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One of those sites where high school students like to go to hang out and tell stories, the Third Bridge is said to have been the scene of a car accident where some students were once killed. Folks also say that the place is near a terrible Native American massacre that took place long ago, and if high-schoolers get too rowdy, the sound of ghost drums will get louder and sound closer. Some have reported seeing the apparition of a man on a horse.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

County Line Road
14 miles east of Aurora, CO
United States

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39.563735012761036, -104.4429198504804
Elbert County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Bennett, CO (13.5 mi.)
Strasburg, CO (13.6 mi.)
Kiowa, CO (15.0 mi.)
Byers, CO (15.3 mi.)
Ponderosa Park, CO (15.4 mi.)
Elizabeth, CO (16.3 mi.)
Parker, CO (17.3 mi.)
The Pinery, CO (17.3 mi.)
Foxfield, CO (18.7 mi.)
Cottonwood, CO (19.1 mi.)


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  1. I seen a young girl in a polka dot dress in the Elmwood cemetery in brighton Colorado at night time around 7:30 while trying to get home from drama class. I heard her say mommy where are yo. I turned around to make sure that she was okay and as soon as I did look at the area where she was at and she was gone. This happened to me two more times that same week

  2. Went there tonight around 1AM to see this haunted 3rd bridge. It is not haunted at all. No way in hell. I didn’t see any ghosts or apparations of anything. I heard nothing. Saw no fog, nothing. There were other people there when I got there and they too saw absolutely nothing. This is not a haunted place at all. Nothing spooky about this place. Don’t believe any of the stories, none of them are true. All the videos on YouTube are made up. I have been there myself. I went there believing I would experience something and nothing. I even parked my car and got out. Nothing happened at all.

    • Oh yes the ghosts of third bridge are there. They do not show up on your command. If you go there 3 times a week for 3 weeks in a row at the witching hour (3 AM) they will follow you home after the ninth night and haunt you for the rest of your life.

      • that just sounds ridiculous.
        i went there on halloween with some friends and there was nothing scary there. Yeah it was pretty shady, but that was about it. The roads were rocky and bad along with the barns and houses that were in the middle of no where, but that’s about it.
        We didn’t hear anything, see anything, and we didnt have any hand prints imbedded onto our car. We went there like 1AM.
        The drums people were talking about were nothing but a placebo affect.

  3. I went there with some friends about 12 years ago (we were seniors in HS) at about 11 pm to about 1 am.

    It was a cold night in November, and at first we didn’t think anything would happen, and for the most part it didnt.

    The strangest thing that did happen was a pack of coyotes started howling and going nuts just north of us (we couldn’t see them, just hear them). Then suddenly they stopped and it sounded like another pack of them started up to the south on the other side of the bridge. For about half an hour they kept switching off, and I’m no coyote expert,but I highly doubt that’s natural behavior. We got a little freaked out and considered that a “successful” trip to the third bridge.

    Then again it could’ve all just been a coincidence.

  4. I went out there around 1 am about 4 years go i could here drums in the distance and while in the car saw fog going over the car and my friend caught a light spore on with his camera.

  5. So I went there a few years ago. As far as the rider, I didn’t see any of that. However, I did see a young girl full of mud in a white dress with a frilly collar with brown hair. Couldn’t have been more than 4 and a half feet tall. She was crossing the street and stretched her hand out to me. Then vanished. When we all got out the car, all but me and another friend could cross these rose bushes. We both thought it was because I have abilities. That’d never happened to her before. Neither one of us could talk or move for about a min. My bf at the time went under the bridge cause he was a skeptic. I heard the drums then I got flashes of blood everywhere then it got ice cold in the middle of July. We then heard the laughing of children and I left I was new to the psychic ability. When my bf was under the bridge, he heard footsteps behind him twice the first time he saw nothing, and the second time he saw a broad man with a half apparition of a scared little girl. Needled to say he’s no longer a skeptic. So is it haunted? Yes and to those who haven’t experienced anything, calm and broaden ur mind, u must listen, ghosts come out when they want to. Not when you want to.

    • Hey, sorry to bother you but I just wanted to research and make sure what the address was in order to find this place and you were the most recent person to comment on here. It’s okay if you don’t remember or know.

      • There is no exact address but here are the gps coordinants that you could copy and paste into google maps and such:
        39.563735012761036, -104.4429198504804
        Please tell me about your experience

    • I do have a real photo of the woman on the bridge,……but I think it is a pioneer woman,…that was killed by Indians,…..Ellen Hungate 1863. She is wearing a calico dress….taken in 2011…..on a digital camera, at 9:30 p.m…I have lived out here for 25 years……but I wont post it,…..its just a real treasure.

  6. If there is a Native American massacre that occurred there, its most likely haunted. My ancestors are still very angry about any massacre that has happened to our people.

  7. I went there last year during august with my fiancé and best friend. we parked on the bridge turned the car off and the headlights and listen to see if we heard anything me being a smartass started yelling and saying nothing happened here and I’m not scared of hoaxes. I heard if you make noises and piss of the spirits you hear the Indian drums and we did! they got louder and louder to the point I couldn’t even hear my friend trying to tell me to get in the car. We peeled out and left and my fiancé wanted to go back so we turned around parked and she walked down the bridge I heard something and called her back to the car we got out and I yelled whos there and I swear to god on this I heard a little girls voice say “me?” all 3 of us heard it and ran back to the car they got in while my door was locked and wouldn’t open till I was screaming at the top of my lungs open the f*&*king door! open it!!! Then we left and I was freaked out for days came back a few weeks later and nothing happened. Another weird thing when we came in there was no people here not even a car driving back down the dirt road to smoky hill there was a dead doe in the road that looked like it got smashed by a car but no debris or people around….shit was nuts.

  8. The accident was June 22nd 1996 two girls died megan deherrera and a 12 year old named Tara and several others we’re seriously injured. the driver Jessica is now a quadriplegic. megan was my sister.

    • Sarah,

      I am so sorry to hear that this was your sister. I lost a brother who died while kayaking. Sarah and Les are in heaven. Both too young to leave us.

      Take care,

      • My friend and I went to third bridge around 1am. We got to the second bridge and things started to get weird. We both got really cold (It’s the middle of July) and chills went up our spins the second we got on the bridge. It also didn’t help me who was driving that a car was also coming at me on the bridge. (It is a very narrow bridge.) As soon as we got off of second bridge we turned off the radio so we were driving in complete silence. We then proceeded and accidentally passes the bridge. As we turned around, I backed up to complete the u-turn. When I put my car in reverse with nothing behind us. My backup alarm went off and didn’t stop. When we got back to the bridge we turned off the lights and all we heard was the sound of my diesel engine. So we turned it off and just sat in complete silence. We both felt like someone was behind us and we heard a weird sound that progressively got loader. This sound we have concluded was a mix of the drums and children screaming. We saw eyes at the exact point where the young girl died and they would disappear and come back closer. We decided to leave because we had had enough. As we got off the bridge and crested the hill, a car passed us. They slammed on their breaks and pulled off and just sat there. We turned onto 29 and when we were paralell with the car it was gone. We watched it until it disappeared.

  9. Me and some freinds of mine. Went there, we parked just past it. And walked to the bridge. We saw from the trees a black shadow of a man. He jumped from the trees and walked to is. Just all black. We ran back to the cars and when I got into mine. The man was suddenly in the field only a few feet from my car. We did see old, very old rattles and babies toys. And we heard the drums, and a train that wasn’t there at the old tracks. When we got home. I had hand printside all over my back window. It was fun, and spooky.

  10. The ghosts are real… The burnt Porsche body is gone… But none the less… If u see the fog prepare yourself, and don’t cross the bridge… Have had a few friends go off the road there!!!

  11. 5 people just died 17 hours ago leaving third bridge they were in a horrible car crash. I have been there a few times. First time nothing second time nothing and third time i got fed up and was about to leave then i heard the very faint sounds of drums coming from the distance. Pretty cool to finally hear it. RIP to the 5 who passed away.

  12. I have visited this bridge once with my two sisters and dad. We went in august of 2016. I’ve heard about this bridge for years as a native of the Denver area, but never had the gusto to visit it. We went around 10:30/11:00 and stayed until about 11:30. When we arrived I was not feeling to strange, but a little uneasy just due to the hype of the location. There were many cars passing at this time still on the pavement part of the road, but once we hit the dirt road, it got much more quiet. We had heard that a cop/trooper will hang out there on the weekends since it has become such a popular place for teens to visit. My youngest sister, who just graduated from TJ this year once went there on a Saturday night but was quickly turned away by an officer. Anyway, we parked on the bridge and eventually mustered up the courage to get out. All of us have always been very interested in the paranormal, especially my dad and I. I do feel that I am sensitive to the spirit world and energies around me. Once we got out, we stood on the bridge and just listened. For a while there was nothing but peaceful noises. Crickets, grass blowing in the wind. But the longer we stood, the more our senses started to become aware. Just as I was beginning to feel a change in energy we heard some birds crowing. And I began to feel immense sadness. I remember feeling like I needed to pray. I am not a religious person and rarely have ever prayed in my life but I felt the urge to pray to the teens who lost their young lives in the crash in the 90’s. We then had a car pass by so we all hoppped in our car and drove down a bit. We turned around and went back to the same spot and the bridge was just different. I started to feel scared whereas I hadn’t before. My eyes began to play tricks on me, and I felt I kept seeing shadows of a man. I didn’t say this out loud to anyone, for fear of being true. Then, my dad felt something grab the back of his hair on his neck. He thought it was one of us, but it was not. After that we began to very, ever so faintly hear drumming noises. It was so quiet you could only hear it every so often. Then it started to get louder and louder. The logical side in me kept thinking it had to be the oil drums everyone talks about because of course it could be real. But I am not so sure. We eventually drove off the bridge after sitting in the car and listening to the drumming. Right before we drove off, I said something along the lines of feeling like we had worn out our welcome. My second youngest sister agreed and was wigging out so we left. We drove to the first top of the hill west of the bridge and listened again for the drumming. It was even louder there. This leads me to think it is not paranormal, but I will never know for sure! I do want to say, I wholly respect and wish peace on all of the souls who have been lost in this area. In light of the most recent accident, I am certain that this place carries negative energy, and should not be taken lightly. To whomever decides to visit this place: please be respectful and safe.

  13. I’ve been to many places in Colorado that are supposed to be hot spots but this is one of the few that I walked away from and every person on the team had an experience, myself included. I really want to go again, whos up for a drive? Jk jk but honestly, be safe if you go out there, it’s an interesting place but also dangerous due to it being such a narrow bridge.

  14. So a friend of mine convinced me to go out and check hunted places, ive heard about third bridge a long time ago but never got around driving all the way out there, first of all im not a person that believes in paranormal stuff but this experience COMPLETELY changed my mind, Ok so we were a couple hundred feet from the bridge, its about 11:30pm, we see a van already parked in the middle of the bridge and that made me feel more relaxed knowing that we werent the only ones there, i parked across from them but not to close so i didnt bother them, my friend was recording as soon as we got there and i was getting a feel for the place, after 10mins i turned off my lights and grabed my flashlight, five minutes after the van also turned off thier lights and everything was calm, little windy and foggy, then all of a sudden the van turned on ther lights and drove off like crazy, i tought they were trying to scare us or something, then we started hearing a PACK OF COYOTES in the distance and i was actually paying more attention to that rather than ghosts or drums or anything out of the ordinary, couple of minutes after we both heard a GROUP OF CHILDREN getting hurt, at first we were confused because we wasnt sure what we heard was real, so we stood there and i was getting my camera setup then we heard A BUNCH OF KIDS LAUGHING, like they were playing not to far from us, then again TWO more times, the voices of those kids were so clear and crisp that i got into shock but i managed to keep myself together, i got my gear back into my car and drove away, i noticed we left a flashlight in the roof of the car and i saw it falling on the ground in my rear view mirror, i did not care to go back and get it, my friend and i were so scared that we couldnt believe what just happened, THIS PLACE IS REAL, IT IS HAUNTED, TAKE PRECAUTIONS AND BE RESPECTFUL…..

  15. Aight, im one of those highschool students, i went there around 2:30 am with three girls and my friend. we drove up through the bridge at first, then pulling a u-turn at the end near the gate of the barn that is there. while we started to pull back through, we stopped mid-bridge, like exactly in the middle, turned off the car and all the lights to see if we can hear anything. my friend and I got out as the other girls told us not to cause they were scared. i y elled “ay yo wuddup!” really loud and my friend climbed off the railing, he was pretty much half off the bridge. now, it’s pretty noticable that we didn’t think there was anything there. I even jus stood 2 feet from the car admiring the landscape and the river that was underneath. My friend and i got back into the car though and we started leaving. once we were like half a mile away, we started to feel bummed that nothing happend, and that we came all this way out jus to stay for half a minute. so, we jus turned back around and went back. this time we parked off from the bridge. my friend and i were the first ones to get out, he stayed at the door waiting for my sister to get out as i walked towards the bridge with full confidence that the place was jus some stupid rumor. then i heard some tapping like 60 feet away straight into the forest, however i thot this was just me so i told my friend to listen. He heard it two, it was happening right now. we told the others to keep quiet because we were actually freaked out by this but wanted to make sure it was real. when the others went silent, the whole place was quiet. Then there it was, the tapping. instanly the girls started screaming and that made my friend and i run back to the car. i happend to be the last one in but i managed to be hella quick. it was the screams that scared us really but wow. it really shook us that time. i didnt believe that shit.

  16. I went to Third Bridge twice in the past when I was 17 and 18. We seen an aspiration of a little girl along the bridge and hear the Indian drums. When getting back in the car, it wouldn’t start for about 10 minutes. The car had never had any problems prior to going there, so we felt as though the ghosts were messing with the car.

    Fast forward about 10 years later, I am now 28 and wanted to check it out again with my boyfriend. We went at 11 pm Saturday, 4/12. When driving just past the cross sign of where a man named Randy died in 2010, it smelt like death to me. We found the bridge and drove through it first and went to the other side of it. When we started to come off the bridge, all of our lights dimmed and even the engine sounded like it was having trouble. This was just for a few seconds and stopped as we kept driving. Again, no prior car problems of the same kind when we went to Third Bridge. We turned around to see if it would happen again as we went back over the bridge but nothing happened.

    There were a couple groups of other people up there, so we were not alone. The place is earily quiet, with frogs and cricket calls. Its pitch dark and has a creepy feeling yet looks beautiful as well. We got a few good pics with orbs when we went under the bridge. And also a pic of a dark figure when coming back up, walking up the bridge. I also looked behind me and it looked as though someone was walking behind me, but there was no one. It made me scream, I’m sure I freaked the other people out that were there when I screamed bloody murder. Lol.

    While there, I conversed with other people doing some investigating theirselves and I heard countless stories from previous times of being there, such as again, car malfunctioning and aspirations of a little girl again, Indian drums and a girl felt two hands go down her back one night. There is obviously stuff going on here and a lot of the similar stories.

    We walked back up to the car and began to drive off back towards Kiowa-Bennett Road, and just as the street turned from dirt to pavement road again, the car malfunctioned, yet again! Same thing happened, the lights dimmed and the car sounded like it was struggling as well! It was a crazy experience, and visiting there always opens my eyes a little more, that there are things unexplainable that we have barely scratched the surface on.

    This place is DEFINITELY haunted, so check it out if your interested. It’s a definite must see in Colorado.

      • Elijah Villamar  |  

        This is true I have proof!
        This is the machine that’s making those famous “drum” sounds. I was sad at first because I heard them before and was so convinced it was true. However, I did see the horse with my own eyes. But as far as the drums sorry guys it’s just a machine. I also have a video if anyone is interested.

  17. I went went with some friends from work. It is haunted, while yes the drums are from the oil mines. but we saw a dark shadow in the trees and it jumped down onto the bridge.. From there it disappeared I was the only one by the cars just past it. the shadow figure appered in the corn next to my car. slowly walking towards me. We all got in and drove off, But when we got back to work, we all had hand prints on our cars that looked like someone was trying to pull us back. Went back one time after that with a few of the same friends, we saw a old rattle silver one near the bridge just left to rust. I saw the black shadow by my car again.. Maybe its because I am to in-tune with them, but not fully sure, a few of my friends saw it, but it never went by their cars.

  18. I had went to third bridge a couple times. I was in high school so i went with groups of friends both times. I did not get out of the car but i stuck my head out the window to just listen. I did hear the drumming or oil rigs, can’t really confirm which it is. I didn’t see anything but i had a very uneasy feeling, which i normally get when something paranormal is around, and so we left after like 10 minutes, after leaving we pulled over at a gas station and when we got out, both of our cars were just covered in hand prints, all different sizes, everywhere. The second time i went same thing uneasy feeling but didn’t see anything. I pulled my phone out to start recording so i could watch it later and see, and when i started recording these 2 people just popped up next to the car with bones in their hands asking for a light to see them, and that they found them under the bridge, and that they look like human bones so they wanted to take them home and it was just very creepy so i rolled up my window and we got out of there quick. Once again stopped and car was covered in hand prints. Other than that i haven’t actually seen any spirits but i have a few friends who say they have seen them before. Might decide to go back and see what i think now 10 years later.

  19. Went a couple times in 2006. The first time, there were like 3 other groups of people there. We took photos and had a lot of orbs in the pictures. My bother kept cleaning his camera, convinced it was dust, but they were always there, in different places. We then drove up the road to take other pictures, and they didn’t show any orbs. It felt creepy, but because so many people where there, we didn’t have any real experiences.

    Anyways, we were creeped out by the orbs, but didn’t REALLY think they were ghosts or anything, it was just some Halloween creepy fun in my mind. So, my two best friends, my aunt, and her two kids (4 and 2 at the time) decided to drive out there one night again. It was about 9pm, kids sleeping in the backseat. In 2006, there weren’t rails all the way down the road, so we were able to drive down near under the bridge. My friends and I got out of the car to walk around. One of my friends walked down to under the bridge on his own, and me and my girl friend decided to stay near the car, because it was dark and creepy. Meanwhile, my aunt is in the car trying to get the 4 year old to calm down. Then something I’ll NEVER forget happened. My friend and I both heard a little girls voice say “What are you doing?” in a sweet curious tone. NO ONE else was there that night, except us! At that exact same moment, our other friend came running full speed towards the car, we all jumped in and told my aunt to get us out of there. He apparently saw a black shadow walking towards him. (He also knew nothing about the legends or stories, other than the car crashes and orbs in photos)

    My aunt, who didn’t have a chance to get out of the car, was convinced we were silly teenagers who just got spooked. So she decided to park the car on top of the bridge, and turn it off…you know, for fun…. Within minutes, the two year old woke up, she was dead asleep this whole time, and we hear her ask “mommy, who’s that boy in the window?”

    Car started up, we peeled out, and none of us have been back since.

    I’m still not sure if I believe in ghosts, but my friend and I definielty heard that voice that night! And hearing my baby cousin say that right after waking up, was enough for me to decided there is something there not to be messed with.

    It’s now 13 years later, and I kind of want to take my husband there, but we’re leaving our 2 year old at home!!!

  20. Third bridge was a popular place for us to hang out in HS like it was for many other. My Sophmore year a group of us went out to check it out and a spirit in an old pick up truck saved our lives.

    As we began racing from the bridge back into Aurora we came across an old pick up truck stopped in the road. Given our high rates of speed we all assumed at first that it was a police officer but as we got closer we noticed it was just an old truck that appeared to be broken down in the middle of the road. We had slowed way down as we approached the vehicle and stopped next to the truck to see if anyone needed help. The window on the vehicle was slightly cracked and the smell of a cigarette was apparent. The voice from inside the vehicle was that of an older gentleman that simply told us to slow down. We slowly pulled away from the truck when we noticed at part of the barbed wire fence along the road had fallen and several cattle had found their way onto that stretch of road. In the dark at the speed we were driving we would have most certainly hit the cattle and lives would have been lost. When we turned back to thank that man that told us to slow down the truck was gone.

  21. Ive been out there once and it was in the early morning hours like 1am and I know seen a man on a horse but I saw a native American , standing in the distance like he was warning of something cause the drums got really loud, as we headed for the car and once in the car before leaving fog rolled across the top of the car and long with a white orb that was caught on camera. This was in 2010.

  22. I’ve never really told this story to anyone that I haven’t known, but a few years ago I had been going to the bridge every now and then for some fun with friends when there was nothing to do… I’ll sum up my experiences.. one time I thought I saw a dark figure approaching the car (not sure if I imagined it or not), we found muddy handprints on our squeaky clean car after going to the bridge, and then one night my friend got possessed. I really don’t have the energy to type it all in vivid detail, but essentially my friend got possessed to the point where he was choking out my driver on the way home, his voice changed on video when it was normal in person, his skin turned red at the touch of any cross, and more. The whole thing started when my friend was looking out the window and telling me he was seeing somethings face in the trees. This sighting was confirmed by the driver who also saw it.. I unfortunately didn’t see the face because I wouldn’t look out of fear. The night began to grow ominous and I forget what was the final straw but the tension was so thick we decided to drive away. After driving away my friend who we had yet to figure out was possessed, passed out in the back seat of the car as we drove over the bridges. The ominous feeling never left the car and eventually down the road my possessed friend woke up… he was scratching at his neck and seemed different (not to the eye, but his entire vibe was different). He proceeeded to get more and more violent, eventually choking the driver with a belt as we went down the highway. He also mentioned something about not being able to hurt us, which I think has something to do with being protected by faith. Eventually we got home and read one piece of scripture and when we did his body contorted, almost like the movies. I can only imagine how unbelievable this sounds because when I experienced it, I was also in disbelief. This whole experience ended after a few weeks when we came together again and exorcised him.. it had been so long that I wasn’t sure if I had just imagined everything, but when we started he got so serious and the possession became very apparent. He became more and more angry and after reading scripture and coming to some sort of understanding with god he finally calmed down. I’m still not sure if he’s possessed to this day or not, and I know most won’t believe this story, but it’s a true story and I suppose you can believe it or not. It would help if you knew me and my friends, but there were too many unexplained things that happened. Also, a nice addition to the story is that when we were leaving the bridge initially, my driver swerved all over the road so violently I slapped him in the chest and after it looked like I woke him up from something because he seemed confused. I told him he just swerved all over the road aggressively and he still tells me to this day he doesn’t remember any of it….

    I would like to sum up my conclusions about all of this .. first off, I do think we took the most evil spirit from the bridge and exorcised it.. I confirmed this by going back to see if anything was there still. I also believe based off of my driver being possessed and swerving that this is the way most of the accidents happened at the bridge, the demon possesses the driver and crashes the vehicle.

    Again, I know most of this likely sounds dumb, but I wanted to finally share my experience and let others know of the real dangers there are, whether you all believe me or not.

  23. I went to the third bridge twice. The first time I didn’t see or hear anything and I thought it was all a hoax. Fast forward a few months, I went there again, this time with less people and later at night. We stopped at the third bridge and listened….. nothing. We went up to the bridge before or after that one, forget which way we went, but we decided to go back to the third one to listen again. Now i will say I have never experienced anything paranormal in my life, and didn’t expect anything either. But sure enough, we listened in the dark for a few seconds…. way off in the distance, I heard them. The drums. It sounded like slowed down helicopter blades is the best way I could describe it. We listened for a few minutes, then I wanted to test it because I was so shocked and confused, so we drove a few hundred yards away and got out of the car….. the sound was no longer there, even though we just got in the car and were very close to the bridge, we couldn’t hear them anymore. We go back into the bridge, get out….. and there they are again. We repeated this a couple times in both directions, stayed very close to the bridge but not on it, and the sound kept disappearing unless we were actually ON the bridge. At this point my friend mentioned something about how if I flipped a coin over the edge of the bridge I would hear it land behind me, and at this I told them there’s no way I was doing that because I was already surprised and a little spooked that I actually heard the infamous drums, especially because I hadn’t heard anything the first time. To all you in the comments saying it’s a hoax, just go back a couple more times, you’ll be scared and wrong.

  24. Never been but I’m sure the whole entire sanecreek trail from Denver all the way down to kiowa where the actal massacre happened I freaked the hell out over on the highway by the TA AND sapo bros baddddd energy

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