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The Sallie House is an unassuming, painted-brick house built around 1870, but is known for being extremely haunted. Sallie, the imaginary friend of a former tenant’s daughter, is believed to be one of its ghosts. Some of the strange things experienced here include pictures turned upside down on the walls, candles that melted oddly, physical attacks, sightings of apparitions, and much more. Ghost investigators have conducted investigations at the home.

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504 North 2nd Street
Atchison, KS
United States

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39.566703011243995, -95.11497268078529
Atchison County, Kansas
Nearest Towns:
Atchison, KS (0.4 mi.)
Lewis and Clark Village, MO (3.7 mi.)
Rushville, MO (4.9 mi.)
Iatan, MO (9.5 mi.)
Lancaster, KS (10.0 mi.)
De Kalb, MO (10.2 mi.)
Bendena, KS (12.5 mi.)
Huron, KS (13.5 mi.)
Denton, KS (14.1 mi.)
Troy, KS (15.0 mi.)

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Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Yep – been to the Sallie House in Atchison, KS, a few times. The about photo – the white house in the center of photo with the big tree in front of it IS the Sallie House. I always go to Atchison, KS, each Halloween season for there “Haunted Tours” trolley rides. They are quite interesting/entertaining!!!

    Been to the Sallie House twice and has no experience. MAYBE something – in the kitchen area, there is a door to the basement that was open on one visit but you could not go down into. Stuck my head in the doorway and got sort-of dizzy. Walked back into the kitchen area and head cleared out. Repeated process two more times with same results. The basement is an earthen basement, not your usual type of basement. The basement had an earthen/dank smell to it, much like going into a dank cave. Since I usually have the same type of experiences going into caves, figured that was what I was experiencing then.

    The Sallie House is usually full of people doing their own “ghost hunting” expeditions. On another visit, had 3 teenagers swear that they felt “something cold” pass through them. Well, that day in October, it just happened to be 73*F and shining on the east part of the house. The visit was about 3:00 P.M. and the sun had passed over to the west side of the house, thus the east side of the house was cooling down!! If a house is cooling down, you will most likely feel the coolness pass through you. NOBODY wanted to accept my sort-of logical explanation, was even actually cussed at for trying to burst their bubbles!!! LOL!!!

    • My husband and I visited the Sally house we stayed at a bed and breakfast across the street from the Sally house we were curious about the house so we went across the street and walk around the house my husband walked around to the back porch he was looking through the back windows I felt nervous and ask him please be careful I stood in the driveway watching him we left shortly after and went across the street back to the bed and breakfast where we were staying my husband felt a burning on his chest he lifted up his shirt and he had a long scratch on in the middle of his chest it really freak us out we told a few people when we got home but I think know one believes us

  2. While I will never discount another’s experience, I did go on a daytime tour during the month of October 2009 and felt nothing. As part of an all day Haunted Atchison trip with my daughter in law, we had partaken of many fun ghost type things there (trolley, cemetery tour and visiting private residences). I was able to park across the street from the house and down one or two houses. Honestly, the only thing scary to me was the fact that I could smell mold every time the front door opened due to people coming in and out during their self guided tours. And this was from across the street while still sitting in my car! When I wanted to make a cell call, I had to step outside the house. My daughter in law couldn’t get her camera to work while inside the house. Whether that was due to some sort of electrical interference or not, I don’t know? I did enjoy the stories being told by the people presenting the tour and stories shared by guests there at the same time I was there. I took several photos while there and nothing paranormal showed up. Look at the Atchison chamber of commerce site for your chance to visit the house.

  3. My friend and I always wanted to go on a ghost tour here but we only got to go on the trolly tours in October which I enjoyed and the last time I went I cause something on camera. I cant share it now but I can see if I can later. But we were in front of a house and I looked at the second window with my phone camera when something appeared in the picture and when I put my phone down it disappeared and when I put my phone back up to the window it would walk back out to look out the window and so I took a picture of it. it was a grey shadow figure it was hard to tell if it was a male or a female but I felt like it wanted to have its picture taken. I shared it with everyone on the trolly and they were fascinated by what I got on camera

  4. I was involved in an overnight ghost hunt ala “Ghost Hunters” at the Sallie House. The (expletive deleted) who organized the thing created a lot of “haunting” all by his lonesome little self, but that said, a whole lot of freaky crap also happened that night.

    My friend William had a chunk of brick thrown at him, striking him in the chest hard enough to leave a mark. Another friend, Josh, had his back scratched up, pretty much spontaneously, as we were setting up early in the evening.

    As for myself, while nearly everyone else was downstairs in the basement doing a seance, I was in the front sitting room playing with an EMF meter, when I heard, clear as day, a little girl say, “I want my Daddy.” I had taken a teddy bear out of Sallie’s room and put it in another bedroom. A little after I heard the voice, I heard dragging coming from upstairs, and when I went up there, the teddy bear was about halfway back to Sallie’s room.

    There’s definitely something going on in that house.

    • Well for starters, you were inviting demons in when your friends were doing a seance. That explains why your friends were attacked…just sayin’

  5. My niece visited as part of a project on haunted houses. She was collecting evidence to see if they are real. She was in 5th grade. She was scratched on her leg. She saw shadows. My sister refused to step foot in the house.

  6. i want to go investigate but who do i contact to go find out if i can get my team together and investigate it and put it on my channel

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