a handprint will appear. while driving up to the bridge our GPS threw our location out into the middle of the field but once we got over the bridge it put us back on the road. So we pulled back around and drove to the middle of the bridge and turned my truck off and sat, waiting for the mysterious handprint to come along. While waiting i thought i saw something run across the road a couple of times but i was sure i was delusional and i didn’t want to act crazy and make up some bullshit to my friends but i looked at my friend who was sitting shotgun next to me and he looked beyond scared. all of a sudden my friend in the back of the truck said, “Guys did you just see that…?” and my other friend pointed towards where i saw the creature running and said, “you mean the thing over there?” and thats when i got freaked out because we all saw it.. (i later found this website and read about the “goblin” and i assume it was that running back and forth in front of the bridge). but that isn’t the scary part; suddenly we hear a noise come from the back of the truck in the bed and we all turn around to see nothing, we look back to the front and my friend silently whispers, “Oh f**k”. he pulls out his phone and shines his light onto the front windshield to reveal a handprint upside down on the very top of the glass, as if someone was crawling down from the roof of my truck. The hand was so detailed, you could even see the creases in the palm of it and everything. Ive never started my truck and sped off so fast in my life while simultaneously screaming my ass off.

    • My friend and I are currently working on a documentary about this bridge and we would love to interview you about your experience. If you are interested please shoot us an email at samgrtaylor@gmail.com We would very much appreciate it.

  8. OK so this is true….this lady….this ghostly figure….she meant to drive off the bridge. She is not friendly in any sort of way whatsoever she will warn you ….if you do not heed her warning you’ll probably end up dead I implore all who read this steer clear of the bridge do not go out there at all . That green creature you see? It’s no mere “goblin”. It is a creature of hell meant to deliver the torment of hell dying over and over again to its victims

  9. Sometime between 1996 and 1998 I went there with several other people. I had never heard about the haunting, and we were drinking as teenagers do, and I started asking the people with me who the woman in the field was, what was she doing out there, etc., and our DD hustled us back into the car and took off super fast. I kept asking wtf was going on, but no one told me until the next day. So I guess I saw the ghost, and scared the hell out of my DD but didn’t realize it at the time.

  10. Hello this is my second comment and I come to you guys in a great time of need. It has been many days since I’ve slept and I’m convinced that the ghost of Tilly Willy bridge has followed me to my apartment. At night stray cats used to paw at my window, scratching it all night. Annoyed with the noise, i decided to fix the problem. One night I went outside and collected rocks to murk these cats. At around 11:25, several cats surrounded me. I stood there as slowly more cats came. I was too scared to toss a single stone. After about 40 minutes a crowd of about 30 cats stood around me in a semi circle. They stood there for several hours. I got a call at exactly 3 am and it was a blocked #. I answered it. “Hello…?” No response. I looked up and all the cats were gone. I haven’t slept. Please I NEED HELP

  11. Hello, it’s been years since I’ve last reached out. In an attempt to ride myself of these demons, I moved briefly to Dallas, Texas for a year then to my current home near Phoenix AZ.
    At first when I moved to Dallas everything was fine. Then the knocks started. One night after putting my 15 month old son to sleep, I heard a faint tap. Not a knock yet, but a light tap on the wall. It sounded like it was around waist high. Maybe a little higher? Then a couple weeks later, while I was getting ready for work in the morning, I heard the same tap, It got me, I have to investigate. I put my ear to the wall and I hear the tap a little clearer. It sounded like a pin or a tac poking a hardwood floor. But it started to sound sharper. As if the end was an ice pick, piercing the wall. As I back away from the wall I hear the tap from every direction. All walls, the ceiling and floor tapped at me. The tap started to intensify into a knock. A strong ringing knock. The sound drills into my skull. I ran out of the room. The sound stopped as soon as I broke the threshold of my bedroom door. That day I began my escape plan.
    I called my wife and gave her the safe word. I packed any valueables and began preparing for the night. Based on my research, I created a “Porta Vitae” which translates to “Life Door.” This is a setup that creates a passage way to the 2nd Level, the space between spaces if you will. My trap was set and I was ready. I used the wooden structure to stretch the fabric of time in my living room. The portal opened and I used the holy weapon I found in Chile while I was researching the phenomenon that was occurring. I slaughtered 50 or more of the Intergalactic demons who invaded my location. Eventually they were able to close the miniature rip in time that I created. I took our belongings and torched the house.
    Arizona treated me well, I thought the pain in my family’s life was over. I thought.
    I will no longer be harassed by these monsters. At the lords hour I will have my finally stand. If I do not return to tells stories of greatness and triumph, then my the hive have mercy on my tormented soul. Thank you for everything. God speed.

  12. Randall Rickets  |  

    Hello my name is Randall Rickets. I’m 78 years old and I have lived in Elkins most of my life. My grandson recently asked me about Tilly Willy since kids at there school have been going there to “get head.” In my younger days I did go down to Tilly and it’s true I saw some things. In my day we used to call the ghost “Veronica.” I don’t remember why. The bridge used to be a scary little place where people saw things. But after WW2 things changed. It became dark. People started going missing. The river would flow with the blood of its victims. The churches begged people not to go. But those kids didn’t listen. I lost one of my own children to that bridge. That place is not a game. That place has a direct line to Satan.

    • My grandmother from Elkins used to say locals would go to the bridge on halloween for stories and eventually hayrides were given that would cross it. She claimed these were popular in the 1950s. Any pictures or articles. Thanks gang.
      Deus Volt
      Love that Bridge

  13. I am a current PHD candidate for the Natural History Prohram at the U of A. Recently I was choosing a topic for my Arkansas history thesis paper. I looked into minor historical locations and stumbled accross this bridge. I do not know about the hauntings but I do know Tilly is Germanic. Tilly is feminine and refers to a “strength in battle”. Willy in a Germanic context is short for Wilhelm meaning “will helmet”. It is odd that this bridge is named in such a militaristic fashion.

  14. Am I the only one that is confused about people saying the bridge got destroyed? I just went down there and it’s definitely the original bridge. Would like clarification.

  15. Ok so I don’t went down to Tilly Willy Bridge last night because my friend told me crazy stuff happens all the time. When I pulled up there were several cars on the bridge. I got out to look around. It was misty. There were several guys hanging out on the bridge drinking beer. I tried to talk to them, but they didn’t speak English. I don’t know what language they spoke, but it sounded European. I didn’t really see anything. Just a weird encounter with those guys.

  16. Jaime Garcia Amelio  |  

    Every US President since Eisenhower has visited Tilly Willy bridge. I have copies of memoir notes and local newspapers placing each President by date and time. Probably a coincidence.

    • Hey, I’m really interested in Tilly Willy bridge and I was wondering if I could see some of the memoir notes or at least the name of the local newspaper. any help would be appreciated! Thank you

  17. Jimmy Garcia Amelio  |  

    Please pray for Jaime, he recently attempted suicide at the bridge. Do not go near that bridge. Jaime his in a coma and needs rest but I believe he will recover.

  18. I went to the bridge this morning but it was packed with people enjoying a festival of some kind. It was fun and ethnic German food rocks.

  19. Hello my name is Daniel I’m in 5th grade. Last weekend I went to Tilly Willy with my friend Taylor. At first it was scary and then a bright light came up from the water. It looked like the headlights of a car. I ran but Taylor was scared so he froze. Taylor hasn’t been back to school and no one has seen him. I’m scared:(

  20. I think the new bridge is even better than the original. A lot of things can happen in broad daylight. I remember going down there one time and there was a block of dirt or some sort of material. I went on top of it and I heard constant car sounds, but there wasn’t a single car above me as my friend was on the bridge at the time. There’s also a whistling sound sometimes as well. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a green-ish humanoid go from one side of the creek to the other in the place of the old bridge. I don’t think that’s paranormal, though.

  21. I recently moved into the area. My realtor told me to watch out for the people that come from the bridge. I wasn’t really sure what that meant I thought it was some kind of joke. But on the third night that I stayed there, I saw it. It walked like a man. It looked like a beast

  22. This is going to sound weird, but I don’t know where else to post this. I’ve told everyone this story but no one believes me. I’m not crazy. So about 3 weeks ago I was driving my normal route home. I live in Fayetteville, but do construction in the Lincoln area. One night I was driving home around 9:30. My truck popped a flat so I pulled over to check it out. A nail from site got lodged into my back left tire. Nothing out of the normal. As I was setting up to change the tire, I heard someone calling out. “You need some help?” I responded “Nah man I’m ok” I was a little freaked out since there was no cars around. I looked around and no one was there. “It’s ok friend I’ll help.” A man emerges from the woods and starts walking towards me. As he gets closer it becomes obvious something’s wrong. The short, skinny man is dressed weird and looks dirty. I turn the light towards him to see if he’s some kind of meth head. His illuminated face stares at me. I dropped my light and ran to get into my truck and get my gun. The door won’t open and my keys are sitting on my dashboard. That’s no possible. I’ve never locked myself out before. The man comes around the side and asks “what’s wrong friend?” I almost threw up seeing his face up close. The entire right side of his face looked like it had be shot at close range by a high caliber rifle. “I’m here to help friend. We gotta get you out of here before those Nazi f uckers come back.” I screamed out and ran. I ran as long as I could. Eventually I got to the outskirts of Fayetteville and called for a ride. I returned the next day to find my keys sitting on top of the truck and my tire perfectly fine. My flashlight was in the passenger seat. No one believes me….

  23. anyone heard the story of 1897 air ship.
    Is this proof of aliens or secret gov space activity near tilly? Did it land or refuel at tilly?

  24. Small Timber Hollow  |  

    Greetings friends, my name is Small Timber Hollow. I am the current chief of the Chickasaw tribe in Oklahoma. This website was brought to my attention by a youngling in our tribe. He asked me, “Great One, will you tell them the story of the bridge they now call Tilly Willy.” As chief this is my duty.
    When I was but a boy, my grandmother, Sparrow River, became deathly ill. As a woman of the old gods, she refused modern medicine. As she got worse, she eventually made the request to me. Timber you need to take me to the origin of man. I had no idea what this meant. I spoke with our elders. One elder named Buffalo Fire told me a story and I will relay that tale to you.
    In the beginning, before Man. Our gods had a war. They fought for hundreds of years. Tirawa, the creator of all, was sadden by the blood shed. He wanted to find a way to unite his family. Tirawa decided to bleed from his own veins in order to show how meaningless the war is. He hated to see brothers killing brothers. Tirawa grabbed an eagle by its legs and cut his forearm using its talons for all gods to see. Tirawa’s blood rushed over the lands of the earth. His blood gave the nutrients for man to arise from the dirt. He buried the Eagle where he was standing as a symbol to the gods that they will no longer fight meaningless war between each other. That spot today is known to the white man as Tilly Willy Bridge.
    I took my grandmother on a long hard journey as she refused to use the white man’s machines. Eventually we reach the spot of the origin of man. She asked me to lay her down so that she could feel where our creator stood. As she closed her eyes, the grass around her became vibrant. With my own eyes, I watched as the ground welcomed my grandmother. The grass, the leaves, even the trees, they reached out for her. I heard a deep raspy voice. The voice called out “She is home. Return to your tribe little one, it’s not your time yet.”

  25. This one is a doozie. My wife and the guys she used to go to college with went to Tilly about 4 months ago. They said they stayed in the car but still saw and heard crazy things. There was white slime covering the seats and hand prints all over the car. Recently we found out she was pregnant. This was scary because I’m impotent. She was also alarmed. Has anyone had similar results?? Do I need to take her to a priest.

  26. So I actually lived near the bridge. I moved to New Mexico around 2009, but when I lived in that area I would always hear and see weird stuff. Stuff I couldn’t explain. One day I was walking with my son to go get a pack from the store when we saw an odd shape. It was a symmetrical sphere simmering in the summer sunlight. So out of place. It hovers humming for an hour before it blasted off bellowing, breaking branches and it ascended. That was normal for life near the Willy!

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