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Local legend has it that a witch haunts this cemetery, causing the wind not to blow here. Screams are said to ring out from the graves at times.

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Geographic Information

Round Mound Cemetery
Mount Pleasant, KS
United States

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39.4647369, -95.19095349999998
Atchison County, Kansas
Nearest Towns:
Atchison, KS (7.7 mi.)
Nortonville, KS (8.3 mi.)
Lewis and Clark Village, MO (9.1 mi.)
Easton, KS (9.2 mi.)
Lancaster, KS (9.6 mi.)
Winchester, KS (10.6 mi.)
Iatan, MO (11.1 mi.)
Effingham, KS (11.9 mi.)
Rushville, MO (12.2 mi.)
Huron, KS (14.7 mi.)


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  1. I grew up less than a mile from Round Mound. There was a chair cut out of a tree stump that was said to give you bad luck if you sat in it. 2 of the neighbor boys rode their 4 wheelers up there one day and sat in that chair. On their way back home one of them hit a car head on and almost died from his injuries. That’s just one of numerous strange things I can tell you about this cemetery.

  2. Been to this cemetery a few times. I have placed a geocache at this location not knowing that it is supposed to be haunted by a witch. A person went to find the geocache and stated in his log something about the witch – that is how I found out about the story. I go up there periodically to check on my geocache and have never experienced anything. The geocache is placed in the rock wall that is built around the perimeter of this cemetery. Have entered and explored the cemetery and still no experiences – maybe my next visit something will happen now that I know something is SUPPOSED to be there. If I remember, maybe I’ll take a few photos and post them to this site.

  3. Now you guys don’t want to go playing round there I have found animals tacked to the trees and bodies dug up not the place to be at night

  4. So me and my husband went to the cemetery twice now, and the first time went there is was a bit rainy and there was a lot of wind that night, we noticed past the gates of the cemetery the trees weren’t moving with wind, and we had a really eerie presence, my heart was racing and my husbands heart beat slowed down. Then we left.
    2nd time we went, we only stayed for 5 minutes cause our car stalled for no reason and we had this spirit box app on our phones and I was using mine and a few words came out like “provide” ” worse” etc..but when we were leaving 3 more words shook me surprise. The words were “corner” “accident” and “Mike” ( my husbands name) and well after that we were being cautious on the road back cause of those words and we happened to drive by a lot of raccoons in the middle of the road and there was a large vehicle that was towing a car, on the corner going in reverse. So that gave me a bit of the chills cause it was hard to see that vehicle at that moment.

  5. Brenna Lloyd Rooney  |  

    Many members of my family are buried at Round Mound and I have been visiting this cemetery, since I was a small child. I find it to be one of the most peaceful, beautiful places I’ve ever seen and will be buried there, when I die. And, yes, the wind always blows; it’s located on top of a hill and it is Kansas. No, the carved chair was not a witch’s chair; a family member carved the chair for his mother-in-law, so she would have somewhere to sit, when she visited her husband’s grave. To all the ghost chasers: please remember that this hallowed ground and it is not ok to desecrate the cemetery. We have a lot of vandalism, due to the ghostly stories, and every time someone causes damage, we have to pay to have it fixed. We cannot afford more damage. If you truly want to visit the cemetery, I’d be glad to give you a tour and introduce you to all of our residents. Again, please have respect for our beautiful hilltop.

  6. I live in the town my self all my life and still am I have been there a few time but when I get back I feel odd or sick my grandpa grave is there

  7. I’ve been there a few times back in the 90’s. My husband and I and 2 others went there one night and as soon as we pulled up the drive shaft in his truck broke. Luckily there were a couple of other guys out there to give us a ride back to town so he could get his truck towed back. Another time it was myself and 2 others and the guy that was driving for spooked by something, he just felt really eerie. He backed down the hill and at the bottom it was like someone screamed but there was no one else around. We left in a hurry. I did sit in the tree chair once in the middle of the night. Nothing ever happened with that. We were just dumb kids, but never destroyed anything. We were always respectful when we were there.

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