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This curious haunt has been featured on Ghost Adventures and is quickly becoming one of the most talked about haunted locations for the innumerable amounts of paranormal activity occurring on the property. Sitting on seven acres this foreboding home is the site of murder, mysterious deaths, and rumored suicide.

(Submitted by Steve)

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Geographic Information

2172 S Spiceland Road
New Castle, IN
United States

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39.898567, -85.39235400000001
Henry County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
New Castle, IN (2.4 mi.)
Greensboro, IN (4.2 mi.)
Spiceland, IN (4.8 mi.)
Cadiz, IN (6.2 mi.)
Lewisville, IN (6.7 mi.)
Kennard, IN (6.7 mi.)
Dunreith, IN (7.0 mi.)
Mount Summit, IN (7.3 mi.)
Sulphur Springs, IN (7.8 mi.)
Straughn, IN (8.2 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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Comments (27)

  1. Dose anyone know who owns it so I can go investigate I am a ghost hunter in Richmond Indiana and want to know if it cost anything

    • Steve Miller was the last person to own it? That I know of, seen it on an episode of Ghost Adventures (season 11 episode 10)!

  2. Thornhaven Manor as it was named by the current owner Steve Miller was
    built in 1845. This beautiful Italianate home originally set on a
    1,000 acre farm but now resides on seven acres of woods, meadows and
    marsh land.Rich in history the Manor was once a stop on The
    Underground Railroad, was home to many prominent families as well as
    civil war soldiers ( one dying in battle ) and was even the scene of a
    fiendish murder plot. Steve Miller purchased the property on May of
    2012 naming it Thornhaven Manor because of all the Thorn trees on the
    property. He has big plans to restore the home to it’s original glory.
    Steve had no idea that the place and grounds were haunted when he
    bought it. After finding this out he now opens it to paranormal
    investigations in an effort to fund some of the costly
    renovations…..He has had a psychic go through the Manor who told him
    there were forty-seven spirits in the house alone! We arrived at the
    Manor at approximately six o’clock on Sat. June 29 where we met Steve
    who took us on a tour of the home , barn and grounds giving us the
    history he has uncovered on the place.

    • I don’t believe anyone lives in this home. Last time I was there the owner said he doesn’t like being there a lone or after dark because of stuff he has been through there. There were doing some fixing of the place because some area’s are not safe to go.

  3. Have helped in clean up of the Manor and the grounds on several occasions. Helped with Trick Or Treat at Halloween and investigated many times! Caught some of our best evidence at Thornhaven which was used on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Brothers. This place is amazing!

  4. Our group has investigated Thornhaven several times. Its shocking the evidence we get each and every time. Amazingly we heard -hey- several times. Heard by myself and my sister standing a few feet from me. Evps are always incredible. We heard a man with an odd accent ask us- who are you? Very clear. And there are always many! Spirits are willing to communicate at Thornhaven.
    I’m very thankful Steve is the owner. He respects the spirits that remain and understand we are there to hopefully gain knowledge.
    Happy hunting.

  5. this place is actually haunted I live in Newcastle and ive been here twice it was also apart of the under ground rail road it has a lot of dark history

  6. I have been here several times and each time had experiences and obtained EVP’s. One night there were a few of us left after an investigation where nothing much had happen.

    We were sitting around a table and all four of us heard and audible giggle and about that time one of our teammates hair was actually pulled. Listening back on the recording you could also hear the giggle and from pictures you could see where our teammates hair had been pulled out of her rubber band… just a playful spirit nothing scary. Cool experience. Highly recommended.

  7. Update as April 2021. Steve no longers provides tours or lets people investigate the house. Apparently he has fallen ill and is has been for quite some time.

  8. It is an awesome location and I would never trespass, because it’s against the law, and it’s disrespectful to the owner of the property and to the Spirits in general! This place is on my wishlist to visit one day with Permission of course!

  9. Ellen Gwaltney Bales  |  

    My good friend Helena Beerwart owned and lived in the house during the 1980s and vacated the property hurriedly, leaving many belongings behind. Mrs. Beerwart is now in her late 80s and would like to visit the property again and if possible collect the items she left behind. Naturally she would seek the owner’s permission but no one seems to be certain who that person is. If the current owner of 2172 S. Spiceland Road would be kind enough to forward his or her current e-mail address to my e-mail below, I would be happy to pass it along to Helena. She could no doubt supply the current owner with much of the property’s history.
    Ellen Gwaltney Bales

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